How to Do Email Marketing

how-to-do-email-marketingEspecially for business owners, Email marketing is an extremely effective and inexpensive way to gain more clients and expand their brand awareness. However, email marketing is a risky matter, it is absolutely powerful, but also easily abused.

When creating email marketing campaigns, business owners and marketers might ignore some important considerations. We introduce some valuable tips here to help them find out how to do email marketing correctly and effectively, and also achieve success.

Start with Subject Line

Since the emails take risk of being flagged as spam, it is crucial for business owners to know how to craft a suitable subject line. Many owners send emails with subject line of 60 to 70 characters, but there is no improve in either open rate or click-throughs at those 60-to-70 character length of subject line, according to survey

However, the maximum subject line length would be enforced by software nowadays, business owners should always try to make the subject line below 60, usually around 50 characters, spaces and punctuation are included. Lesser subject line of characters, like a goal of 20 to 30 or 30 to 40, works much better. Generally, in this way, the emails are fully ensured to get interests and open rate by customers and readers.

Create the Interesting Content

Few people have patience to read the whole email, so business owners have to create the most valuable content and also arouse readers and customers’ interests. Email contents always contain great products, services or promotions. Instead of these, business owners could also send other free things and solutions.

First thing’s first, owners need to do things to get readers and customers read the emails. Maybe start with a story, a mystery, or a joke, whatever it takes to make them notice of what contents delivered to them, instead of deleting it directly. Do not forget to build motivation in the body of the email, and drive people to click the included links as well.

Make the Email as Guidance

After finishing a great email with suitable subject line and interesting contents, business owners need to send them to the targeted people. In the situation, it is suggested to make the email as guidance, not sell directly from it.

Compared to straightly leading people to the payment page, it is much better and more efficient to guide them click through to the landing page that gives more information and selections. This will increase sales and the success rate of the email marketing.

The Time of Doing Email Marketing

email-marketing-timeChoosing the right time to send email is another important factor when doing email marketing. Most of the great emails are sent during the business hours, but it does not bring good results. A survey indicates that the right time of doing email marketing is between 8PM and midnight, which also shows the best open rate, click-through as well as sales. As a core factor in enhancing email marketing performance, this time period is the least used, in fact.


Knowing how to do email marketing helps implement successful campaigns. But in addition to the above aspects, there are some other email marketing tips that business owners can take huge benefits from, to improve customers’ relationship, acquire more people, sales, and also defeat other competitors.

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