InmotionHosting WordPress Review

As an on-top business hosting service firm, InmotionHosting has been providing web hosting solutions for all kinds of businesses since founded in 2001. It stands in  annual Top 10 Web Hosting, and below is the review on InmotionHosting WordPress Compatibility and why they are recommended for business WordPress sites.

100% WordPress Compatible Hosting

InmotionHosting WordPress Hosting ReviewA  fully WordPress compatible hosting should  surpass minimum requirements for hosting WordPress and has abundant features to operate WordPress.

Inmotionhosting build their web servers on Linux with Apache 2.2.21, php 5.2.17 MySQL 5.1.56, which are the hosting environment highly recommended by WordPress community. And the great thing for business owners is that all those technologies have been proven to be very stable.

Besides these, Inmotionhosting also offer many features to make their servers extremely friendly to WordPress:

  • the default installation of mod_rewrite Apache will back url customization, which is helpful to WordPress SEO.
  • while some web hosting firms set php memory_limit low to 16MB or 32MB, Inmotionhosting does not set a limitation on it, which create much convenience to its customers when their WordPress websites have higher requirements on memory, especially when handle large images.
  • suPHP is offered to enhance WordPresss security.

Extremely Fast WordPress Speed for Loading Pages

During our testing, WordPress speed for loading pages from InmotionHosting beats almost all their competitors.

We have setup 2 wordpress site in InmotionHosting Launched hosting package. One is simple WordPress blog with 20 posts without any image and the other one is relatively complex with 100+ posts, each post include 6-7 images.

Here are the testing result:

  • For simple WordPress site, the page loading speed is about 0.25s to 0.4s
  • For complex one with images, it’s around 0.35s ~ 0.6s

This is the fastest speed we have seen on a shared hosting.

After analysis, we feel below are 3 key reasons which contribute to this great testing result:

  • Inmotionhosting offer multiple data centers to their customers and their Max Speed Zone could help on runing a web site 6x faster if their customers are within their Exclusive Max Speed Zones.
  • 100% Dell Powerful Web Server with 16 to 24 Xeon Cores, 16 to 24 GB memory, and RAID 10 high-performance data storage. This is one of the highest server configuration in the industry.
  • Experienced system engineers. Inmotionhosting only hire system engineers with 10+ years experience in the related fields, who should know how to optimize a Linux server better than others/

100% Customer Satisfaction

inmotionhosting-wordpress-satisfactionInmotionHosting guarantee “Anytime money back”, which means if their customer are not satisfied with their service, they could ask for money back at any time. This forces Inmotionhosting team to gain 100% customer satisfaction.

According to the feedback we have collected from 293 InmotionHosting customers, they has done a great job in maintaining their customer satisfaction rate. Specific to wordpress, around 37% of their customers hosted their WordPress with InmotionHosting, and from the chart in the left, you could see that close to 70% of their sites are businesses related. Their satisfaction rate is round 97%, which is a really high number.

Comprehensive Product Series

Inmotionhosting provides shared hosting, VPS and Dedicated server. As businesses, by partner with InmotionHosting, they could progressively upgrade the web server to a higher level based on the developing of their business without meeting situation to change a web host.

1-click Installation for WordPress

Inmotionhosting provideds cPanel control panel with Fantastics, by which you can set up a WordPress website by a few simple clicks. For businesses this might not be a required feature , but it will show their willingness to offer excellent support on WordPress.

Is InmotionHosting Good for Personal?

The answer is Yes for sure. For personals or individual freelancers, you definitely could consider InmotionHosting to get better customer support and better server speed.

But considering the price of Inmotionhosting starts from $6.95/month, and there are many great cheap hosting solution, such as WebHostingHub and Bluehost, who offer hosting service lower than $4/month and could meet your needs very well, normally we only suggest InmotionHosting for businesses.

InmotionHosting Products are Affordable

Inmotionhosting make their Business hosting start from $6.95/month, which is pretty lower than the price offered by some other Business hosting service providers. And now, it promote its product at 50% off through their special discount link, making them even more affordable.

InmotionHosting Exclusive Promotion
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InmotionHosting is highly recommended to all size of businesses if they need to host a WordPress site. All the data and information we have collected show that you won’t go wrong with them. Want to know more about InmotionHosting? You could check out our InmotionHosting review in general.

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