InmotionHosting vs A2Hosting

inmotion-vs-a2hostingInmotionHosting ( is famous for its 100% customer satisfaction guaranteed by quality web products, high performance and 90-Day Money-back. While A2Hosting ( plays a big role in the web hosting market, drawing a growing number of customers to go with its shared hosting, reseller hosting, VPS and dedicated servers.

In below, we will make a comparison between InmotionHosting and A2Hosting on their features, prices, reliability and support services, from which users will have a clear understanding about both web hosts.

InmotionHosting vs A2Hosting on Shared Hosting Features

InmotionHosting shared hosting has 3 plans with powerful features, including free SSD and other exclusive features. For instance, customers will back up their data for free and set up more than 310 web apps without any charge at InmotionHosting. Besides, basic features like up to unlimited MySQL and PostgreSQL database, Perl, PHP, Python, Ruby and cPanel are also available to users.

Compared to InmotionHosting, A2Hosting shared hosting owns rich features to overcome other competitors. With A2Hosting, customers will make use of Ruby, Perl, multiple versions of Ruby on Rails, PHP and Python to set up WordPress, Joomla, Drupal within a few steps. Furthermore, A2Hosting offers the latest cPanel, unlimited MySQL 5.5 and PostgreSQL 9.1 database for users.

InmotionHosting vs A2Hosting on Pricing

Price is an essential factor that customers have to consider before making a decision on a web hosting. InmotionHosting satisfies customers’ desire of purchasing high price value web hosting via a starting price at $3.49/mo, more than 50% off the original price $7.99/mo. What’s more, customers are allowed to claim for full money back within the first 90 days after the payment.

InmotionHosting Exclusive Promotion
50% Off

As for A2Hosting, it gives customers 34% discount for its shared hosting with a limited time, making it low to $3.92/mo while it normally charges at $5.99/mo. Beyond that, A2Hosting grants its clients 30-day freedom that they will feel free to ask for a full refund within that period if they think that A2Hosting web services cannot meet their needs.

A2hosting Exclusive Promotion
34% Off

InmotionHosting vs A2Hosting on Performance

99.9% uptime guarantee is a basic at InmotionHosting, supported by 2 excellent US-based datacenters that have plentiful power for operating equipment, fast network to transfer data and high-end technologies to maintain high web performance. Moreover, Dell servers and Max Speed Zones are key points for InmotionHosting reliable and fast hosting as well.

Compared to InmotionHosting, A2Hosting has both US datacenter and Europe datacenter for customers to make an option according to their location. Both datacenters are featured with enough power and reliable network for guaranteeing 99.9% uptime. More than that, professional engineers monitor datacenters for 24 hours a day.

InmotionHosting vs A2Hosting on Support

Customers will find out it is not hard to directly contact with InmotionHosting supporting staffs via phone call, live chat and email. And usually their problems will get good solutions in an efficient way. In addition, knowledgebase, community support and education channels are also prepared for people around the clock.

A2Hosting Guru Crew Support is experienced, smart and fast in answering phones, chats and emails of customers at any time as long as they have any problems with A2Hosting web services. Additionally, customers will visit A2Hosting support site for help, which has knowledgebase, service bulletins, blog and community.


Through comparison between InmotionHosting and A2Hosting, we strongly recommend InmotionHosting to individuals and all kinds of businesses to create their online careers with InmotioinHosting powerful hosting packages. While A2Hosting is more for individuals and small-businesses for its relatively low price in all web hosting solutions.

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