How To Maximize The Value Of A Cloud Infrastructure?

Almost all the companies are now moving their service into cloud to get the most out of it but at the same time all try to ensure that they are leveraging the most effective and cost economic solutions. When and how to move to the cloud is an important factor to be considered while you decide to move to the cloud and it can definitely maximize the value of the cloud infrastructure if done in the right way. Here are some guides that will help you choose the right cloud service provider to make best use of the cloud.

Do the needed research to find out the right cloud service provider


The first thing to decide is to what are the services that will be moved to cloud server? Is it your all IT or some services from email, phones, web server, accounting system, file server etc. After finalizing it, next job is to search for the right cloud service provider according to that. But there are numerous factors to be considered while doing the search and the three main factors are: reliability, integrity and control.

Reliability is the most needed factor in IT business and in case the IT goes down for any reason, it will result in interruption in work by the employees, grievances of users and finally it will incur you huge loss. So, ensure that the service you are choosing is able to provide 99.999% guaranteed uptime which should  be less than 30seconds of unscheduled downtime only once in a month.

Next comes the integrity, and this is another factor to take into account when you decide how to move to the cloud. The integration of cloud service might be felt as an extra burden in case you are not aware of the process. So, while choosing the cloud service, it is best to enquire that if they would facilitate an integration experience to make the transfer of users and multiple device settings across multiple services without incurring any extra management cost.

Control and management is also vital to consider as it may increase the cost of your business. In case the cloud service is needed to control by your workforce, it will lead to extra labour cost. So the suggestion is to go for a cloud service provider that offers simple but powerful control system to remove any unnecessary burden.

Check security services of the cloud before deciding how to move to the cloud

Check security services of the cloud

Security is probably the most important factor to consider when you plan to move to the cloud. The cloud service provider should offer high end security and protection and for this you need to look beyond the price tag. Go through their security features thoroughly before making any decision. Also check with their other customers if needed. A good cloud service provider will work with the best name in the security industry, so keep that point in mind. And there are few companies who end up providing security tools that are not fully protective rather offer partial protection. So, you need to be well aware of that.

Encryption should be provided by the cloud service provider, also two step authentication process, encrypting data before moving them to cloud are recommended to minimize the risk of data breaching.

Evaluate the IT infrastructure

Planning how to move to the cloud just after gathering information about the security features and other needed things about the cloud service provider? There are few more things to consider before you wholly move to the cloud. First evaluate the IT services you have and which services will be more helpful to shift to the cloud to make the business more cost effective.

For this, make the moving of services slowly and not all at once. For example, the services that are easiest to transfer and integrate such as email, messages, file sync etc. should be integrated first. Provide some time to the employees to get used to these changes and also try to identify which all services are best to move to the cloud to get the most effective outcome. If things are done this way, it will definitely maximize the value of your cloud infrastructure.

Look for a long-term strategy

It would be wrong to think that cloud computing is only to help you in your immediate needs rather try to look for the long-term strategy and plan for the future IT needs as well. A perfect and successful cloud strategy is that which can respond and help you in evolving business needs. There should be a clear goal and roadmap on how to accomplish your goal with the right cloud strategy.

So, theses are main factors that you should consider while moving to the right cloud infrastructure.

Here are some questions to keep in mind while making the choice:

  • What are the primary characteristics of the company when you plan to choose a cloud service provider?
  • How to ensure the ultimate security of your data in cloud?
  • Way to arrive at the right SLA (service level agreement)
  • How to ensure that the cloud service provider have the perfect technical expertise for your company?

Ensure to get the answers of all those questions from your cloud service provider along with following the above mentioned guides and definitely it will help you to achieve success in the cloud infrastructure you are planning to employ.


Cloud computing made their way back in 2000 and now they are almost everywhere, in every business, small, medium and big sizes. The way this cloud computing is helping business organizations and getting spread everywhere, soon the companies that are not taking advantage of this trend will be behind in the race.

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