Justhost Joomla Hosting Review

Justhost (www.justhost.com) is an outstanding web hosting provider in the world, having a series of high quality web hosting products and services, such as shared hosting, VPS and dedicated servers. It also offers cheap prices that almost everyone can afford. In this article, we will make a detailed analysis on Justhost Joomla hosting to see whether it is excellent to support Joomla or not.

High Compatibility of Justhost Joomla

justhost-220Justhost provides customers with 100% Joomla compatible hosting package as well as the latest Joomla version. Besides, customers can make full use of PHP 5.2.17+, PHP 5.3.10+ and MySQL 5.1.0+ to build powerful Joomla websites at Justhost.

On top of that, customers will benefit a lot from Justhost Joomla hosting package. For instance:

  • Apache mod-rewrite is enabled to improve SEO.
  • Highly 64 MB PHP memory-limit will easily go with Joomla websites and handle multiple web requests at the same time.
  • Justhost runs suPHP as well to increase security and reliability of its Joomla websites and ease worries of customers.
  • One free domain registration is for one year.

Justhost Joomla Web Page Loading Speed

Justhost delivers fast web page loading speed of Jooomla websites for customers. In general, visitors will cost around 1.5s to load a Joomla web page when they go to Joomla websites hosted at Justhost. Moreover, this speed is leading among what many Joomla web hosting companies offer.

And Justhost makes lots of effort to realize the fast loading speed, like great utilization of state-of-the-art datacenters with UPS power system. Beyond that, Justhost builds Joomla websites on the high-end quad processor servers and monitors datacenters for 24 hours a day.

Justhost Joomla One-click Installation

In Justhost cPanel, customers will easily install feature-rich Joomla websites with one-click installer. Just after a few simple clicks, a brand new and powerful Joomla website is for customers to operate and achieve the goal of setting up it. Thus, customers, especially those Joomla newbie will save much energy to learn how to install Joomla.

Justhost Joomla Support Service

Justhost Joomla customer support wins much praise and satisfaction from thousands of existing customers and potential customers, because Justhost forms a friendly and professional Joomla support team, serving for people around the clock via directly phone, chat and email.

In addition to that, customers will easily get Joomla solutions that they want from Joomla help center at Justhost website. There is knowledgebase, video tutorials, ticket service, getting started service and support history, which contain a large quantity of information about Joomla and Joomla hosting.

Do We Recommend Justhost Joomla Hosting?

After analyzing compatibility, page loading speed, installation and customer support of Justhost Joomla hosting, it is easy to find out that Justhost offers customers a first-class Joomla hosting with high price value.

Justhost Joomla hosting far surpasses the regular requirements for a Joomla websites and is leading among many other Joomla hosting solutions. So we strongly recommend it to individuals and small-businesses to get online presence successfully.

What’s more, the low price is also another factor for customers to choose Justhost Joomla hosting package. The latest Justhost coupon makes the price start at $2.5/mo, including one free domain name and setup fee. Therefore, customers will get almost 68% off the regular price $7.95/mo and even Anytime Money-back Guarantee to ensure money safe.

To get more details about Justhost, please go to www.justhost.com or check out Justhost Review.

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