Link Building Strategies

Link-building-strategiessAll SEOs know that link building is one of the most vital ways to rank a website in the search engine results. If you don’t adopt this way, it may leave your website slow in the speed of ranking the website.

Therefore you should use some effective link building strategies to rank your website faster in the search engine results. You can read on to know about some of the effective link building strategies.

1. Internal linking

Internal linking is one of the easiest ways to apply because you can control 100% of it as the link is located within your own website. Through Internal linking, search engine spiders find new content or writings in your website. It also becomes easy for your website readers who want more resources from you.

The best internal links are placed inside your articles, not at the end of the content like ‘related posts are below’. You can add related posts links at the below, but you should do internal linking inside articles also.

2. Paid links

Paid links may be little expensive for you, but it is a very effective way to rank pages. With investment, you also have to choose a good website or blog. First choose a good blog or website where you want to put your link, and then choose the best webpage they have and lastly the place in that page to put your website link. It will be best if you are allowed to put link inside the article, but if they ask to put the link in sidebar, then also it’s a good offer.

For paid links, do not use link brokers because they cannot provide you good links and all their links are devalued by Google. The reason is that paid links is against Google Webmaster guidelines and as link brokers are identified by Google, so using link brokers will not be profitable for you.

3. Blog commenting

blog-commentingThough most of the blogs have nofollowed comment links which make the link that you put in their website ineffective when it comes about page ranking, but it can bring a good amount of traffic to your webpage. But one thing you should keep in mind that never add the keyword in the ‘Name’ section because it is believed as a spam.

4. .Edu or .Gov extension

If you can get links from websites with .edu or .gov extension, it will be very effective for link building as these sites give you authority and high link juice. But getting links from these websites is very tough. Frankly, you need some political connections for that.

This link building strategy involves luck, hard work and determination. But do not spend much time on it if you find that getting link from these sites are impossible. Rather you should concentrate on other points.

5. Social media

Social-MediaThough social media links are nofollowed, but the main aim of link building through social media is to attract users to your link in several social networks. By following this strategy of link building you can get links outside of the social networks through the users inside the social networks.

6. Press release

Press release is a popular way of link building. You can write a quality article and submit it in a press release site, also backlinks your site to it. If you become a known writer for providing informative and quality writings in a press release site, it can help you to boost traffic at your own site. To create a good content you need to be an avid writer and reader.

Following all the above link building strategies it will help you to rank your page faster in the search engine results.

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