LiquidWeb Managed WordPress Hosting Review

LiquidWeb ( is regarded as one of the best web hosting companies in the industry. Since its establishment in 1997, LiquidWeb has been specializing in managed web hosting solutions. With more than 18 years’ development, LiquidWeb now has more than 400 on-site staff members, manages 3 wholly-owned datacenters and serves 30,000 customers around the world.

LiquidWeb provides customers with full range of hosting services and products. In this LiquidWeb Managed WordPress Hosting Review, we are going to analyze and review the managed WordPress hosting price value, performance as well as backup support of LiquidWeb. Based on this review, people can have a comprehensive understanding of its managed WordPress hosting service.

LiquidWeb Managed WordPress Hosting Review on Price Value

LiquidWeb managed WordPress hosting allows customers to create one or many excellent WordPress websites effortlessly. Since LiquidWeb will help manage the WordPress and everything behind it, customers have no need to worry about configurations or server issues, and then they can focus on their core businesses.

LiquidWeb managed WordPress hosting service is based on fully managed VPS platform. To meet the different demands of different customers, the managed WordPress hosting is divided into multiple packages, including Personal, Professional, Agency, Enterprise, Agency Plus and Commerce. Each of them comes with different amounts of resources and core features.

Basically, LiquidWeb managed WordPress hosting offers CentOS 7 managed operating system, up to 10 WordPress websites hosted, unlimited visitors, 100GB SSD storage included, 1 public IP address and optional content delivery network. Besides, Globalsign SSL certificates is offered as a standard feature and included in all LiquidWeb managed WordPress hosting packages.


LiquidWeb understand that command line access to WordPress is quite important, so, the WP-CLI is preinstalled. The automatic backup makes LiquidWeb managed WordPress hosting easy to configure, manage and restore.

If customers have existing WordPress websites and they want to move to LiquidWeb, its white-glove migration team will offer free migration service. In addition, with WordPress multisite feature, customers can manage multiple WordPress websites easily from one single installation.

LiquidWeb ensures customers a hassle-free WordPress hosting experience with great rich features and a developer friendly toolset. In fact, LiquidWeb managed WordPress hosting has pretty high price value.

Instead of locking customers into long-term contract, LiquidWeb managed WordPress hosting allows risk-free monthly payment. The price of LiquidWeb managed WordPress hosting starts from $89/mo. For any business who wants to use this managed WordPress hosting service to create websites, the price is quite affordable.

LiquidWeb Managed WordPress Hosting Review on Performance

LiquidWeb managed WordPress hosting is built for security and speed. By owning own infrastructures, LiquidWeb can optimize its platform for better performance at every level. Generally, LiquidWeb datacenters are built for speed and its servers run high performance technologies. All of the components work to deliver customers more success and more conversions to their businesses.

Unlike many other companies rent datacenter facilities, LiquidWeb owns and operates 3 state-of-the-art datacenters located in US-Central and US-West region. All of its datacenter facilities feature with redundant power, backups, supplies and technologies. There are some other solid components that LiquidWeb use to make its managed WordPress hosting faster.

  • Memcached: a high-performance and in-memory caching system used to speed up those websites that make heavy use of databases. With the backup of this system, LiquidWeb managed WordPress hosting will help reduce load times and also deliver fast server responses.
  • HipHop VM: it is designed as an execution engine for PHP. PHP is considered as the backbone of WordPress, if it is faster, then WordPress is faster. LiquidWeb managed WordPress hosting makes full use if HipHop VM to offer unmatchable PHP execution speed.
  • mod_pagespeed: this Apache module is developed by Google, and it will apply web performance best practices to customers’ Apache installation automatically.

In addition to super-fast performance, LiquidWeb keeps customers’ data secure and safe on the WordPress websites by utilizing default SSL configuration, custom CSF firewall and etc.

LiquidWeb guarantees 100% network uptime.

LiquidWeb Managed WordPress Hosting Review on Usability

Although LiquidWeb managed WordPress hosting is fully managed by its professional technical team, customers can have access and control over their servers and websites.

LiquidWeb provides customers optimized cPanel control panel. With this tool, they enable to make management of their databases, emails, files, domains and the whole websites easily and conveniently. Additionally, a Fantastico library is integrated into the cPanel control panel. There are tons of plugins available, and customers can simply install to make their WordPress websites better. And LiquidWeb technical team will take care of the automatic core and plugin updates.

LiquidWeb Managed WordPress Hosting Review on Technical Support

LiquidWeb ensures one of the best and most customer-friendly technical support services in the industry. With LiquidWeb, customers will have peace of mind that LiquidWeb are on-site at their datacenters 24/7/365, which allows them to guarantee around 59 seconds response by live chat or phone.

Indeed, LiquidWeb provides customers with complete support methods. If customers have any question about hosting or any others, they can keep in touch with LiquidWeb support experts via 24/7 Phone, Live Chat and Help Desk.

Moreover, LiquidWeb knowledgebase contains tons of featured articles, tutorials and solutions about managed WordPress hosting, like Getting Started with Managed WordPress, Adding Sites to Your Managed WordPress Server, Fully Managed Templates Now Optimized with FCGI, Database 101: What is a Database? and much more.


Let’s make a summary of LiquidWeb managed WordPress hosting service. It comes with full management level, VPS platform, feature-rich hosting packages, high-performance backed up by multiple own datacenters, security, 24/7 Heroic Support and affordable prices. Taking all of these factors into account, we find that LiquidWeb managed WordPress hosting has very high price value, and it can help any business achieve success online.

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