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Why Inmotion Hosting is the best business hosting in the industry, why it's also one of the best choice for individuals? Check out below Inmotion Hosting review and know the reasons.

Inmotion Hosting



Inmotion Hosting review in below will analyze the price value, reliability, ease-of-use, and customer support of Inmotion.

As a leader in small business hosting, Inmotion Hosting is well known for its secured, fast, and reliable web hosting service. The company provides a wide range of hosing solutions from shared hosting, VPS hosting, to dedicated server to meet the various hosting needs from its customers.

Inmotion is a 3 Star CNET Certified hosting company for the past 8 years and has a great ‘A-‘ rating at BBB. Each of its web hosting packages comes with an industry leading 90 Day Money Back Guarantee. It’s really risk-free to work with Inmotion Hosting, which makes it one of the Top 10 web hosting recommended by many hosting review websites.

InMotion Hosting Special Discount

Before the review, we introduce some exclusive deal offered by Inmotion Hosting management team, which are available to our visitors only.

InMotion Hosting Shared Hosting Promotion - Up to 56% Off

Inmotion Hosting shared hosting has Launch, Power and Pro 3 packages, and the regular price starts from $7.99/mo. Through this special promotional link, customers will receive up to 56% off making its quality and fast shared hosting price start from $3.49/mo.

InmotionHosting Exclusive Promotion
56% Off

InMotion Hosting VPS Hosting Deal - 50% Off

With Inmotion Hosting VPS hosting deal, the company will offer customers 50% off applying to the first month. As the result, the discounted price of Inmotion Hosting starts from $14.99/first mo.

InMotion Hosting Review on Price Value

Inmotion offers high price value Linux-based hosting solutions.

High Price Inmotion Business Hosting

Its business class shared hostings start at $3.49/mo, and include the features like cPanel, unlimited SSD storage, unlimited monthly transfer, unlimited disk space, unlimited emails with IMAP, at least 6 parked domains, 25 sub domains, Spam Safe Emial, dual versions of PHP (PHP 5.2.x and 5.3.x), Python, MySQL, PostgreSQL databases, SSH access, nightly backup, and more. What Inmotion hosting offers could help its customers build a powerful web site quickly. Its shared hosting has multiple packages, and customers can choose to upgrade if their needs increase, or upgrade to its advanced VPS or dedicated server hosting platforms directly.

inmotionhosting features

High Performance Inmotion VPS hosting

And Inmotion Hosting VPS hosting is one of the best VPS hosting services in the industry. Now with $14.99 only, its users could receive a SSD-based VPS with free domain name (available to all semi-annual and yearly plans), 4GB available RAM, 60GB RAID-6 fault tolerant storage, 2TB monthly premium data transfer, 2 dedicated IP addresses, full cPanel ($200/year value), unlimited websites/domains allowed, automation backup, and more. It’s really hard to find another VPS hosting service in the industry could compete with Inmotion Hosting on price value.

Full-Managed Dedicated Server from InMotion Hosting

In terms of Inmotion Hosting dedicated server hosting service, it is regarded as one of the best dedicated server hosting services that offers customers rich and powerful resources, features and tools.

To ensure its customer receive the best hosting experience Inmotion Hosting leverage multiple world-class data centers, 100% Premium Dell servers and only hire engineers with over 8+ years experience in web hosting. For example, customers will find Intel Xeon series or better CPU specs, at least 2.4GHz clock speed, 2MB or better CPU cache, 4GB RAM contained, 1TB 7.2k SATA disk space, 6TB bandwidth and optional SSD and RAID technologies.

If customers choose Inmotion Hosting dedicated server hosting, they will receive relevant discounts to make the service affordable as well. By taking advantages of up to 36% off, customers are able to sign up with Inmotion Hosting dedicated server service at $119.99/mo.

InMotion Hosting Solutions are Competitive

The company also guarantee 100% customer satisfaction and industry-leading 90 days full money back. If its customer are not satisfied with its hosting service, they could ask for a full refund within the first 90 days or prorated refund after it.

Let’s make a summary of Inmotion Hosting promotions. Now, Inmotion Hosting is promoting its business class hosting at 56% off and 50% off or 36% off on VPS hosting and Dedicated Server respectively. The list price of its shared hosting is $7.99/mo, and now it could be low to $3.49/mo, a price everyone could afford. If we take Inmotion Hosting hosting features into consideration, definitely, it has much higher price value than many other hosting companies.

To know more about Inmotion hosting, please visit InmotionHosting now.

InMotion Hosting Review on Reliability

The reliability of a web server is determined by data center infrastructure, server hardware, and skills of engineers. As a business hosting service provider, Inmotion hosting knows how important a reliable hosting is for its customers.

Inmotion hosting is one of few web hosts who own multiple data centers, one in Washington DC and one in Los Angeles CA. Both of its data centers are Category A, PCI compliant with several controlled access points, multiple diesel power sources to prevent outage. Also, Inmotion Hosting is committed to reducing its carbon footprint. Its Los Angeles based datacenter is green.

All the web servers of Inmotion hosting are 100% Dell premium servers with at least 24GB memory, 24 Intel Cores, and fast RAID-10 storage, which are much faster and stable than what its competitors offer. Now, Inmotion Hosting integrates free SSD in its hosting solutions. Compared to the mechanical hard drives, SSD will offer increased reliability and performance. At the same time, customers can also take advantages of Inmotion Hosting exclusive Max Speed Zone technology, which helps to improve hosting uptime, reliability as well as security.

Besides, all Inmotion engineers are with 8+ years experiences in the industry who know how to maintain a secured and faster web server to meet the hosting needs from its customers.

Word-class data center, fast&stable web server, and skilled engineers, Inmotion hosting does its best to offer the most reliable hosting environment to its customers.

InMotion Hosting Review on Ease-of-use

Inmotion hosting provides its customers with the most popular cPanel control panel to manage their web sites. This is the industry leading, icon-based control panel, with which customers can easily manage their email account, domain, file, user account and get to know your web site traffic statistics. Or using the contained one-click installation tools to install applications like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and etc. within few simple clicks. There is almost no learning curve when using it.


On the other hand, it is quite easy to sign up with Inmotion Hosting services. Now, the company supports Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express and Purchase Order or Check payment types.

InMotion Hosting Review on Customer Support

Inmotion Hosting guarantee 100% customer satisfaction. To achieve this, the company has set up a very comprehensive customer support system, including 24/7 phone call, email, live chat, web hosting knowledge base, and a forum where its customers can ask any question. In all the companies we have reviewed, the support waiting time of Inmotion hosting is really one of the shortest.

Inmotion hosting owns a very skilled tech support team, who can resolve almost all the hosting issues from its customers timely and efficiently. A survey show that Inmotion hosting is one of web hosts with highest customer satisfaction rate. In addition to testing its support service personally, we also collect feedback and comments from Inmotion Hosting customers. The good news is that almost all customers are highly satisfied and happy with Inmotion Hosting supports.

Inmotion Hosting Offer Industry Best PHP Hosting

Inmotion Hosting offer its cusotmers all the required features to build a powerful PHP website, such as mod_rewrite module in Apache, no limitation on php memory_limit, suPHP is enabled, and multiple version of PHPs( such as PHP 5.3.x, PHP 5.4.x, and PHP 5.5.x). Considering its high performance server and top-notch customer support, Inmotion Hosting offer one of the best PHP hosting in the world. In below, we will reveal how well it could support PHP CMS like WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla.


InMotion Hosting build their web servers on Linux with Apache 2.2.21, php 5.2.17 MySQL 5.1.56, which are the best WordPress hosting environment highly recommended by WordPress community. And the great thing for business owners is that all those technologies have been proven to be very stable.

Extremely Fast WordPress Speed for Loading Pages

During our testing, WordPress speed for loading pages from InMotion Hosting beats almost all their competitors.

We have setup 2 wordpress site in InMotion Hosting Launched hosting package. One is simple WordPress blog with 20 posts without any image and the other one is relatively complex with 100+ posts, each post include 6-7 images.

Here are the testing result:

  • For simple WordPress site, the page loading speed is about 0.25s to 0.4s
  • For complex one with images, it’s around 0.35s ~ 0.6s

This is the fastest speed we have seen on a shared hosting.

After analysis, we feel below are 3 key reasons which contribute to this great testing result:

  • InMotion Hosting offer multiple data centers to their customers and their Max Speed Zone could help on runing a web site 6x faster if their customers are within their Exclusive Max Speed Zones.
  • 100% Dell Powerful Web Server with 16 to 24 Xeon Cores, 16 to 24 GB memory, and RAID 10 high-performance data storage. This is one of the highest server configuration in the industry.
  • Experienced system engineers. InMotion Hosting only hire system engineers with 10+ years experience in the related fields, who should know how to optimize a Linux server better than others/

100% Customer Satisfaction

InMotion Hosting guarantee “Anytime money back”, which means if their customer are not satisfied with their service, they could ask for money back at any time. This forces InMotion Hosting team to gain 100% customer satisfaction.

According to the feedback we have collected from 293 InMotion Hosting customers, they has done a great job in maintaining their customer satisfaction rate. Specific to wordpress, around 37% of their customers hosted their WordPress with InMotion Hosting, and from the chart in the left, you could see that close to 70% of their sites are businesses related. Their satisfaction rate is round 97%, which is a really high number.

Comprehensive Product Series

InMotion Hosting provides shared hosting, VPS and Dedicated server. As businesses, by partner with InMotion Hosting, they could progressively upgrade the web server to a higher level based on the developing?of their business without meeting situation to?change a web host.

1-click Installation for?WordPress

InMotion Hosting provideds cPanel control panel with Fantastics, by which you can set up a WordPress website by a few simple clicks. For businesses this might not be a required feature , but it will show their willingness to offer excellent support on WordPress.

Is InMotion Hosting Good for Personal?

The answer is Yes for sure. For personals or individual freelancers, you definitely could consider InMotion Hosting to get better customer support and better server speed.


InmotionHosting offers web hosting solutions which are 100% compatible with various kinds of Drupal version, like Drupal 6, 7 and 8

Drupal Page Loading Speed

InMotionHosting is well-known for its super fast web server. And now, let’s see how fast Drupal could run in its servers.

The testing is done against its shared hosting Launch. We install Drupal 7 in it. Drupal cache is enabled, and we use the default Drupal theme Bartik.

we prepare two sets of data.

  • Case A: 100 nodes as well as mainly text.
  • Case B: 100 nodes as well as ?each node include 3 to 5 images.

Here are the final testing result:

Home Page Loading Speed Node Loading Speed
Case A 1.1s~1.3s 0.9s~1.1s
Case B 1.5s~1.8s 1.1s~1.4s

To be honest, there is really very few shared web hosting could run Drupal so fast.

Drupal-friendly Customer Support

drual-friendlyInmotionHosting really takes Drupal serious in its business. It has designed a series of online tutorials to guide Drupalers on how to create and maintain Drupal sites in its web servers. And its customer support team are also well-trained to answer almost all the hosting questions related to Drupal.

InmotionHosting is also a sponsor of Drupal community.

1-click Drupal Installation

InmotionHosting offer Fantastic in its cPanel, by which its customers could setup a Drupal site by some simple clicks. This feature gives a Drupal beginner a lot of convenience to launch a Drupal site quickly.

Do We Recommend InmotionHosting

Yes, InmotionHosting is recommended for hosting Drupal sites. Especially for a business site, InmotionHosting is pretty much the best choice. It has over 8 years experience in offering business hosting, and knows how to meet its customer requirements on server speed, reliability, and customer services. Its also offers shared hostig, vps hosting, and dedicated server hosting, which could meet their customers’ future business growth needs.


InmotionHosting Joomla hosting is fully compatible with Joomla 2.5 and the latest Joomla 3.

InmotionHosting Joomla Page Loading Speed

Websites used InmotionHosting Joomla hosting plans will run really very fast and have 99.9% uptime, because InmotionHosting Joomla websites are backed with fast solid state drivers, 100% Dell servers, powerful datacenters and Max Speed Zones.

In addition to that, InmotionHosting Joomla page loading speed is one of the most fastest in the industry, which can be up to about 0.8s to 1.0s. This is a quite short time for people to access website page contents and almost cannot be surpassed by other Joomla hosting brands, since they generally ensure their Joomla websites to load pages around 1.5s, 2s even longer time.

InmotionHosting 1-click Joomla Installation

To install Joomla to websites of clients, InmotionHosting offers two options for them: one is to install manually and the other is to install in one-click using Softaculous. The latter one is easier and more convenient for people, even for Joomla beginners to set up Joomla in websites. They do not need to worry how to install Joomla anymore.

On top of that, InmotionHosting Joomla hosting package supports Joomla preinstalled that customers will just make a choice of Joomla version and InmotionHosting will preinstall Joomla to their accounts when customers check out.

InmotionHosting Award-winning Customer support

InmotionHosting professional supporting engineers are so experienced in Joomla websites that they will solve problems effectively via phone, live chat and email all the time.

More than that, online help center at InmotionHosting site has a large number of guidance and articles about Joomla and Joomla website, in which customers will learn much about Joomla and solve their questions.

Do We Recommend InmotionHosting Joomla Hosting?

Since InmotionHosting Joomla hosting is so powerful in compatibility, page loading speed, installation and customer support, we would like to recommend InmotionHosting Joomla to people to set up their own Joomla websites. It is really valuable no matter whether customers are individuals, small businesses or big enterprises.

Do We Recommend InMotion Hosting?

Yes, Inmotion Hosting is strongly recommended to all-sizes of business, individuals, and web developers. Generally, its hosting is feature-rich, one of the fastest in the industry, and the price is also quite affordable. Inmotion Hosting is promoting shared hosting at 56% off now, which makes its price low to $3.49/mo, a price even an individual could afford.

To know more about Inmotion hosting, please visit Inmotionhosting and check out its 56% off deal.

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