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icontact-logoStarted its business in 2003, iContact (www.icontact.com) is regarded as a world-leading online service provider of email marketing and social media marketing based in Raleigh, North Carolina. Until now, its services and products have been serving thousands of small, mid-sized businesses.

As one of its core works, iContact email marketing is quite popular with customers. And in below iContact Review, we will check the email marketing from features, usability, prices and support services to find out why it is one of the best email marketing services we recommended.

iContact Review on Features

Compared to many other email marketing service companies, iContact provides rich and more premium email marketing features built around professional business requirements. Its solution cannot only strengthen customer relationship, but also help increase the brand awareness and sales through email. Here, we introduce some of its highlights:

  • Well-designed Email Templates: people can choose the favorite one from tons of well designed email templates making their message look-good and popular
  • MessageCoder Tool: if people are a HTML or design professional, they can take advantage of iContact MessageCoder which helps import HTML to start message from scratch or from the favorite template
  • Email Delivery: iContact will move people’s messages straight from business to customers’ inboxes via SpamCheck
  • Email Tracking: with this features, people are allowed to find out how popular their emails are with their contacts byclicks, tracking open and unsubscribes
  • Sign-Up Forum: sign-up forum added to website and Facebook page that turn visitors and fans into email subscribers

In addition to these, iContact email marketing service customers can also get great features such as image hosting, mail-merge fields, message archiving, split testing and more others.

iContact Email Marketing Prices

According to customers’ different requirements, iContact divided its email marketing service into multiple packages charging at different prices. All of them allow both monthly and yearly terms. The regular price of iContact email marketing starts from $10/mo, if customers go with the yearly term, they can get 15% discount to make the service price starts from $8.50/mo.

iContact Promotion
15% Off

Actually, for professional email marketing, this is a very cheap price to use to grow businesses. If customers still cannot decide, iContact offers them a free trial that customers can test the service before purchasing.

iContact Email Marketing Usability

Choosing its email marketing service, iContact offers its customers tons of email template options and ease-to-use MessageCoder, there is another tool – MessageBuilder included to save time and efforts, even for customers who have no any HTML knowledge or design experience.

Customers enable to create very beautiful messages in few minutes with iMessageBuilder, a drag-and-drop message creation tool . Simply picking a template from library, customers could make it their own by adding the brand colors, text, links and pictures. Its simple and easy-to-navigate interface also integrated setup wizard that directs through each step of the email marketing process.

Supports for Email Marketing Service

iContact review on supportsOnce customers have any question about the email marketing service, they are able to contact its award-winning support experts through phone, chat and email easily and conveniently.

Besides, there are many resources available to customers to take full use of, such as FAQs, practices, blog posts, guides, live and recorded webinars, video tutorials, application-help articles, and etc.


iContact email marketing service meets specialized needs of deliverability, design, analytics, list building, and campaign strategy by providing rich features, cheap prices, and reliable supports. It allows customers to easily create and track as well. All of these factors make iContact one of the best email marketing services in the industry, and is also highly recommended to businesses.

When want to learn more about iContact email marketing, please visit: www.icontact.com.

icontact review

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