InmotionHosting Drupal Review – Best Drupal Hosting for Business

Inmotionhosting, one of the Best Business Hosting in the industry, is famous for its fast reliable web server and Second to None customer service. And here, we will review how well its web server could support Drupal.

InmotionHosting Drupal Compatibility

InmotionHosting Drupal Hosting ReviewInmotionHosting offers web hosting solutions which are 100% compatible with various kinds of Drupal version, like Drupal 6, 7 and 8.

Web servers of InmotionHosting are installed with Apache 2.2.21 and MySQL 5.1.56, both are the recommended version from Drupal community. InmotionHosting also deploys dual PHP including 5.2.17+ and  5.3.8+ in the server, Drupaler could choose which one as default PHP handler according to the version of Drupal they use. (For Drupal 6, PHP version 5.2.17 + is recommended while for Drupal 7 and Drupal 8, PHP version 5.3.8+ is the ideal one).

Besides above features to meet the basic hosting requirement of Drupal, InmotionHosting also offer many advanced features to craft its solution more Drupal-friendly, such as:

  • module mod_rewrite Apache is installed by default so that Clean URLs could be enabled, which will help on Drupal SEO.
  • php memory_limit will be set at 512MB, which far exceed the basic Drupal hosting requirement at 32MB, and it’s large enough to handle a very complex Drupal site.
  • PHP is run as suPHP in order to increase WordPresss security.
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Drupal Page Loading Speed

InMotionHosting is well-known for its super fast web server. And now, let’s see how fast Drupal could run in its servers.

The testing is done against its shared hosting Launch. We install Drupal 7 in it. Drupal cache is enabled, and we use the default Drupal theme Bartik.

we prepare two sets of data.

  • Case A: 100 nodes as well as mainly text.
  • Case B: 100 nodes as well as  each node include 3 to 5 images.

Here are the final testing result:

Home Page Loading Speed Node Loading Speed
Case A 1.1s~1.3s 0.9s~1.1s
Case B 1.5s~1.8s 1.1s~1.4s

To be honest, there is really very few shared web hosting could run Drupal so fast.

Drupal-friendly Customer Support

drual-friendlyInmotionHosting really takes Drupal serious in its business. It has designed a series of online tutorials to guide Drupalers on how to create and maintain Drupal sites in its web servers. And its customer support team are also well-trained to answer almost all the hosting questions related to Drupal.

InmotionHosting is also a sponsor of Drupal community.

1-click Drupal Installation

InmotionHosting offer Fantastic in its cPanel, by which its customers could setup a Drupal site by some simple clicks. This feature gives a Drupal beginner a lot of convenience to launch a Drupal site quickly.

Do We Recommend InmotionHosting

Yes, InmotionHosting is recommended for hosting Drupal sites. Especially for a business site, InmotionHosting is pretty much the best choice. It has over 8 years experience in offering business hosting, and knows how to meet its customer requirements on server speed, reliability, and customer services. Its also offers shared hostig, vps hosting, and dedicated server hosting, which could meet their customers’ future business growth needs.

Now, Inmotionhosting is promoting its shared hosting up to 56% off after applying the latest InmotionHosting coupon. Each web hosting plan from Inmotionhosting come with an industry leading 90 Day Money Back Guarantee. You get enough time to test out its product and customer service.

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