How to Write a Great Blog Faster

Since the 1990s, blog has becoming more and more common in people’s daily life. With nearly 20 years’ development, it has changed a lot that involved more in businesses nowadays rather than some family stuff.

As the world’s most popular blogging software, WordPress has been used by over 75 million sites. This number is extremely impressive, but it is more likely to be curious about how many people are interested in and reading the blogs, especially for those blog owners.

blog2According to the survey, there are more than 409 million people who view over 13.2 billion pages each month averagely. As the result, it can be easy for blog owners to gain readers to their blogs, and one of the few effective ways is to ensure regular blog content and posts. However, it is quite tough for people who own multiple blogs.

In fact, everyone is able to write articles, and publish it on a blog, but whether those articles are readable and timely to the readers. So bloggers have to make great efforts on delivering readers really valuable posts regularly and quickly. There are some useful templates that bloggers can use to write blog fasters and more efficient.

Headline: Key Words, Grab Attention, SEO Friendly

Headline displays reader the impression of the whole blog in the first place, and this is the reason why bloggers need to create a great headline for their blogs. It is very basic but important. Firstly, got the readers’ attention, then they will read the blogs. Here are some samples:

  • X Ways to Get This or That Done : 5 Ways to Help Write Blog Faster/10 Ways for Grabbing Readers Attention
  • How to Do This or That: How to Write Blog Faster/How to Make the Blog More SEO Friendly
  • Focusing on Target Readers: What Need to Know as a Successful Blogger
  • Threat Headline: 10 Misunderstandings of Blog Updates/5 Warning Signs for SEO Strategies

Introduction: Neat Opening, summarize and introduce blog topics

In addition to the headline, introduction is another effective part to draw readers’ attention. If readers are interested in the introduction, then they would like to finish the blog and posts, and may recommend to others.

Bloggers may feel that it is difficult to come up with an interesting introduction, while it could be much easier. For example, a surprising statistic, a fascinating quote, an unknown fact, a joke, or a thoughtful question, all of them can help bloggers start with a good introduction. Do not forget to mention some topics or highlights of the blog posts.

Post Section: Statistics, Chart, Media to Rich Content

After completing the introduction, bloggers come to the post section that they can really provide something for readers. If bloggers are not the experts of the written topic and cannot present the unique knowledge, then show some statistics & reality, and analyze it, just express own opinions. Bloggers don’t need to worry about other blogs have the same content, and it retains the unique nature of the blog.

Since bloggers have no much time to maintain the blog and write as much as content for it, insert content-related chart, video, infographic, or photos is one of the best and feasible ways to write a great blog faster.

Conclusion: Emphasize Main Idea Again and CTA

blogJust in case some of the readers miss the blog’s essence, the conclusion is the last opportunity to present the main idea to the readers. No matter it is a personal or business blog, bloggers should make an emphasis again in the conclusion.

Besides, bloggers can use the part as a CTA: call to action. For an instance, if the blog talks about unsolved mysteries, so bloggers can recommend readers some interesting and useful books that there will be a link available. Never mind, if readers are not interested in, they will ignore it, but if they are, they will move forward.

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