How to Use Facebook for Small Business

fb-smallSmall business owners are generally thin in case of budget and time. So Facebook is a great platform for them to reach a huge customer base. The smaller your business, the importance becomes more to build relationship with customers to grow your business. Facebook can help you to build relationships with customers.

But the problem that most of the businesses face is time. The amount of time that they need to spend to make an impact, they cannot devote. So, here is a general overview on how to use Facebook for small business spending 15-20 minutes in a day.

1. Use photos of your products or services to share

Always share photos of your products or services on Facebook because this is the most effective way to drive people towards your products. For example, if your business product is coffee machine, then share photos of coffee machines, process to make coffee and also showcase your team and employees with smiling faces. It can help you to get the attention of huge customers and their Facebook friends. Upload clear and high quality photos, if you do not have expensive SLR camera, smartphone in-built camera can be used to take photos.

2. Facebook offers

Facebook offers an ad unit named, Offers. You can post your in-store or online sales here. This ad allows you to highlight the existing promotions in the Facebook’s ecosystem and this thing reaches your offer to a huge number of customers which is not possible to reach regularly when posting. This is not a free ad, but free for the first time for small businesses. Once you post your first ad and it ran on Facebook, the price for the next ad depends on the number of people you wish to reach your ads. Though this is a paid ad but really inexpensive and for $10 you can reach your offer to 5000 to 9000 people.

3. Schedule posts

facebook-pagesIf you think that you will not be able to spend time on Facebook the next day or the next week, you can schedule posts for later date and it will be published on that day. You can schedule links, status update, photos and videos. The things that you cannot schedule for later date are event, questions, photo albums and offers. If you want to delete your scheduled posts from your activity log, you can do the same but there is no option to edit a scheduled post. So before finalizing your posts, make sure that you are scheduling the right thing.

4. Install free apps on your Facebook page

You will see that every Facebook page has a banner which is displayed with four tabs and located at the top right just under your cover photo. Among the four tabs, one is photos tab which highlights all the photos that have been shared on your Facebook page till the day. You cannot change this tab, the rest tabs can be customized and changed for your business purpose and you can highlight free or paid apps there of your choice. It’s not mandatory, but it helps you to reach a huge customers. You can showcase your Instagram photos, upcoming events, tweets or whatever you want. Just search apps in the Facebook App Center for adding them to your page or you can search on Google for Facebook apps.

5. Connect with customers from your Smartphone

Facebook-mobileTo build a huge customer base, it’s important to stay in touch with them all time. So when a person writes something on your wall or on a post which is shared on your page, it’s important to respond them. Answer their questions, respond to the compliments, remove spam if there is any, and all these things will build their relationship with your business.

Therefore it’s important to use Facebook to grow your small business.

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