Justhost vs InmotionHosting

justhost-vs-inmotionhostingBoth Justhost (www.justhost.com) and InmotionHosting (www.inmotionhosting.com) are leading web hosts in the marketplace, and are well-known for offering customers feature-rich, powerful and affordable hosting products to help them build websites easily and successfully. But how can people make the suitable decision between the two providers.

In the following Justhost vs InmotionHosting, we would review the web hosting features, prices, performances and customer supports of Justhost and InmotionHosting respectively to let people figure out which one is better.

Justhost vs InmotionHosting on Features

Shared hosting, VPS, and dedicated server are all available at Justhost and InmotionHosting. We take the most popular Linux shared hosting as an example. Justhost hosting has just one solution that contains all basic and needed features, while InmotionHosting service comes with multiple different packages to meet customers’ different demands. Generally, both of the services include rich features.

Justhost provides customers with free domain registration, unlimited websites, storage, hosted domains & email accounts, free site builder with tons of templates, instant setup, cPanel control panel, free website scripts and up to $200 ad credits, etc.

InmotionHosting hosting package has unlimited disk space & transfer, PHP, Ruby, Perl, Python, MySQL & PostgreSQL databases, at least $275 advertising credits, SPAM safe email with IMAP, easy-to-use cPanel, and over 310 free applications. Even better, InmotionHosting web hosting includes free SSD.

Justhost vs InmotionHosting on Prices

The regular prices of Justhost and InmotionHosting charge at $6.99/mo and $7.99/mo. However, both companies promote their services, and after discounting, their prices can be really cheap.

If customers choose Justhost long-period term, they will get up to 64% off to make the hosting price starts at $2.50 per month. Meanwhile, Justhost guarantees Anytime Money Back, and a full refund within the first 30 days.

Justhost Exclusive Promotion
64% Off

While for InmotionHosting, it offers over 50% off to customers, with it, the hosting price will be cut down to at $3.49/mo. Compared to other hosts, InmotionHosting has another advantage that it ensures 90 Days Full Money Back Guarantee.

InmotionHosting Exclusive Promotion
50% Off

Justhost vs InmotionHosting on Performance

Justhost utilizes dual quad processor performance servers, and its datacenters are equipped with diesel generator backup power, UPS backup, various 10 gigabit Ethernet connection to make sure customers 99.9% uptime.

In terms of the hosting performance aspect, InmotionHosting is more reliable than Justhost. In addition to its top-notch green datacenters, InmotionHosting uses 100% premium Dell servers and business class hardware as well. More importantly, its exclusive Max Speed Zone technology enabled to make customers’ websites run much faster.

Justhost vs InmotionHosting on Customer Supports

Justhost and InmotionHosting have a lot of similarities in customer support. Their technicians are experienced and friendly, and know about hosting knowledge very well. If customers have issues about the services, both of their support team can be contacted through 24/7 telephone, online chat and email.

Moreover, Justhost develops very comprehensive knowledgebase for customers to search for solutions, while InmotionHosting Support Center contains FAQs, tutorials, many other resources and tools to help customers out.


After comparison, it is easy to find out that both Justhost and InmotionHosting can deliver people very feature-rich hosting services, and ensure fast & reliable performance, friendly supports and cheap prices at the same time. Which one is better exactly? It depends on customers’ demands. For personal bloggers, we highly recommend them to choose Justhost, while if people are going to create business websites, InmotionHosting is a better option.

Please visit: www.justhost.com or www.inmotionhosting.com to know more details.

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