Is GoDaddy Good for DotNetNuke?

GoDaddy ( is a globally famous web hosting company with over 12 million customers. And it is also the number 1 in the domain registration industry, which already manages 57 million domains. In the following article, we will review whether GoDaddy is good for DotNetNuke or not from the feature, price, performance and support aspects.

GoDaddy DotNetNuke Hosting on Features

godaddy-indiaGoDaddy hosting solutions are based on either Linux or Windows platform. Since DotNetNuke is a kind of web content management system in Windows, GoDaddy has the qualification to support use-friendly DotNetNuke in all kinds of its hosting packages.

Moreover, GoDaddy designs rich features to go with DotNetNuke hosting, such as Windows Server 2012 R1, Microsoft Access 2007, 2010, MS SQL, MySQL and direct database access. In addition, customers will get up to unlimited space and websites to make full use of DotNetNuke along with unlimited bandwidth.

Besides, Plesk Panel 11.5 is an ease-of-use control panel that is helpful to manage accounts, emails and more services of DotNetNuke websites. GoDaddy also provides ASP.NET v2.0, 3.0, 3.5, 4.0, PHP 5, ASP.NET AJAX and more advanced programming languages to create DotNetNuke sites.

GoDaddy DotNetNuke Hosting on Price

Customers will receive around 50% discount if they purchase Godaddy DotNetNuke hosting. Thus, the starting price of GoDaddy DotNetNuke hosting is only $3.49/mo, coming with one-year billing term or even longer term while GoDaddy regularly charges people at $6.99/mo at least for its quality DotNetNuke hosting.

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More than that, GoDaddy protects customers with its kind 45-Day Money-back Guarantee. So once customers feel that they don’t like GoDaddy DotNetNuke anymore, they can ask for a full refund within the first 45 days after their payment.

GoDaddy DotNetNuke Hosting on Reliability and Speed

Godaddy engineers instead of the third party operate world-class datacenters in US, Europe and Asia-Pacific. So customers are able to select the closest one to enjoy the reliable and fast website performance. What’s more, these datacenters are equipped with secure measures, rock-solid infrastructures, UPS power system, redundant network connections and air conditioning system.

Coming with almost perfect web hosting environment that state-of-the-art datacenters perform, GoDaddy high-end servers make uptime of its DotNetNuke websites to highly 99.9% that only a few hosting providers will achieve. Additionally, it even wins the fastest speed to load pages in the industry when customers go to GoDaddy DotNetNuke websites.

GoDaddy Customer Support for DotNetNuke

GoDaddy always puts the satisfaction of customers at the first place. So apart from designing award-winning DotNetNuke hosting product itself, GoDaddy supports people on DotNetNuke at 24 hours a day and 7 days a week with its professional DotNetNuke team. And staffs in this team are carefully selected and experience a full set of training to serve people with the best services.

On top of that, online support center of GoDaddy also offers a great space for people to study DotNetNuke and DotNetNuke hosting and look for solutions by themselves. And people will also go to GoDaddy Blog that contains rich and up-to-date resource.

Is GoDaddy Good for DotNetNuke?

The answer is yes! GoDaddy is an excellent web hosting company to support DotNetNuke websites. It meets all the features and even does better to operate DotNetNuke sites fast with the affordable price $3.49/mo as well. Beyond that, customers will enjoy friendly and effective customer support too. So we here recommend GoDaddy DotNetNuke hosting to customers.

If customers want to find out more information about GoDaddy and its web services, please go to


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