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As one of the very few web hosts who offer dedicated IP as free in their shared hosting, even in a package at a price of $1.95/mo. IXWebhosting is recognized as the best budget web hosting by our editor. See below review to know why.




IXWebHosting review in below will analyze the price value, reliability, ease-of-use, and customer support of IXWebHosting. Furthermore, we will give a overall conclusion on pros and cons of IXWebHosting web hosting.

IXWebHosting is an award-winning budget web hosting company which has developed into the industry leader to provide web hosting solutions for individuals and small businesses. Right now, IXWebHosting hosted over 500,000 domains in its data center.

In IXWebHosting, you will see both Linux and Windows web hosting solutions which are backed by 99.9% uptime guarantee.

Compared with the other web hosting companies, IXWebHosting is well-known for providing free dedicated IP, huge disk space, huge bandwidth, and free domains lifetime. All those have make it a great choice from individuals and small business. And dedicated IP will also help on SEO.

IXWebHosting Special Discount

Now, IXWebohsting is offering 72% off its shared hosting plan. To claim for this deal, you need to follow this special promotion link, after which the final price would be $1.95/mo only.

IXWebHosting 72% off

To know all its deals, please check out IXWebHosting coupon.

IXWebHosting Review on Price Value

The price value of IXWebHosting is excellent!

Its shared hosting starts at $6.95/mo, and includes one free dedicated IP, one free domain, unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth as well as unlimited email address. Furthermore, users will host unlimited website in one account, and get more features.

There is no other web host who offers free dedicated IP in a hosting package with a price lower than $4/mo.

All IXWebHosting shared hosting plans support Linux and Windows operating systems. Additionally, IXWebHosting offers CGI-BIN, Perl 5, CGI-scripts, Ruby on Rails, Javascript and PHP 5 scripting, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Webalizer and ModLogan statistics, WAP (Wireless Application Protocol), and more. People could use it to easily setup a WordPress site or other PHP-based applications.

In addition to shared hosting solution, IXWebHosting also provides VPS hosting and cloud hosting on the basis of Linux and Windows systems as well. Therefore, users will have an higher level hosting option to upgrade when their websites need more resources.

IXWebhosting guarantees 30 days full money back guarantee. Its customers could ask for a full refund with the first 30 days. Besides, IXWebhosting also allows its customers to receive a prorated refund after the first 30 days, which is really a risk-free deal for webmasters.

IXWebHosting Review on Reliability


IXWebHosting promises 99.9% uptime guarantee. This is very rare from budget web hosting service provider.

The datacenter of IXWebhosting is fully owned by the company self, located in Columbus, Ohio. And IXWebHosting invests a lot to create it best for web hosting. Therefore, this datacenter is feature-rich, designed with fault-tolerant systems to ensure a fast loading time. And the data center is also featured with Cisco smart router, redundant power and UPS, SONET reliability and more.

What’s more, IXWebHosting arranges its professional engineers responsible for managing  the datacenter for 24 hours a day, making sure websites in good condition.

IXWebHosting Review on Ease-of-use

IXWebHosting provides an easy to use icon-based control panel - H-Sphere. You will be able to perform your maintenance just by some simple clicks. And learn curve is short since the name of icon has told you their functionality. However, Frankly speaking, IXWebHosting self-designed control panel is not as easy to use as cPanel for Linux hosting or Plesk control panel for Windows hosting. Beginners will feel a little confused when they operate it.

IXWebHosting Review on Customer Support

You will get response from IXWebHosting within 1 hour when you submit a support ticket, this is almost the fast response you can get from all web hosting companies. If they fail to respond within that time, they’ll calculate a partial refund of that month’s fees based on how long they made you wait. But besides submitting a query ticket you can leverage the more convenience support method they provided: 24/7 toll-free telephone and live web chat support.

In addition, there are a broad range of online self-help resources like FAQs, video tutorials, domain help, etc. If people like to solve problems by themselves, they can get enough support to settle problems down.

Pros and Cons of IXWebHosting

From above analysis, we see a variety of pros of IXWebHosting. To sum up, we get the following key pros:

  • Different level of web hosting solutions from shared web hosting, to VPS hosting and Cloud hosting
  • Low pricing
  • Free dedicated IP addresses
  • Free domain name registration
  • self-owned, self-designed and self-operated datacenter
  • Convenient and responsive technical support

Also, as coins have two sides, IXWebHosting displays its shortcoming. That is the control panel, which maybe confuse web hosting beginners.

Best Cheap PHP Hosting

IXWebHosting PHP hosting contains the latest PHP 5 and MySQL database. Moreover, IXWebHosting provides free dedicated IP addresses to ensure better SEO for users. Free shared SSL and suPHP is good for website security as well. Besides, PHP memory-limit here is 64 MB. All above make it one of the best PHP hosting in the world.


ixwebhosting wordpress hosting reviewBecause of WordPress open-resource feature, users will utilizes existing crafted templates, plugins and widgets to create a beautiful WordPress website with ease, even though they do not have backgrounds of technical knowledge. As for IXWebHosting, it is one of the leaders in WordPress hosting providers, offering users 100% compatible WordPress hosting solutions.

IXWebHosting 1-Click Installtion for WordPress

IXWebHosting allows users to install WordPress automatically and manually. The previous one is quite simple, and beginners can make it. They just need to login in their IXWebHosting accounts, find “manage my hosting” icon, click “manage”, then click “Easy APPs Collection” and install WordPress. The whole procedure will only cost users less than 5 minutes and bring users a wonderful start.

However, manual WordPress installation need download WordPress at wordpress.org and create new MySQL, in which WordPress can be uploaded. This way is a little difficult, suitable for people who are knowledgeable on programming and want to design by themselves.

IXWebHosting WordPress Loading Speed

The strongest part of IXWebHosting is a Tier 3 self-owned datacenter in USA. More than that, this datacenter is operated by IXWebHosting instead of a third-party too. IXWebHosting is powerful enough, coming with 2.5 Megawatts of power distribution, high-speed network, cool hosting environment, hand-picked hardware, etc.

So that users will get an uptime guarantee high to 99.9% at IXWebHosting. According to our test, IXWebHosting WordPress hosting loading speed is also pretty fast:

  • the speed is at 0.4s to 0.7s for the simple site 1 with only posts and no pictures
  • The speed is at 0.5s to 0.8s for the simple site 2 with the same posts and another 20 pictures.

In addition to that, IXWebHosting WordPress hosting security is ensured as well because of on-site administration for 24 hours a day.

IXWebHosting Premium Technical Support for WordPress

IXWebHosting has a WordPress support team, in which members receive professional train on WordPress and are experienced to solve problems. Every time users have questions, they will get its premium support via live chat, ticket, email and phone. Furthermore, these support channels are available at any time. On top of that, the informative support center with videos, FAQs and tutorials is also beneficial to users. To know more about the company, you could also check out IXWebHosting review from HostUCan.

Do We Recommend IXWebHosting WordPress Hosting

IXWebHosting is fully compatible with WordPress and will be always there if users need it. Additionally, page loading speed is fast in the industry while pricing is also affordable. So it is really a high price value WordPress hosting crafted for personals, start-ups and even medium businesses.

From our exclusive IXWebHosting promotional link here, customers will receive extra discounts, paying from just $1.95 per month. 72% of money is easily saved while the original starting pricing is $6.95/mo. Moreover, IXWebHosting 30-Day Money Back Guarantee is also a benefit to users. If they have a feeling of unhappy, they will ask for full money back at anytime within the first 30 days.

For more details, please visit www.ixwebhosting.com.


Actually, IXWebHostinghas quite high Joomla Compatibility. Its Joomla hosting is special designed, and comes with three packages. Each of them includes great rich features that customers can use to build very powerful websites.

IXWebHosting Joomla Page Loading Speed

In addition to feature-rich Joomla hosting packages, IXWebHosting also ensures very reliable 99.9% uptime and fast Joomla page load speed. To figure out its performance, we made a test through installing two Joomla sites on IXWebHosting: one has 100 posts without any image; another one has more than 100 posts with around 3 images per post. Here is the result:

  • in the first case, IXWebHosting Joomla page loading speed can achieve 0.3s to 0.6s
  • in the second case, IXWebHosting Joomla page loading speed can reach nearly 0.8s

IXWebHosting Joomla hosting is backed up by its well-equipped tier 3 datacenters, high quality server and hardware, which provisioned by IXWebHosting technical team. Meanwhile, they take 24/7 monitoring, firewall & hotlink protection and etc. to assure better security. If customer need higher performance, IXWebHosting cloud offers a huge enhance in Joomla reliability and speed.

IXWebHosting Joomla One-Click Installation

IXWebHosting allows easy one-click installation for Joomla. By using the control panel, customers can not only install their Joomla websites and other popular applications with few simple clicks, but also get access to all of the tools they require to control and manage their database, email, and websites.

IXWebHosting Joomla-Friendly Support

All of IXWebHosting support representatives know Joomla knowledge very well, customers could contact them using these convenient ways: 24/7 telephone, ticket, live chat and email, when they have questions about Joomla hosting. On the other hand, customers enable to join IXWebHosting community, and ask the experienced and interactive geeks for help. IXWebHosting is also one of the best cheap Joomla hosting recommended by BigCheapHosting.com.

Do We Recommend IXWebHosting Joomla?

There is no doubt that IXWebHosting Joomla hosting is highly recommended, since it offers high compatibility to Joomla, free dedicated IP address, reliable 99.9% uptime, very fast page loading speed, friendly support service and cheap price.

No matter for personals, developers or businesses who are looking for great Joomla hosting, and also expect it at affordable price, IXWebHosting is one of the best options. To know more details, please visit: www.ixwebhosting.com.

Do We Recommend IXWebHosting?

On the whole, IXWebHosting pros outweigh cons. So it is strongly recommended for individuals and small businesses to build personal blog, corporate site or forum. With free dedicated IP included, IXWebhosting customers could get better result in SEO. Higher level VPS and cloud hosting make it possible to upgrade once websites have larger traffic and more contents.

To know more about IXWebHosting, please visit IX Web Hosting now, and don’t forget to claim for its 72% off, and get a web hosting with free dedicated IP from $1.95/mo only.

ixwebhosting review

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