How To Monetize Your WordPress Blog?

Once you have managed to deliver quality content on a regular basis in your WordPress site and have successfully created and maintaining lucrative amount of traffic, it is probably the time to monetize WordPress site which will provide you added benefit and you can successfully earn a decent amount of money every month from your blog. The most common and useful ways are outlined here.

Helpful ways to monetize your WordPress site


Pay per click

Pay-Per-Click is one of the best forms to monetize WordPress site that lets you earn money with no hassle as the process is much easier to set up and start. Pay per click , also known as PPC is when a user clicks on any ad on your site, you will make money for that. This is pretty interesting and what you need do to is sign up for an account and add the snippet code to your site. Next the service will scan the content of your site after which they release the relevant adverts to your site from their network. That’s it and then whenever a user will click on that advert, you will get paid. Varieties of WordPress plugins are available to make this job even much easier and Easy Ads is one of that. The adverts could be of any form such as banners, full page ads, pop-up ads, sidebar text link, etc.

Affiliate marketing to monetize WordPress site

Another great way to monetize WordPress site. This is the idea of helping other companies to sell their products by becoming their affiliate. The companies will link their products to your blog site and once a visitor clicks on the link and make a purchase through it, you will get paid for that. The amount varies according to companies, while some of the companies have a fixed rate others offer some percentage on the deal. Amazon associate and ClickBank are some of the great example of affiliate marketing. You can send users to Amazon through link and earn some percentage once a purchase is being made by the users. WordPress plugins are again available for this to make the process easier. The products could be anything starting from software, physical device, download, some services, etc.

Sponsored posts

Sponsored posts allow you to earn a great amount of money the same way as above two methods where you can post some content in your site for others and charge a fee for that. For example, it could be a product or service review. While the review can be written by you or else the company can too provide you the pre-written content and you just need to post it in your site. Again you can add affiliate links with that which will fetch you even more money. But for this ensure there are decent traffic in your WordPress site as the money earned this way will largely depend on that.

Sell ad space to monetize WordPress site

Sell ad space to monetize WordPress site

Earning money through selling ad space is much easier than other methods like adverts or affiliate links as all those process will let you earn money if the visitors click on the adverts or else buy an item clicking on the affiliate link while selling ad space requires you to just provide some space on your site for adverts and make money for that. But again for this to be successful ensure first there are decent traffic in the blog and the contents are viral enough. Several plugins are available to make this process easier. Some of the plugin connect you to the advert marketplaces and put your site in front of those looking for space to provide ads while the self service option visitor in your site to place an ad in your site without any effort from your side is also offered by many.

Custom search engines

You must have a search box in your WordPress site to help user in easily finding the topic they are looking for. While most of the WordPress themes come with an integrated search box but do you know that there is an option to create custom search engine and you can earn money when a user clicks on the sponsored ads that are shown in the search result. This option is really helpful in long run and you can have more control over the search engine in custom search engine.

But tools like Google AdSense for search or Eurekster Swiki is to be used in order to include the sponsored ads in the search result. Several WordPress Plugins such as Search Integrate and Gigya Toolbar come handy here.

Restricted contents and membership sites

This idea becomes helpful when you have been able to grow a large readership base and most of them are really loyal. While you are in such a position, start a membership area in your site and restrict some content that will be only available to the paid customers. It is no doubt a great way to fetch you great amount of money but for that the contents should be enticing to your readers. Make use of WordPress Plugin for this and everything will become much easier.

Create your own product

Create your own product

After gaining a great amount of customer base and ensuring decent numbers of regular visitor to appreciate your content, you can think of this step to monetize WordPress site. What you need to do is create your own product such as write an eBook, create WordPress theme or plugin if possible and also can come out with some physical product that can entice your user base. Several WordPress plugins are available to include an online store and eCommerce functionality in your site, so you can easily go with this step to earn some money.

So, these are the useful steps to monetize your WordPress site but before starting to monetize spend first few months in creating quality content to build traffic and then go with the stated steps.

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