Is 1and1 Good for BlogEngine.Net?

1and1 ( aims to be the number one in the industry that it walks. Since 1988, 1and1 operates the domain name registration, website hosting solutions and other website tools. And it has helped people to register more than 19 million domains with the affordable price. Moreover, there are 7 datacenters for people at 1and1 to create websites.

In below, we will just focus on BlogEngine.Net of 1and1 and review whether 1and1 is good for BlogEngine.Net.

1and1 BlogEngine.Net Hosting on Feature

<1and1 reviewAs a big and comprehensive Internet solution firm, 1and1 does offer BlogEngine.Net hosting for customers who need it. And 1and1 BlogEngine.Net hosting includes following features to support to easily create blogs:

  • Up to unlimited space, email accounts and websites
  • Unlimited traffic
  • 1 free domain name
  • PHP5, ASP.NET/ .NET 4.5, Perl. ASP MVC 3 & 4
  • 25 MySQL 5 and 25 MS SQL 2012 in each GB
  • 1and1 control panel
  • Daily backups

There are other rich features in 1and1 BlogEngine.Net hosting package, which are also useful to build ease-of-use blogs.

1and1 BlogEngine.Net Hosting on Price

1and1 BlogEngine.Net hosting is really cheap, which comes at 0.99/mo, $5.99/mo and $10.99/mo respectively for its three BlogEngine.Net plans for the first billing year. However, afterwards, 1and1 charges customers at least $5.99/mo for its basic plan.

More than that, people will get 30-Day Money-back Guarantee as well. If they do not want 1and1 BlogEngine.Net hosting anymore, they can ask for their money back within that 30 day.

1and1 BlogEngine.Net Hosting on Reliability and Speed

1and1 operates 7 top tier datacenters around the world, which store 70,000 first-class servers. There are redundant power and backup power generators, making sure that servers will work normally and continuously. Additionally, 1and1 creates a friendly BlogEngine.Net environment also via high-end cooling system.

More than that, at 1and1, customers will enjoy fast speed by highly connectivity 300 Gbit/s, partly due to 1and1 own carriers and backbone. And 1and1 engineers will monitor datacenters as well every day.

1and1 BlogEngine.Net Hosting on Customer Support

1and1 just provides customers with 24/7/365 award-winning email and phone support. However, it does not have live chat support that is popular these days and more convenient. What’s more, if customers want to find answers by themselves or just look through some technology articles, they can go to 1and1 help center that has a wide range of BlogEngine.Net information.

Is 1and1 Good for BlogEngine.Net?

1and1 is the number 1 in some categories, but not in BlogEngine.Net hosting industry. Compared to Arvixe, 1and1 BlogEngine.Net hosting is not powerful enough on the feature. For example, 1and1 just offers limited MySQL and MS SQL while Arvixe BlogEngine.Net contains unlimited MySQL and MS SQL 2012 database.

Moreover, Arvixe features more programming languages in its BlogEngine.Net package, making it easier and stronger to script websites for customers. When it comes to the support, Arvixe also beats 1and1, since 1and1 does not offer live chat while Arvixe does.

In terms of the price, the starting price of 1and1 is lower than Arvixe indeed, but that low-price plan of 1and1 consists of a few features that will only support bloggers to build basic blogs. Although Arvixe makes its BlogEngine.Net starts at $5/mo, with this coupon “clue30”, people will save 30% off and pay $3.5/mo at last to take best-in-class BlogEngine.Net hosting.

On top of that, Arvixe has 60 Day Money Back Guarantee instead of 30-Day Guarantee provided by 1and1. So we prefer recommending Arvixe BlogEngine.Net for people to create powerful websites.

Please go to to learn more about Arvixe and its web hosting service.


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