How to Get Advertiser to Your Blog

Once involving in the Internet by creating own blogs and websites, people may start to search for some ways to make money online. Accepting advertisements for other companies’ services and products is one of the best and simplest ways. To be honest, if your blog has quite heavy traffic, and can ensure the products great niche benefits and market, advertiser is highly feasible.

In the following article, we would give some helpful tips for people who want to gain revenue through the blogs, and help them figure out how to get advertiser to their blog.

Traffic and Niche is Very Important

web-trafficThere is no doubt that you would not get any advertiser if your blog has only dozens of visits per day. Indeed, traffic is the most important factor making businesses decide to advertise on your blog or not. They will take your blog traffic and visitor amounts into account to find out whether your blog is worthy of their advertisement and investment.

In addition to tons of regular traffic, niche market is also essential. Your blog has to be the leader among the other similar blogs. For an instance, if your blog is about childcare, so it is easy to get advertisers of baby product, pregnancy information and etc. Simply put, your blog focuses on the niche market will greatly help advertisers reach the target consumers.

Go with Google AdSense

As one of the most popular ad networks, Google AdSense allows you to make money putting the targeted ads next to online content on your blog. If you become a Google AdSense publisher, you can earn money once visitors click any one of the AdWords ads on your blog, which has been paid by business owners using Google AdWords program.

Google_adsense_logoThese ads may help you get a lot of traffic that leads to more advertisers and income directly. Since Google AdSense is free and easy to use, majority of bloggers will go with it. One suggestion is that you need to test those ads in case of losing your credibility.

In addition to Google AdSense, there are some other blog-specific ad programs available to help you get advertiser to your blog, and you can make full use of them. Such as Crisp Ads, Amazon Associates, BlogAds, AdBrite and etc.

Publish Your Contact Information

One of the direct ways to get advertisers to your blog is to make them can contact you easily, by publishing your contact information on your blog. No matter you have an advertisement plan or not, advertisers who are interested in your blog will contact you.

Not only for advertisers, making your contact information available to the public helps you to attract more partners as well. Based on the niche market, you can share advertisement resources with some other similar-type blogs. Or if you have a large base of visitors or subscribers, you can email them to let them know that you are seeking for advertisers.

Promote Affiliate Product on Your Blog

You can get a percentage of commission by promoting affiliate product on your blog, but you will get only people you have referred buy the product. Different companies give different percentage of commission. In order to get more, usually, you can add purchase links and promotion banner to encourage sales.

If you have enough experience, then you could try promoting multiple affiliate products at the same time. That will help increase revenue and gain more visibility as well.

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