How to Recover from Google Panda Update

google_panda-recovery-tipsGoogle is constantly changing its ranking algorithm parameter on which websites are ranked on Search engine page. Google Panda update, which is released in February 2011, is the biggest crash algorithm for all the websites. According to authoritative statistics, nearly 11.8% of the websites are getting their ranked down or get penalized under this Panda update. The main aim of this Panda update is to improve the quality of the search engine result by lowering the rank of “low-quality websites” and boosting the rank of “higher-quality websites”.

As this panda update of Google is to search, searching that website should contain rich content. And it doesn’t put any duplicate content or do any duplicity on the websites either. In other words, the website owner cannot put duplicate content on multiple pages or on the other websites, because users will get the wrong information that drops the reputation of Google as well as the website.

What Panda searching in the Update

There are a number of reasons that Google Panda notices on the websites, and it has the real impact on the website ranking actually. As its main purpose is to provide the quality for a website and to gain it rolled an algorithm, in which they keep the criteria of selection like website should be of high quality, such as website should have a responsive web design. The main areas on which Panda Update concentrates are

google-pandaContent Ratio: Having advertisement on the website is good, but having too much is really very irresistible. Google was searching things like this only as in if we put too much advert on the website it distracts the user and Google doesn’t like this, so the websites with more adverts are getting penalized by the Google Panda.

Content Duplicity:This is one of the most important things on which Google is concentrating more than anything, like the websites which has the same content on every page of their websites, they get penalized as Google want to offer unique content to its users.

Copied Content: Google searched for those websites which have the same content on their Web pages, while Google unlikely ranks down that websites on its SERP.

Thin Content: As there are many websites present, which provide thin content on their websites to use Google penalized that website also due to, content, it needs rich content on the websites so that all users stay at the websites doesn’t go by just taking the look on the content.

Speed of the website: There are a large number of websites present whose loading time is very slow and this puts many side effects on the ranking of the website. So that visitor doesn’t go.

Canonical Redirect: If there are number of URLs present on your website then you should use canonical redirect, and if it doesn’t than the content of every page should differ from each other.

Grammar of the content: The content which is published on the website should have no any grammatical mistake and spelling mistake on the website content.

Easy in navigation: As in navigating among the website, all the internal links should be navigated properly according to the content of the website, in this navigation it is important that links should reach to the correct page.

Broken links through the sites:  As with the website, there are so many internal as well as external links present, but we should have checked on all the links which are coming in or going outside as all the should be properly working without any damage, or ether link should not also give 404 errors as Google Panda update use to penalize the website.

As Google updates, Panda is used to penalize the entire website which is not following these rules and giving fall result on Google and Google doesn’t update these types of websites.

To recover from the various Google Panda update techniques, then you have to follow all the above mentioned points as these points are ruled by Google. Since it wants to be followed by all the websites to maintain the quality of the website as Google is more concentrated over quantity. As the update arrived, then the content on the website become the king and its backlinks will be strong enough.

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