InMotion Hosting vs. WebHostingHub

InMotion Hosting or WebHostingHub? In below InMotion Hosting vs. WebHostingHub, we will compare the two web hosts from plans and features, pricing, performance, and customer support to figure out which provides the better hosting service for you.

45Before answering the final question, I would like to introduce the relationship between InMotion Hosting and WebHostingHub first. Here is a photo we took in InMotion Hosting office, from which you could find that their offices are located in the same building. So the answer is: WebHostingHub currently is managed by InMotion Hosting, its sister company.

Although they share the same hosting infrastructure, they hold different market position. InMotion Hosting is the brand chosen more by professionals that are more versed in website development, while WebHostingHub attracts more of the start-up, and professional blogger market.

InMotion Hosting vs. WebHostingHub on Pricing

Both InMotion Hosting and WebHostingHub have very affordable shared hosting solution, along with free domain, unlimited resources, and 90-Day Money Back Guarantee.

InMotion Hosting sets the starter price of its shared hosting at $3.49/mo, with a discount of 56% off regular price $7.99/mo, in accordance with the latest InMotion Hosting Coupon.

InMotionHosting Promotion
56% Off

In case customers need to host their websites on a higher-end stage, InMotion Hosting has VPS hosting available starting at $14.99/mo for the first month, after cutting 50% off normal price. Furthermore, the web host is also promoting its dedicated hosting to make the price as low as $119.99/mo. With its dedicated hosting, customers can enjoy exclusive 30-day money back guarantee to be hassle-free.

Contrary to InMotion Hosting, WebHostingHub offers single hosting solution charging from $8.99 regularly. If customers purchase its products by following our promotional link in below, they just need to pay $1.95/mo. That is, the discount is up to 78% off!

WebHostingHub Great Deal

InMotion Hosting vs. WebHostingHub on Plans and Price Value

According to the talk with InMotion Hosting Marketing Manager, both companies share the same data centers, management team, and even engineers. So, what are the differences between them?

Hosting Plans

InMotion Hosting is a leader in small business hosting. Its hosting services cover shared hosting, VPS hosting and dedicated server hosting, all come with more than one packages, so that their customers could scale or upgrade their hosting plans to reach more resources or deliver more reliable connection as their business grows. However, on the other hand, WebHostingHub focuses on offering the best shared hosting mainly targeting at personal or small business websites. It means, when customers need an even powerful hosting solution, they has to migrate to another web host (possibly InMotion Hosting) and face the risk of service unavailable.

Price Value

First, let’s take their common hosting solution—shared hosting as an example, to see what good features they have offered within their shared hosting plans.

To be honest, InMotion Hosting and WebHostingHub have very close feature offerings when it comes to shared hosting service. Both they have provided free domain, free transformation, free SSD drives, 2 websites, unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth, auto-installed WordPress, free website builder, SSH access and etc. included in their basic plans.


But just like what is known in this market, business hosting often includes more features while personal hosting gives lower price, this is also true between InMotion Hosting and WebHostingHub. With the latest WebHostingHub promotion, people could get WebHostingHub service at low to $1.95/mo for the first 3 months. But for InMotion Hosting, after discounting, the price starts at $3.49/mo.

What makes InMotion Hosting stands out from the competition is the web host also provides other hosting solutions besides the above. InMotion Hosting VPS hosting, which features higher availability, free server management, and snapshot rollbacks, is the most recommended solution in our Best VPS Hosting 2020 list. The smallest size gives customers 4GB RAM, 2TB monthly transfer, 60GB SSD disk space, free domain, 2 dedicated IP addresses, free full cPane license, and unlimited websites. More than that, it is eCommerce optimized and offers free backups. With so many advanced features, InMotion Hosting VPS hosting charges from $14.99/mo, which is quite affordable for a business website.

inmotion hosting vps

As to InMotion Hosting dedicated hosting, all its packages are backed by 100% Premium Dell Servers with the latest technologies. The Essential Plan includes 1TB 7.2K SATA disk space, 6TB monthly transfer, 4GB RAM, Intel Xeon E3110 cores in 3.0GHz Turbo and 8MB cache. The price of this plan is $119.99/mo, after cutting 36% off regular price $189.99/mo.

InMotion Hosting vs. WebHostingHub on Reliability and Speed

Since InMotion Hosting and WebHostingHub hosting solutions are backed by the same data centers, they are both trusted brands in terms of reliability and speed. They both host their websites within two state-of-the-art data centers in West and East Coast. To optimize speed, they take advantage of the latest brand-new Dell servers and solid state drives. They also partner with multiple world-class carriers to build an industry-leading network infrastructure and speed up page loads as fast as possible.

However, as they target at different customer groups and adhere to different SLA, InMotion Hosting delivers more reliable and faster service than WebHostingHub in general.

InMotion Hosting vs. WebHostingHub on Customer Support

Both InMotion Hosting and WebHostingHub provide award-winning customer service supported by the same U.S. based support team. No matter which web host customers choose to sign up with, they can get contact with their help centers via 24/7/365 toll-free phone, Skype, email or live chat. They can also avail of their extensive knowledge bases to have some common problems resolved independently.

Which One is Better

Both InMotion Hosting and WebHostingHub are recognized as the Best Web Hosting in the industry. They have very good reputation among their customers. So, we think the answer should depend on your unique requirements.

If you are an individual and need a hosting company to host your personal blog, we would like to suggest you go with WebHostingHub. WebHostingHub has achieved one of the highest customer satisfaction rates in the industry and can help you build successful personal website. More importantly, this hosting solution comes with a budget price of $1.95/mo only.

Different from the above, InMotion Hosting provides complete hosting series for all-sizes of business and its satisfaction rate is also very high at around 90%. So if your site is for business purpose, InMotion Hosting is perfect for you. Now, InMotion Hosting is promoting its product at 50% off on its shared hosting, and up to 50% off on the VPS and Dedicated Server.

To know more about the two companies and their deals, please go to and respectively.

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