Justhost VPS Review

justhost-vpsAs a well-known web hosting company, Justhost (www.justhost.com) gives 10 reasons for people to trust it and choose it to host reliable, fast as well as cheap websites. Clients ranging from individuals, businesses and organizations, will find one suitable hosting plan at Justhost, because Justhost offers a series of hosting packages including shared hosting, VPS and dedicated servers.

In this review, we only assess Justhost VPS hosting from the price value, performance and support, through which customers will know more about Justhost VPS and make the reasonable decision when purchase one VPS hosting.

Justhost VPS on High Price Value

Justhost VPS hosting is unmatchable in the industry for its high price value. Customers, who go with Justhost VPS, will select any VPS among its 4 VPS plans, consisting of rich features, like free domain registration, 1 to 4 TB/ month bandwidth, single core to quad core and up to 8 GB RAM.

More than that, Justhost world-class engineers have enhanced its cPanel, making it more powerful than other control panels. For example, through Justhost cPanel, clients will only need one login to administrate all accounts. If they want themselves to control more, Justhost also offer root access to them to achieve that.

On pricing, Justhost also makes its clients satisfied, because it offers half of price on the first month for all VPS plans. Therefore, customers only need to pay $14.99/mo to get Justhost standard VPS which normally charges $29.99/mo. For other 3 higher VPS plans, Justhost also provides $30, $45 and $60 savings respectively to customers.

Justhost VPS Deal
Up to 50% Off

On top of that, Justhost gives customers big guarantee as well, which is called Anytime Money-back Guarantee. Its staffs will not ask any question if customers are not happy about its services and cancel their accounts. And then customers will get the money back of the rest of the paid time.

Justhost VPS on Speed and Reliability

Customers will get a reliable and secure hosting environment at Justhost to store data, which is created by well-equipped datacenters. There is UPS backup power supported by redundant diesel generators, multiple Ethernet connections and network monitoring for the whole day. As a result, Justhost ensures the most reliable VPS for businesses.

What’s more, state-of-the-art datacenters gather the latest high-end servers from single core to quad processor core, making sure that Justhost VPS clients will run the fastest websites in the world. Apart from that, Justhost engineers develop advanced cloud technology that KVM and OpenStack are two good examples to transfer customers with high website performance.

Justhost VPS on Customer Support

Justhost builds an award-winning customer support system, in which email, phone and live chat are the basics to support people at anytime by real supporting staffs. Furthermore, Justhost staffs are so professional, friendly, experienced that will resolve problems from customers at the shortest time.

Beyond that, Justhost online help center contains a large number of reliable resources to help people study, communicate and solve their matters via ticket submission, knowledgebase, video guidance, help history and getting started.

Do We Recommend Justhost VPS Hosting?

After reviewing features, prices, performance and support of Justhost VPS, we know why numerous businesses come to Justhost to create websites with its VPS. Justhost VPS does have high price value, excellent performance and support. So we suggest that customers choose it to host websites regardless of whether they are small businesses, big corporations or organizations.

Please visit www.justhost.com to know more details about Justhost and its products.


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