LiquidWeb Dedicated Server Hosting Review

liquidweb logo--1Big businesses usually require robust web hosting services to maintain their online presences, and LiquidWeb is one that many of the largest brands trust. The hosting company provides a variety of shared server, VPS, dedicated server, as well as cloud hosting plans with enough flexibility and muscle to power Ducati, Bose, FedEx, and Hitachi, among others. Due to its best in class performance and industry-leading customer service, LiquidWeb ranks the best web hosting list for enterprise-level websites.

To figure out why LiquidWeb can be recommended as the best dedicated server hosting solution, we will analyze LiquidWeb dedicated server hosting from its server configuration, performance, customer support, plus prices.

LiquidWeb Dedicated Server Review on Server Configuration

As one of the best hosting solutions to create a website on the solidest foundation, LiquidWeb dedicated server hosting features in a wealth of configurations, including single processor, dual processors and quad processors. Clearly, LiquidWeb dedicated server hosting targets businesses that demand for best possible performance and that come in the economic power to spend on it.

A base configurations that all LiquidWeb dedicated servers start with are 16GB of DDR3 SDRAM, 1TB of 7200 RPM SATA backup drive, 5TB of monthly data transfer, 250GB of SSD MLC, RAID 1 primary disk drive, 1 public IP address, and free setup service. There are multiple-sized dedicated servers out there for customers to choose from, the essential things separate them from each other are the CPU cores and clock rate. People can outfit their servers with up to 512GB of DDR4 SDRAM, and 4TB of hard drive space, as per their requirements.

The Linux-based dedicated server is built on CentOS or Ubuntu, and contains Apache web server, MySQL database, Ruby on Rails, cPanel control panel and ServerSecure & ServerSecurePLUS. While LiquidWeb dedicated server under the Windows platform come with Windows Server 2012, MSSQL database, ASP.NET scripts, Parallels Plesk control panel, and SeverSecure for Windows.

LiquidWeb also offers many add-ons for customers to strength their dedicated server infrastructure, including LiquidWeb Firewalls, SAN storage, Guardian backups, DDoS Attack Protection, KVM Switch, and more.

For an expert user who needs to fully customize his/her server, LiquidWeb allows him/her to go with its self-managed dedicated server; on the contrary, for people who require expert techs to manage their hardware, web server, and third-party software, LiquidWeb has fully-managed servers backed by its Heroic Support team. More than that, LiquidWeb has core management service for people who look for management without requiring a control panel.

LiquidWeb Dedicated Server Review on Server Performance

Besides owning and operating three top notch data centers in Michigan, LiquidWeb has expanded its data center facilities to US-West region and Europe. Upon sign-up, customers have access to locate their servers in the closet data center for the best possible connection speed.

Providing the highest quality Internet connectivity and performance is always the top priority of LiquidWeb. To do this, the hosting company ensures its network is built with a central focus on redundancy. The web host carefully uses premium Tier-1 bandwidth providers such as Level3, Comcast, Verizon, and Cogent. Likewise, all the routing and switching equipment it utilizes are state-of-the-art Cisco gear.

liquidweb network

At the same time, LiquidWeb dedicated server hosting is highly secured. On the one hand, its data center access is strictly limited to technical staff, and there are specialized electronic security systems to provide the best protection for all data center facilities. On the other hand, LiquidWeb Sonar Monitoring team, making use of a robust set of proprietary system level health and service monitoring tools, is responsible for offering service reliability and immediate incident resolution.

To make all customers with LiquidWeb dedicated server hosting hassle-free, the web host provides them with a comprehensive SLA guaranteeing not only 100% power & network uptime, but also 30-minute hardware replacement time. In any event LiquidWeb fails to fulfill its commitment, it’ll credit customers 10x the downtime or the amount of extra time.

LiquidWeb Dedicated Server Review on Prices

Depending on the choice of operating system and management level, the price of LiquidWeb dedicated server hosting would be different. Normally, a basic unmanaged/core-managed Linux-based dedicated server is billed at $199/mo. For a fully-managed server, customers need to add at least another $20/mo for a cPanel control panel.

Currently, LiquidWeb is promoting its products by allowing customers to use a coupon code “POWER15” for cutting 15% off regular price. That is, after discounting, LiquidWeb dedicated server hosting will start at $169.15 for the first month.

LiquidWeb Code 'POWER15'
15% Off

There are multiple payment methods people can select with, including credit card (VISA, American Express, MasterCard, and Discover), PayPal, and checks.

LiquidWeb Dedicated Server Review on Support

No matter which plan people want to host their websites with, they will be supported by LiquidWeb’s long-standing reputed Heroic Support throughout the whole purchase process.

For technical support, LiquidWeb Heroic Support team is available for helping people 24/7, and 365 days a year via Helpdesk, Live Chat, and toll-free telephone. They can also take advantage of its powerful knowledge base to have some common issues resolved. Even better, there is a Tutorials section containing many kinds of “How to” articles that can help people further learn about their servers.

However, if customers choose a managed or fully-managed dedicated server, they can get benefit from some exclusive support features like updates & patches for core operating system, free external migrations, web server’ fully support, security enhancements, best effort third party application support, control panel updates and patches, etc.

But what makes LiquidWeb managed dedicated servers most attractive are the 59 Second Chat/Phone Initial Response Time Guarantee and 30 Minute Initial Response Time Guarantee. If people wait for longer than the stated initial response time guarantee, they will be credited 10 times the account of time exceeding the SLA commitment.

LiquidWeb Dedicated Server is Recommendable

Without any question, LiquidWeb dedicated server hosting is one of the most powerful hosting solution we have reviewed, and it is a perfect choice for enterprise websites. It has various packages with absolutely stacked specs—specs that will cost you a pretty penny. Besides, its performance and customer service are highly reputed in the industry. So, if you are about to or already have a business website with a large volume of visitors, don’t hesitate to go with or transfer to LiquidWeb dedicated server hosting!

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