Is GoDaddy Good for BlogEngine.Net?

GoDaddy ( is a big website service firm, winning a number of awards and titles, like the number 1 in domain registration industry. It also offers various hosting solutions on the basis of Linux and Windows platform. Here, we just make an analysis of GoDaddy BlogEngine.Net hosting to see whether it is good enough for customers to create blogs or not?

GoDaddy BlogEngine.Net Hosting on Features

godaddy reviewGoDaddy hosts BlogEngine.Net sites on shared servers, VPS as well as on dedicated servers. Taking GoDaddy shared BlogEngine.Net hosting for example, we see that there is one free domain for the first year, unlimited bandwidth, up to unlimited sites and up to unlimited space. Moreover, up to unlimited MySQL and up to unlimited MS SQL 2012 are available too.

As for programming languages, GoDaddy offers ASP, ASP.NET v2.0, v3.0, v3.5 v4.0, PHP 5 and Perl. And customers will get Plesk Panel 11.5 to control and manage everything related to Blog sites. In addition, GoDaddy just provides up to 1000 email addresses for its clients.

GoDaddy BlogEngine.Net Hosting on Price

GoDaddy sets the starting price at $3.49/mo for its BlogEngine.Net hosting. Therefore, customers will receive almost 50% discount off the original price $6.99/mo. And other GoDaddy BlogEngine.Net hosting solutions have discounts too, which at most is up to 50%.

GoDaddy Exclusive Deal
50% Off

More than that, customers will get 45 Day Money Back Guarantee as well to decrease the risk. When they cancel their accounts, they can ask for full money back within this period.

GoDaddy BlogEngine.Net Hosting on Performance

GoDaddy makes its BlogEngine.Net hosting perform so well that create 99.9% uptime guarantee for people. What’s more, datacenters that GoDaddy utilizes distribute in US, Asia and Europe, featured with the world-class equipment, cooling system, power layout and others.

Beyond that, GoDaddy uses 100% Windows servers to help people build BlogEngine.Net sites. And enterprise-class networking is in datacenters as well, which will transfer data and deal with web requests fast. Moreover, BlogEngine.Net websites of customers will be well protected by GoDaddy 24/7 monitoring system too.

Customer Support for GoDaddy BlogEngine.Net

Whenever people have questions, they can make a call to GoDaddy support team. This team is here for answering phones around the clock. But some customers review that they have to wait for some time to get through GoDaddy. And recently, GoDaddy opens the chat support to people, which is available from 5 AM to midnight MST.

On top of that, product support and Blogs at GoDaddy website are helpful as well, which store a lot of useful articles, guidance, tutorials and other resources.

Is GoDaddy Good for BlogEngine.Net?

GoDaddy is a big company but puts much energy on its domain registration business. And the secondary business of GoDaddy is Linux hosting. So BlogEngine.Net hosting is feature-rich and well-performed, but it is still weak when compares to other BlogEngine.Net hosting providers, like Arvixe that is one of the best BlogEngine.Net hosting companies.

Arvixe does the best in hosting both based in Linux and Windows platforms while it is good for BlogEngine.Net. Its BlogEngine.Net solution contains free domain for life, more types of programming languages, better customer support and other rich features.

Moreover, Arvixe offers bloggers promotional coupon “clue30” to buy its powerful BlogEngine.Net hosting at $3.5/mo instead of $5/mo that is its original price. In addition to that, Arvixe provides a longer period of money back guarantee than GoDaddy, which lasts 60 days after people paying. So we strongly recommend Arvixe for people to select one good BlogEngine.Net hosting.

If people want to get more details about Arvixe, please go to or check outArvixe Review.


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