How to Efficiently Choose and Buy a Domain Name

A domain name should be fitting your company or business because you buy domain name permanently. A right domain name also helps your potential customers to easily locate you and enhance the promotion of your services and products. Here are some easy to remember points that can help you fish out a good domain.

Keep it Short but Don’t Make it Shorter

Since you buy domain name permanently try to keep the length of it short. Short because the lesser characters a domain has the easier it is for the people to type, the better the people can pronounce it, the more it will be shared and lesser the social media platforms and the search results are going to shorten it further. Longer domain names tend to get compacted or worse, they don’t show up completely or just a would be displayed or the URL could get cut off etc. Short is good just ensure that it doesn’t get shorter. For instance, sounds good whereas something like doesn’t sound as pronounceable and sounds awkward too.

When You Buy Domain Name Permanently Ensure You Don’t Invade Other Organisation’ s Trademark or Get a Name That Can be Confused With the Trademark

It is important that you be cautious while selecting a domain name in order to avoid any thing that could confuse or misinterpret things; you could end up facing a legal jurisdiction. There are many such examples where people have gone through legal actions that you could find in the history of the web. There could be people who own a particular domain legally that matches yours. This also creates confusion in among the brands and it would become difficult for your brandability. In order to avoid such risks do a lot of research before you buy domain name permanently.

Select a Unique Name to Make it More Brandable

Brand is an identity; identity of the company and brandable is when someone immediately connects to your company and its products and services when they see or hear the name. Numbers and lines or hyphens will not give your company a brand name, it makes it funny or general. For instance if you have a company that sells e-commerce products related to noodles and you tell someone that you have a, do you think it would be easy for you to brand?

Generic keyword strings are hard to remember make sure you have something that can be easily remembered by the people. This will make your brand popular and famous. Selecting something like, opt for some like, it sounds more brandable. It sounds challenging but it is for sure unique.

Try to Get .com for Your Domain

Try to use .com for your domain

Well it is understandable that the internet has been around more than about twenty years and why should you still stick to .com when you already have so many options besides it. The answer is simple, .com is easily recognised by the people and is the most easily accessible brand outside the world of technology. ICANN has approved a number of domains and you could always buy a TLD extension that goes something a .noodles domain name. However, going with something easy and with something that people already follow helps in building up brandable domain.

If a .com is not available the next that you could go with is a .co, or .net or something which is well-known ccTLD.

The Domain You Select Should Be Pronounceable

There is a concept which is known as ‘processing fluency’ which makes it important for you to consider that your brand name is prounceable. It is a cognitive favouritism that humans have where they tend to remember and have more optimistic memories with things that we can effortlessly speak about and recall about and this comprises pronounceability in the minds. This could vary depending on the language which you are aiming at and the countries that you are aiming. But it is for sure that if the name cannot be pronounced easily the process fluency will be lost and so will the memorability; with it you are also going to lose the brandability which has been made by you. Familiar and easy words definitely make an impact on the domain becoming popular.

Use Sensible Keywords Don’t Just Add Anything

Use sensible keywords

Keywords play an important role from the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) point of view and it sure does help to have one in your domain name. However, Google has been lately moving away from the exact and partly matched keywords.  A keyword rich domain wouldn’t be an idea too good for the times now. What would be advisable is to get a keyword that makes it obvious about what you do. Think about the brand names such as Google or Amazon; they don’t have a keyword embedded in their domain name but the people know them. If you are looking for a domain name that deals in Italian dishes you might be tempted to select a name which is something like or which make it pretty common but you have something like people would definitely remember it better; gusto by the way is Italian for taste.

Modify Your Domain Name if the One You Thought of is not Available

There could be times that your thought domain name has already been taken and we have already been through why we should be having matching names. So, instead of completely changing your domain name simply add a prefix or a suffix to have a completely new name. Don’t let go of the creativity here. For instance if the is taken you could always make it; sounds good yeah!

Have the above points in mind while you buy domain name permanently and see your business entice all those visitors.

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