Justhost vs IXWebHosting

justhost vs ixwebhostingJusthost (www.justhost.com) web hosting is reliable and cheap, having an extraordinary fame in the industry. Justhost only focuses on Linux hosting design. And IXWebHosting (www.ixwebhosting.com) is a global web hosting provider, which offers customers 7-day free trial of its Linux or Windows web hosting.

The following is a comparison between Justhost and IXWebHosting in order to distinguish them. And we will compare the two firms from their hosting features, pricing, performance as well as supports.

Justhost vs IXWebHosting on Shared Hosting Features

Justhost hosts websites on Linux servers and gives website builder a wide range of hosting features. Its shared hosting has unlimited disk space, domain hosting, email accounts and site transfer. Moreover, customers will get MySQL, PostgreSQL, PHP 5, Python, Perl 5, Ruby on Rails, Ruby, Javascript, CGI-Bin, etc from Justhost shared hosting. Free domain name registration for 1 year is included too.

IXWebHosting hosting has Linux and Windows two platforms. Its Linux shared web hosting comes with 3 plans. Customers will receive unlimited web space, data transfer and domain hosting. Besides, IXWebHosting provides 1 free domain registration, 1 free dedicated IP and up to unlimited email accounts.

Compared to Justhost, IXWebHosting offers fewer script features, only including PHP 5, Perl, CGI-Bin, JavaScript and Ruby on Rails.

Justhost vs IXWebHosting on Pricing

Justhost web hosting regular price starts at $6.99 per month. And in order to deliver great benefit to customers, Justhost makes an over 60% off discount. Therefore, the starting price is $2.5 for each month. More than that, Justhost Anytime Money Back Guarantee is good for customers to take their money back at anytime without being asked questions.

Justhost $2.5 Promotion
60% Off

IXWebHosting sets $6.95/mo as the starting price of its hosting solutions. And customers will pay a much lower price with our exclusive IXWebHosting promotional link. That is $1.95/mo, around 72% off the regular starting price. In addition, IXWebHosting give customers 30-Day Money Back Guarantee.

IXWebHosting Exclusive Deal
72% Off

Justhost vs IXWebHosting on Performance

Justhost utilizes world-class datacenters, servers, hosting technologies and staffs, ensuring 99.9% uptime. Datacenters are running smoothly all the time equipped with electricity, diesel generator backup power, cooling devices and ultrafast network connections. What’s more, Justhost servers have dual quad processors.

While IXWebHosting datacenter is Tier 3, owned, operated and on site by itself. Moreover, it uses high quality hardware to furnish its datacenters, including two industrial diesel generators. So uptime is up to 99.9%. Additionally, IXWebHosting has 24/7 monitoring service, making sure everything is ok.

Justhost vs IXWebHosting on Support

According to customer reviews, it is fast to get contact with Justhost supporting staffs and get their problems solved. People can choose live chat, phone or email as they like at any time since these supporting methods are available around the clock. Furthermore, Help Center has informative supporting resources too.

IXWebHosting also gives people 24/7/365 live chat, live phone and ticket support. No matter people are new customers or existing customers, IXWebHosting serves excellent supporting. Additionally, video tutorials, frequent asked questions and hosting manuals are presented to people in online support center.


From above the comparison, we can see that Justhost and IXWebHosting both are strong to host websites reliably, fast and affordably. And here we recommend that Linux users go to Justhost since its concentration only on Linux hosting creates more professional hosting service.

And IXWebHosting is better for Windows users and other Linux users who do not care much about functionality. And do not forget to gain IXWebHosting over 70% off discount from our website.

For more information, please visit www.justhost.com and www.ixwebhosting.com.

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