InmotionHosting Joomla Hosting Review

InmotionHosting ( is one of the Top 10 Web Hosting firms in the industry, offering fast, reliable and affordable web hosting solutions with industry-leading 90-day Money-back Guarantee as well. And in this article, we will analyze how well InmotionHosting could support Joomla and explain why it is named as the best Joomla hosting in this year.

InmotionHosting Joomla Compatibility

inmotionhosting-220InmotionHosting Joomla hosting is fully compatible with Joomla 2.5 and the latest Joomla 3. And it needs to go with PHP 5.2.4, PHP 5.3.1 and PHP 5.3 +. Besides, choosing with InmotionHosting Joomla hosting, customers will store their data in version 5.0.4 + of MySQL.

Apart from above helpful features, InmotionHosting Joomla hosting package has other rich features and some of them are listed in below:

  • Mod-rewrite Apache module will be installed with default settings, making clean URL enabled for customers and search engine better.
  • suPHP is contained in this package to enhance security of Joomla websites. 24/7 network monitoring and rock-solid firewalls from InmotionHosting also increase website security.
  • Memory-limit of PHP is 256 MB that is sufficient to a standard Joomla site running.

InmotionHosting Joomla Page Loading Speed

Websites used InmotionHosting Joomla hosting plans will run really very fast and have 99.9% uptime, because InmotionHosting Joomla websites are backed with fast solid state drivers, 100% Dell servers, powerful datacenters and Max Speed Zones.

In addition to that, InmotionHosting Joomla page loading speed is one of the most fastest in the industry, which can be up to about 0.8s to 1.0s. This is a quite short time for people to access website page contents and almost cannot be surpassed by other Joomla hosting brands, since they generally ensure their Joomla websites to load pages around 1.5s, 2s even longer time.

InmotionHosting 1-click Joomla Installation

To install Joomla to websites of clients, InmotionHosting offers two options for them: one is to install manually and the other is to install in one-click using Softaculous. The latter one is easier and more convenient for people, even for Joomla beginners to set up Joomla in websites. They do not need to worry how to install Joomla anymore.

On top of that, InmotionHosting Joomla hosting package supports Joomla preinstalled that customers will just make a choice of Joomla version and InmotionHosting will preinstall Joomla to their accounts when customers check out.

InmotionHosting Award-winning Customer support

InmotionHosting professional supporting engineers are so experienced in Joomla websites that they will solve problems effectively via phone, live chat and email all the time.

More than that, online help center at InmotionHosting site has a large number of guidance and articles about Joomla and Joomla website, in which customers will learn much about Joomla and solve their questions.

Do We Recommend InmotionHosting Joomla Hosting?

Since InmotionHosting Joomla hosting is so powerful in compatibility, page loading speed, installation and customer support, we would like to recommend InmotionHosting Joomla to people to set up their own Joomla websites. It is really valuable no matter whether customers are individuals, small businesses or big enterprises.

Moreover, InmotionHosting now promotes its Joomla hosting to cut more than 50% off. So the three plans of InmotionHosting Joomla package start respectively at $3.49/mo, $4.36/mo and $13.99/mo with rich features. And customers will also get 90-days Money-back Guarantee.

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