How to Come Up with Topics to Write About

blog-topicHave you ever exhausted every spirit to think of new topics for your blog? It is not an easy thing to think of one new idea, two ideas, or even more ideas every day, no matter for those idea starters, authors or for someone who makes a living depending on coming up with ideas for others.

However, actually you have many ways to survival from that exhausting feeling. But the idea starter is the best choice when you feel tired of topic issues. And people used to calling the idea starter as the prompt which is useful for new topics coming up.

20 Prompts – Grasping Amazing Topics for You

We gather 20 prompts for you as the following, suitable for numerous topics. If you are stopped in the road for new titles, feel free to try them and finish them, from which you will get much benefit.

A Beginner’s Guide to…

A Beginner’s Guide to Make Sandwich, Make Hamburger, or any subject words related to your blog that visitors are not familiar with this subject or totally new to this area.

The … Guide to … or What … Should Know About …

Both prompts belong to guidance too, which address specific readers and topics. The first blank can be filled with your target person and the second blank with your target subject, like The Sportsman’s Guide to Select the Best Sport Shoes or What Sportsman Should Know About the Sport Shoes.

All You Need to Know About…

With adding subject words after “About”, you will have a good title to write something from every angle. For instance, All You Need to Know About Tour in France is tailored for your tour blog.

Top 3 ( 5, 7, 10…) Ways to… or 20 Proven Ways to …

This two prompts are aimed at every sort of visitors who want to learn something from your blog. You can use top 3, 5, 7, or other numbers to describe your guidance ways for readers. For example, you can finish this two prompts like Top 10 Ways to Come Up With Topics or 20 Proven Ways to Come Up With Topics if your blog is about writing.

4 Stages to Gaining … or 3 Steps to Learn …

From the prompts, you can know that they are step by step learning process to acquire something. So you can write down your subjects after “Gaining” or “Learn”, which you want to teach them to your users. So these prompts can be rewritten as 4 Stages to Gaining How to Write a Blog or 3 Steps to Learn How to Write a Blog. Like previous prompts, the number in the prompts can be changed according to your teaching steps.

How to Prevent …

If you often give people some warning tips in your sites, this prompt is for you to come up with a new title by filling in the rest of this prompt with what you want to warn people. How to Prevent Procrastination is a pretty title for bloggers who run psychology websites.

Best Ways to Stay Safe During …

This is also the warning prompt. With added specific words, a complete title is here for writers to give readers suggestions. Taking fire protection sites as an example, you can write Best Ways to Stay Safe During the Fire.

Why You Should Steer Clear of …

Another expression to warn readers is like this, giving them totally new feeling but waning advice as well. So the same topic as the above can be changed as Why You Should Steer Clear of Staying Safe during the Fire.

10 Lies You’ve Been Telling Yourself About…

If we stand at the position of readers, we can easily find out that they are usually interested in topics related to them. So after finishing this prompt, we can see an attractive title like 10 Lies You’ve Been Telling Yourself About why You’re fat.

Are You Worried About …

This prompt focuses on solutions to readers’ worries, like getting fat, having a cold in winter or other worries. So when you run a healthy site, you can write such an article Are You Worried About Having a Cold in Winter to give people advice on keeping healthy in winter.

Best Tips for Creating …

If you are worried about thinking of suggestion titles, Best Tips for Creating … is prepared for you. What you need to do is to put your subject words into this prompt, like Best Tips for Creating Websites is for hosting blogs.

Special Report on What … Think About …

This prompt is of authenticity and authority for readers who look for some report to their matters. As a result, titles like Special Report on What Bill Gates Think About Economy can attract more hits to your sites.

Get … Like … (famous Person)

If you have used up above suggestion prompts, here we offer you a new prompt to give your visitors tips. Moreover, with a famous person in your title, your article has more power to readers. Many words can be filled in, one of which is Get Slim like Anne Hathaway for your gym site.

Increase Your … by …% with….

Adding target thing, percent and subject words respectively to this prompt, you get a new title for your blog. Increase Your Websites by 80% with a VPS is one good example for blogs, selling hosting packages.

For People Who …

The prompt acts as the solution provider too, aimed at desires of website visitors. For People Who Want to Study Piano or For People Who want to Study Guitar are kind of this type.

Fast Relief for …

We also come up with idea starter for topics related to recover loss. Visitors often search fast relief ways to their problems. So you can attract hits via Fast Relief for Over Exercise if you have an exercise blog.

Pros and Cons of …

When you introduce something, you can write them from advantages and disadvantages. Furthermore, this prompt covers almost everything. So you can finish it as Pros and Cons of Exercise or Pros and Cons of Travel Abroad or any topic you want to describe.

Although the above prompts are practically useful for writers or idea starters to come up with new ideas, you should remember that titles still should be less than 10 words otherwise readers will lose their patience to this article. In addition, long titles are not suitable to display in mobile equipment as well. Beyond that, writers should pay attention to interest of titles when keep short titles.

First-aid Measure to Come Up With An Idea

blog-ideaIf the above prompts still cannot meet your requirements and you are anxious for finding new ideas, we have a first-aid measure for you, which is called clustering, simple but effective. Here are steps of running clustering technique:

  • Find a piece of blank paper that you can write on
  • Relax yourself through closing eyes, relaxing mind and keeping your attention on your topics
  • Then write down the first word or phrase in a circle in your mind on the blank paper
  • Then write down the second word or phrase that you think of still in a circle just off your main circle.
  • Repeat this move and get more circles till you come up with new ideas

After these steps, the best result is that some great ideas come out. If not, you can look for other’s support with all kinds of forms, like brain storm meeting. But you should keep it in mind that every idea should be ensured to add to the clusters.

With 20 prompts and cluster skill, coming up with a new idea gets easier than before. So just feel free to have a try, refresh your creativity and get new ideas for your blogs.

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