Lightbox in WordPress

lightboxIn the beginning, lightbox utilizes JavaScript to show pictures on a popup or overlay window and dim out the rest of window at the same time. Later, webmasters and developers make use of lightbox to showcase video, opt-in form, slideshows and more besides pictures. And there is not only JavaScript lightbox but also jQuery lightbox and CSS3 lightbox now.

Lightbox gains much popularity in WordPress blogs. With it, blog visitors can see large pictures on the current page and need not link to another page. Moreover, lightbox is simple to implement, decorating the websites with a professional look style. Therefore, both visitors and webmasters can benefit a lot from lightbox.

How does Lightbox Work?

Lightbox is scripted by JavaScript, jQuery and CSS3, and uses the modal dialogs to realize the purpose of displaying pictures and much more. Specifically, lightbox utilizes parent and child mode. When the child window is opened, the parent window gets darkened so that visitors cannot see the parent window or cannot see clearly. When the child window is closed, the parent one is shown clearly again.

How to Create Lightbox in WordPress

lightbox in wordpressThree main ways are for you to create lightbox in WordPress. You can create your own lightbox version from scratch or from one current lightbox plugin. Besides, you can install one lightbox plugin, which is very convenient.

  • Creating your own lightbox from scratch

In general, lightbox requires JavaScript, jQuery, HTML and CSS. To create your own lightbox, you must know deeply on them. Although this method requires high skills, you can determine which features you need. Moreover, if you create lightbox by yourself, then the lightbox becomes a part of your theme. So you need not to upgrade or worry about the slow time caused by plugins.

  • Creating your own lightbox from one current plugin

This method is easier than the first one, since some work is already done. What you do is to modify the lightbox plugin you choose, and then put the new lightbox code into your WordPress theme. So, it can allow you to pick up the features you like too but requires lower skill requirements.

  • Installing lightbox plugins

However, the most of WordPress webmasters prefer installing a lightbox plugin on their WordPress websites, which will save much time. And from these lightbox plugins, you will receive rich features to realize great effect as well. What’s more, you can select either free or paid lightbox plugins to easily install on WordPress.

In below, we will introduce 3 popular free lightbox plugins for you.

Simple Lightbox – it is a customizable lightbox plugin, giving you customizable theme as well as animations. In addition, Simple Lightbox can make your links active automatically. And with responsive features, it can resize in order to be available and fit to any kind of screen.

the-lightbox-plus-colorbox-pluginLightbox Plus Colorbox – as an easy-to-use lightbox plugin, Lightbox Plus Colorbox offers you a range of features. For example, you can display large pictures, forms, slideshows, even video and external content by using Lightbox Plus Colorbox. More than that, it supports you to create dark or light background as well as the title of pictures in the lightbox.

Responsive Lightbox by dFactory – it is highly praised and recommended by many WordPress webmasters. With multiple scripts, Responsive Lightbox by dFactory can automatically place a lightbox on your image galleries and links of image and video. And this plugin is fit for mobile devices too.


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