How to Choose the Best Cloud Storage Solution

cloud_storageBefore safely storing content into the cloud and sharing with others, people have to find a cloud storage solution first. However, there are dozens of cloud storage providers available throughout the market, and they deliver storage solutions at different levels. Which one is the most suitable, and which one is the best? In below, we will introduce several steps to help people know how to choose the best cloud storage solution.

Provider Reputation

High security is one of the most important factors that people choose to use cloud storage, but it is not safe to choose a small company who claim to provide high-quality cloud storage, honestly. Those small companies do not have strong facility and technology backups. If the terrible issues happen to people’s files, they may have no capabilities to take responsibility for it. Then people have to check out the provider’s reputation before signing up with it.

Storage and Upgrade

Different providers integrated different amounts of storage into their solutions, so people need to choose the one who can provide them with plenty of cloud storage. On the other hand, if people are not sure their demands exactly, they have to make sure the provider has very convenient and easy upgrade plan for a smooth and reliable experience.

Customer Base

It will be quite helpful to know the cloud storage providers’ customer bases. Some providers offer special-designed solutions for personals, like JustCloud; while some others such as DropBox and SpiderOak, they specialize in cloud storage for businesses with high security level. As a result, targeting the customer-base aspect will effectively help people choose the suitable cloud storage solution.

Datacenter Facilities

If people store their files in the cloud, they expect to access them at any time. So, cloud storage uptime is also important consideration when choosing the best cloud storage solution. To ensure reliable uptime, providers need to make full use of well-equipped and geographically distributed datacenter facilities. Besides, do not forget to check out other backups like energy supply or cooling system, etc. form their supports.

Encryption and SLA

slaGenerally, there are two main encryption methods. One is that people rely on the encryption handled by the cloud storage providers, and let the providers encrypt their files. Or providers give people personal key encryption to let set and manage encryption keys by themselves. Based on own needs, people can make the right option.

As a very important contract between people and their cloud storage provider, service-level agreement (SLA) cannot be overlooked. If people ignore this, they cannot do anything legally when they get poor or even bad service. In a word, SLA helps people set and build expectation level of cloud storage service.

Customer Support

Cloud storage providers only offer people limited level of access and management, people cannot solve all the issues they confront with. So they have to make sure the chosen provider has very instant and efficient support. Some providers ensure multiple support ways through phone call, email or even live chat, other supports are 24×7 available and can be contacted all the time.

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