How to recover from Google’s Pigeon Update

Pigeon-UpdateA few days back Google updates its ranking algorithm and this algorithm is named as “Pigeon” update.This update is basically for the local search result. Many details about this update is not disclosed by Google, but webmasters report changes in the local ranking, i.e. in local listing ranking suddenly some changes are seen as there is no prior information leaked out that Google is going to roll out his update soon. The main purpose of Google for rolling out this update is to provide more exact and relevant local search result. Google’s this update of Googleis not for penalizing websites for their bad back links or from any other reason it is just a local listing related update.

Now how does this Google update affect local businesses…??

As local search results experience changes in their ranking, suddenly some small businesses start ranking on top and some businesses which are ranking all over the net experience a downfall in the business. The directories which do large submissions are in benefit more than smaller individuals.

Finding recovery methods from this update…

  • To make our business rank once again we need to register our business in industry directories, have a good impression of that and collect good reviews of the users.
  • We have to keep a track on the local search terms, on which our searches depends, that in the update they haven’t changed. If they get changed, update them according to your strategy.
  • If you find your keywords ranking in local searches, then just get optimize your site for local searches.
  • If your keyword doesn’t appear on the result page of the search engine then just make sure that you will not be able to get organic results.
  • If you’re ranking from the search engine vanishes then just start putting more stress on on-page techniques rather than off-page techniques.
  • Just have a review of your webmaster that links are still present in the preferred way or they are changed according to the update.

Go through all the links is you find any broken links then correct it, or any spelling of your local listing page then just correct it at that time only and apart from that add all this information in the footer of your website, so that when Google crawler goes through your links then they willfind all this information on your website, which will be beneficial to you. Apart from that after update it is very important that you should have a responsive website for your local business.

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