How to Protect Websites from a Bad Hosting Provider

Working with a reliable hosting provider is quite vital to get great online experience and achieve the success of websites. In terms of performance aspect, the hosting provider will make efforts to keep websites up and running all the time, and also ensure fast speed & connection. On the contrary, a bad hosting provider offers terrible service that capsizes traffic, impact the SEO ranking and even ruin websites.

As the result, for any webmaster or business owner, it is crucial to go with a reliable hosting provider. However, even people start with a good hosting provider, things are also likely to become worse in the coming days. In case of being the one who suffers from the possible situation, people need to protect themselves and their websites from a bad hosting provider.

Let’s start with domain registration.

Usually, hosting providers offer domain registration service as well. Some are paid, while some of them are free to new customers. Going with a hosting provider does not mean that people need to use the offered domain name. Register a domain name from other companies separately can maintain high brand recognition and receive more professional service & support. There are some best domain registration providers are available, and highly recommended, including GoDaddy, 1and1, NameCheap and etc.

Then people have to figure out the money back guarantee of the hosting provider.

Hosting reviews have referential value for checking out the quality of hosting providers, but the own test is always the most effective way to figure out. Signing up with a hosting provider that ensures long period money back guarantee can avoid many issues. Different providers offer different money back periods, and a 30-day money back guarantee is the industry standard.

There are some reliable hosting providers deliver industry-leading money back periods. For example, InmotionHosting guarantees 90 days, Arvixe guarantees 60 days and HostGator guarantees 45 days.

paypalFor many hosting providers, their money back guarantees apply to credit cards paid customers only. At the same time, people also need to choose a reliable payment method to protect their accounts safe. In general, Credit Card and PayPal are two common and secure methods to do so.

  • Credit Card: as one of the most popular and secure payment methods, credit card companies usually provide users with several built-in protection features to prevent any unauthorized charge. Although, we still suggest customers to check out the policies of their credit card companies before giving information to hosting providers.
  • PayPal: PayPal is a worldwide online payment system, which integrates leading built-in secure measures and can protect both users and the companies from threats. Moreover, if people use PayPal payment, the hosting provider can have no access to their actual pay card information.

Another factor that many people would ignore is the blacklisted IP address. If the hosting provider is on blacklisted IP address, customers’ websites will most likely be locked. Here, we recommend people a very useful tool: Spam Haus. Its IP Address Lookup Tool can check and see whether the hosting provider is cleared.

The topic about how to choose the best web hosting has been discussed many times, now we put emphasis on the considerations of the hosting provider that people are working with.

If people have already register domain name with the hosting provider, then they can think of transferring their domain names out to other professional domain registrars. People enable to keep their domains safe once something happens to the hosting provider.

backupDo not forget to check CHMOD permission carefully. As the command and system call, CHMOD might change the access permissions to file objects. By using FTP site to check as well as set the right permissions on every file and folder. Password is still one of the most important barriers, people should change them regularly.

Another important job is to backup websites regularly, regardless of where your websites are hosted. Nowadays, backup is surprisingly easy, and even web beginners can do so well. No matter the hosting providers go wrong or people cause errors themselves, backups can always help restore their websites and prevent from losing all work.

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