InMotion Hosting VPS Review

InMotion hosting is one of Top 10 Web Hosting in this year. Its hosting services are great for all sizes of business. And in this article, we will discuss about its VPS hosting solutions, and reveal why InMotion hosting VPS is the Best VPS you should consider first.

High Price Value Inmotion VPS hosting

InmotionHosting VPS Hosting ReviewInMotion hosting offers feature rich VPS at a very affordable price. Let’s take its VPS-1000 as an example, which includes 4GB dedicated memory, 2TB monthly transfer, 60GB fast SSD space, 2 dedciated IP, and full cPanel license (about $10/month value). All those are could be low to just $29.99/month.

Besides these, Inmotion Hosting allows for upgrading memory to 1GB, with which Inmotion hosting VPS could deal with the peak of web server requests smoothly rather than stop response or slow down a web site.

What’s more, Inmotion Hosting is the only web host who guarantees 90 days full money back. If you are not satisfied with its service, you could ask for a refund within your first 90 days. Inmotion Hosting is offering 50% off on its VPS now, every one could get benefit from below promotion link to sign up its VPS at $14.99 only in the first month.

Inmotion Hosting VPS Deal
50% Off

100% Customer Satisfaction Rate Guaranteed by Inmotion

InmotionHosting is a web host who guarantees on 100% customer satisfaction. Its customers could ask for a full money refund within 90 days if they are not satisfied.

inmotionhosting-vps-customer-review100% guarantee is more like a goal of InmotionHosting, but what’s the actual result? According to 27 feedbacks we have collected from InmotionHosting VPS customers, 93% of them would like to recommend InmotionHosting to their friends, and none of them say “Don’t recommend”.

This is really a great result. We believe the data itself is good enough for us to award InmotionHosting as Best VPS Hosting this year.

Inmotion Hosting VPS is Fast & Reliable

Inmotionhosting utilizes multiple data centers to offer VPS hosting service. As its customer, you can choose the one close to your location. If your location falls into their Exclusive Max Speed Zones, you could access your web site or email 6x faster.

Besides its world class data centers, InmotionHosting also offers its customers with the best hardware available. It uses 100% Dell Web Server on the basis of 16 to 24 Xeon Cores, 16 to 24 GB memory, and RAID 10 data space, which are much more powerful and reliable than what its competitors offer.

Inmotion Hosting Max Speed Zone Does Make VPS Faster

Nowadays, as the average Internet connection speed increase around the world, hosting users are becoming less and less tolerant of slow load times. And when comes to choose web hosting deals, speed and uptime performance are now top features that customers concern about, according to surveys.

Hundreds of companies provide fast hosting solutions, but what really sets InMotion Hosting apart and awarded as the fastest hosting service is its state-of-the-art facilities and the exclusive Max Speed Zone technology, in particular.

InMotion Hosting Max Speed Zone

How fast a website loads generally depends on the datacenter locations and server equipment. If the datacenter is on the other side, then obviously the speed is much slower compared to if the datacenter is closer.

Virtually most of the competitors use a single datacenter, but InMotion Hosting makes different. With its hosting service, customers are allowed to choose their datacenter location. Even better, if they are within the exclusive Max Speed Zones, their email and website could run up to 6x faster.

Its Max Speed Zone options available to InMotion Hosting business class hosting and VPS clients. The company has teamed up with Internet server providers and peering exchanges around the world for creating direct data connections. In addition, to further confirm the performance, InMotion Hosting tests from 35 locations in the US and another 46 locations worldwide. The result is a noticeably faster connection.

Benefits from InMotion Hosting Max Speed Zone

  • With Max Speed Zone, customers can now finish their work and maintenance faster because the speed is largely increased.
  • If customers create a website and whether for personal or business use, Max Speed Zone could help increase visitors’ experience anyway. That would eventually lower the bounce rate of the website, and increase its conversion at the same time.
  • On the other hand, search engines utilize website speed as one of their criteria when determining SEO rankings. So, if the website loads fast that would affect positively to the SEO rankings.

Do We Recommend Inmotion Hosting VPS

Yes, Inmotion Hosting VPS is highly recommended by us for all sizes of businesses web sites with high traffic.

Now, Inmotionhosting is running a deal to cut its VPS hosting at 20% to 50% off, with which people could spend as low as $29.95 to get VPS from InmotionHosting, to know more about the deal, please visit, or check out Inmotion Hosting Review.

inmotionhosting vps review

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