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iPage is well-known for its cheap price & rich feature. Is it a good choice to build your website? Is it secured and fast enough? In below iPage review, we will reveal the answer for you.




The following iPage review will focus on the analysis of iPage web hosting the price value, reliability, speed, security, ease-of-use, and customer support at full length. And at the end, we will come to a conclusion whether iPage is recommended or not.

iPage is one of the Top 10 Web Hosting awarded by our website. So far, it has already built a loyal customer base including 1,000,000 customers. And this customer number is unceasingly increasing.

What makes iPage top and famous is mainly because of its all-inclusive budget shared web hosting. The company leverage the state-of-art data center in Boston, which could ensure a very fast connection speed and high availability. And another factor differentiates iPage from the rest web hosts is its energy-saving technology. iPage utilizes Eco-friendly wind energy to power datacenters, servers and offices.

iPage Exclusive Deal

First of this iPage review, we will introduce an exclusive promotion iPage management team offer to our visitors. The regular price of iPage shared hosting is $11.95/mo, however, by following this promotion link, all its new customer could subscribe to iPage hosting service at $1.99/mo only, a 83% off. Customers have on need to prepay for 2 years or 3 years to claim the deal, this promotion is effective even people go for a 1-year service term.

iPage Exclusive Deal
83% Off

In this promotion, iPage also offer free domain in it, which makes it unbeatable on pricing. To know all the deals, please check out this iPage coupon.

iPage Review on Price Value of Shared Hosting

iPage web hosting has different levels, which respectively are Essential hosting, VPS hosting and Dedicated hosting from the low level to the high level. And the most popular hosting is still its cheap Essential Hosting, including almost all features that a website need.

In detail, people will receive multiple unlimited features, such as unlimited disk space, unlimited monthly data transfer, unlimited domains and unlimited email accounts. But as known to all, there is not a real unlimited hosting in the industry. iPage is the same case, who offers unlimited features under normal usage. But only $1.99/mo is very worthwhile as well.

What’s more, iPage helps customers on marketing as well. It prepares $100 Google Adwords offer, $100 credit for Yahoo or Bing and $50 credit for Facebook advertising. Beyond that, iPage web hosting technologies is advanced coming with MySQL, Perl, SSI, shared SSL, easy to use backup software, etc. And customers will also get one free domain name valid for the first year, which many web hosts charge at high pricing.


iPage Essential web hosting features are not limited to above listed features. But it charges people at a unbelievably low pricing. With the latest iPage coupon, customers could receive 83% off and pay only $1.99 per month instead of $11.95/mo. More than that, iPage offers $50 design suite, $50 support suite and $100 security suite besides marketing credits.

On top of that,  iPage executes any-time money back guarantee. Within the first 30 days, customers can ask for a full refund. And after then, they will still receive a prorate refund when they cancel their accounts if they find out iPage web hosting is not their wanted.

High Price Value iPage VPS hosting

Firstly, iPage VPS provides with flexible server selection, and customers can choose the most suitable one from Basic, Business or Optimum three packages that contain different RAM, storage and bandwidth resources. Here, we list the core features of iPage Basic VPS plan.

It is based on CentOS 6, and has 1 Core CPU, 40GB storage, 1GB RAM, 1TB bandwidth, free domain registration, 1 free IP address and easy-to-use cPanel control panel with optional root access and managed support.

If customers require more, they can upgrade to advanced plan easily. Since iPage VPS is cloud based, it has plenty of room to scale and grow, and it will offer instant provisioning of the resources.

What’s more, iPage VPS has capability to create unlimited websites, subdomains, MySQL & FTP databases and email accounts. Its pre-install scripts include PHP, Perl, Ruby on Rails, Python, SSI and etc. Customers can also make full use of other great features like personalized email and free marketing credits.

Compared to many other VPS providers who offer feature-rich and expensive VPS hosting service, iPage makes its feature-rich VPS hosting solution cheaper and higher price value by offering all new customers up to 32% off.

The regular price of iPage VPS charges at $24.99/mo, and the service applies to monthly, 1-year and 2-year payment terms. With this special promotion, its VPS price will be cut down to from only $16.99/mo. While customers need to know that the discount price applies to the first terms, and their selected VPS solution will renew at regular price.

It is quite safe for customers to sign up for long-term service, because iPage guarantees Anytime Money Back.

iPage VPS Exclusive Deal
32% Off

iPage Review on Reliability

iPage utilizes two datacenters based in Boston, MA, and hardware in the two datacenters is rock-solid and world-class. Dell servers are good examples, which iPage uses to store website content. Furthermore, UPS, diesel backup generators, Cisco routers, T3 connections, BGP 4 and so on create excellent environment for hosting websites continuously and stably.

icon-security-lock-bigBesides, iPage is also a company who take security seriously. Their engineers have built extremely secured server environment and could lock down security holes timely. In additional, all its customers will receive a free security package, with which they could free of worring about malware to spams scripts, and etc. Besides, 24/7 Networking monitoring conducted by iPage staffs ensures website security.

iPage Review on Ease-of-use

iPage provides people with Web Hosting control panel that is also called vDeck. They can set this control panel according to their preferences. For instance, they can choose to control panel appearances among icon, icon plus, text and text plus appearances. Then they can easily administrate their website like visitor statistics and disk usage. Moreover, people can also manage email, domain, marketing services and much more with vDeck control panel.

iPage include 1-click app installer in its control panel. For example, if you plan to create a WordPress site, then you only need to follow some simple clicks, then a WordPress site will be up and running without any problem. iPage it’s one of the best WordPress hosting recommended by our editors.

In general, it’s very easy to use iPage hosting. However if you are an experienced webmasters, and want to gain shell access to the server, then you might be disappointed as iPage doesn’t offer this feature. Another disadvantage from iPage is that it won’t do the backup for your automatically, which means you should regularly backup your data to keep your website safe. Good thing is that iPage include a site backup tool in its control panel so that you can do it with a simple click.

iPage Review on Customer Support

Since establishment, iPage takes care of customers requirements as much as possible, of course including customer needs for help. Its technical support covers the most convenient live chat, phone and email . No matter when it is, iPage makes sure that customers can get effective help. And according to statistics, helpline is answered fast in around 60 minutes on average.

On top of that, online support center contains knowledgebase, helping people find normal web hosting knowledge and answers of frequent asked questions. And user guides in support center supports people on domain names, emails, website design, online sale as well as  account management via text or video.

iPage is Perfect for WordPress User

WordPress is the most popular tool people use to create a website, and iPage is perfect choice when hosting a WordPress website.

iPage is Fully Compatible with WordPress

Compared to some other providers who provide Linux and Windows hosting with multiple different packages, iPage specializes in Linux-based hosting only that sets stable and smooth environment for WordPress firstly, and its all-inclusive hosting solution includes all features and tools customers need to build a great WordPress website easily.

In order to ensure the best WordPress performance, iPage integrates some valuable and special features and tools into its hosting solution, such as dual PHP 4 & 5 versions, MySQL 5, the support of Perl, Python and Ruby, mod_rewrite URL module and SiteLock.

Its PHP memory_limit value can be configured up to 128MB, it is enough for customers to upload tons of pictures and videos, and address their demands of personal or business uses.

Customers can also find more others in iPage WordPress hosting solution. For example, unlimited bandwidth, space, domains, and POP3/IMAP email accounts, free domain name for one year as well as email and marketing features and tools.

One-Click Installation for WordPress

Especially for web beginners who are going to create website, iPage WordPress hosting solution will give them maximum convenient for setup as well as management. By making full use of easy-to-use install wizard, customers enable to add WordPress, and other wide range of applications to their websites with few clicks.

Meanwhile, iPage offers vDeck control panel, which allows easy and direct management of database, domains, email, accounts and the whole website. Customers can also install templates and themes, or upgrade the WordPress version through this control panel. No any HTML experience or programming knowledge needed.

iPage Ensures Reliable WordPress Performance

iPage WordPress hosting is unlimited and has high usability. It can also ensure reliable performance and uptime at the same time. iPage has two datacenter locations, and customers are allowed to choose the close one to store their data and get faster connection speed.

Along with the backup by Cisco routers using BGP4 protocol, UPS power, diesel backup generator, load balanced servers, solid network and monitoring, all of these infrastructures are comprised of a better running environment which gives WordPress high availability. To deliver customers direct knowledge of it, we made a test by installing two WordPress websites on iPage platform.

After testing, we find:

  • One WordPress site with 50 posts and no picture could be loaded within 0.4s ~0.7s
  • Another WordPress site contains 100 posts and more than 50 pictures, its loading speed achieves 0.7 ~ 1.0s averagely

iPage 24×7 WordPress Friendly Customer Support

iPage is here to help, actually. If customers confront with any question about WordPress and hosting, its friendly and professional support team is available 24/7 through telephone, online live and email. Do not worry, all iPage support technicians are skillful, and they know WordPress very well. In addition, for customers who want save their time, they can check out iPage knowledgebase or User Guide for the solutions of WordPress, domain, email, and website.

iPage will never outsource its support, and it guarantees its customer support team is 100% US based.

iPage is not a Good choice to Host Drupal & Joomla

First, we agree that iPage is fully compatible with Drupal and Joomla, which means there is no problem for you to setup a Drupal and Joomla websites in iPage server. Actually, iPage offer script installer to help you create a new website using Drupal and Joomla with some simple clicks. However, it doesn’t means iPage is a Good hosting choice for Drupal and Joomla.

In our testing, we found Drupal and Joomla sites are launched slowly in their web servers, especially when you install many plugins or modules or have over 100+ posts in your sites. This might be due to iPage has some limitation on the resources used by their customers, and Drupal and Joomla do consume a lot of server resources.

Is iPage Good for Small Business

iPage is really one of the best budget web hosting in the industry, it’s cheap and also reliable. But however, when coming to host a small business website, we thing there are some better choice considering iPage don’t offer features like SSD, Fast Live Chat support, and limitation on the resources used by each customers. Actually, there are many great choice to host a business related site, such as InMotion Hosting, Liquidweb, and etc. To check out the complete list, please check out Best Small Business Hosting.

Do We Recommend iPage?

iPage Essential web hosting fully meets the needs to build a personal blog, family website or small business website. Most importantly, $1.99/mo beats other web hosting solutions in similar level, helping people save a lot. Therefore, iPage is our first recommendation for personals, start-ups, as well as small businesses who are looking for cheap web hosting.

For more iPage information and its web hosting details, please go to visit iPage.


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