How to Write a Great Article

How-To-Write-A-great-ArticleAll writers in the world are trying their best to write great articles, which will gain much attention among people as well as get reputation and profits for them. However, not every writer can write a great article. So in the following article, we summarize 5 principles about how to write a great article, helping your articles stand out among numerous posts.

Principle 1 – Structure

Great writers always draw a complete outline of the article before starting to write, which is also known as the structure. A good structure is very useful to reach your ultimate goal that having your products bought by readers. And a proven structure pattern called “SLAP” is here for you to study.

  • Stop: come up with an attention-grabbing headline that makes users stop for your article
  • Look/ Listen: make full use of the hook to make the article interesting enough
  • Act: use time limit on the deal, selling point and guarantee to call for readers to take actions
  • Purchase: make a purchase of what you selling

Principle 2 - Headline

In the world today, people have many things to read via various mediums, from traditional book, newspapers, magazines to blogs and websites on the Internet. How can you make people read your article? Firstly you have to think of a brilliant headline, which is the first item that readers touch to your article. And here we support you with several powerful headline samples in below, which have a same feature: a call to actions or commitments.

  • How Not to Go Crazy While …
  • Top 5 Ways to …
  • You Can’t Afford Not to…
  • How to …

Principle 3 – Hook

After finishing structure and headline, you come to start lines that need to interesting and attractive as well since readers today have more distractions than ever before. To fully entice your readers, you need to use hook via amazing quotes, facts, value and more.

Principle 4 – Content

The next step for a great article is content, which is the main part of one article. Besides, it contains the most of information that writers want to deliver to their readers. But most of writers experienced the hardship about how to organize content well especially when they do not have any thought. In below, we gather 14 methods to this problem for you:

  1. Curation by collecting a series of favorite blog articles
  2. Brainstorming: search help from others
  3. Rely on Readers through asking them questions or adding their posts
  4. Write top trends
  5. Interview someone
  6. Learn different cultures
  7. Best/ Worst-case Studies
  8. Write a review on something
  9. Get inspiration from mediums, like movies, plays, television, comics and books
  10. Relive the memories
  11. Relax via having a walk
  12. Put personal stories on blog
  13. Share success or failures
  14. Recreate your previous articles

Principle 5 – Sentences

Content is made up of one sentence by one sentence, which is the flesh and blood of one article. Therefore, wonderful sentences will surely make content more compelling. And there are also a number of ways to teach you how to write out good sentences in a post. For example:

  • Allow incorrect grammar in sentences.
  • Journalism 101 rule.
  • Avoid “I”, “she”, “he” and “To be” in your sentences.
  • Make sentences be succinct through avoiding run-ons and difficult words.
  • Use active verbs as much as possible.
  • Starting a sentence with a conjunction.
  • Keep positive emotion full of your sentence.
  • Avoid exaggerate or lies.
  • Overuse punctuation is not necessary.
  • Make sure that every word in your sentence is effective and cut the unnecessary ones, like adverbs, adjectives and “that”.
  • Just include one idea in one sentence.
  • Work with sentence patterns.
  • Deliver selling point with powerful sentences to customers.
  • Utilize powerful words to paint a picture, which can address benefits to customers.
  • Get readers involved in your article with meaningful words like love, family and friendship.
  • Make a promise of results to your readers.
  • Feature sentences with calling to action.
  • Never be self-righteous.
  • Revise your sentences again and again.

Now you know top 5 principles to write a great article, but you still need to exercise them constantly and put them into your real writing. And after your endeavor, you will write many amazing articles in the foreseeable future.

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