How Google’s New SSL / HTTPS Ranking Factor Works

google-ssl-https-secureGoogle has recently launched a new update about the ranking signals to give HTTPS sites a boost in ranking, as webmasters being aware of the fact that Google gives special importance to HTTPS sites. Google launches the update on Wednesday, August for the changes of the web page address. Google opted this update to give a push to motivate the migration of web pages from HTTP to HTTPS. Some of the professional SEO Service providers provide this service from the starting, so they get more benefit this time.

This update basically works with the URL not on a website basis in this Google migrate the entire website from HTTP to HTTPS, but if you will do it at the primary stage then it will be more beneficial to your site. Technically if your URL will be like this, then you will be more privileged than simple URLs. When Google Shifts your website from HTTP to HTTPS, then automatically your address in webmasters changes. But you can’t change that address manually, address doesn’t suit if you change it. It is not compulsory that Google update it normally most probably it will direct your site to 301. A 301 redirect is a permanent redirect of a website from one domain to another domain, but this redirect puts bad impression on your website. Through this Google update webmasters improves the rank on the basis of that only.

How this will show impact on ranking factors?

Google-RankAs shifting your url from http to https, you will see many positive effects. Once you make again backlinks for your website and once they get indexed in google database, then you can see the changes in your website. If you are expecting that your website will come on the first or second position, then forget this. This will surely impact on your rankings, which you can check after redirecting your website from http to https. Also, once you migrate all the website webpage URL to https, try to index all the backlink that you have created for your website so that you will get faster and better results once (google index those pages again in their database.)?

How URL will get affected by https?

Google announced that they will boost those websites which have https inspite of http. And if one of the url of any web page has https and  other do not have https, then google will only boost those web pages that have https. So if anyone wants to get benefited through google rankings, then change every url of your websites to https.  If you will not change any web pages url then you will be able to see the changes on that particular webpage.

Why the change of address tool will not be affected?

If one changes their website address from http to https, then one would use the change of address tool to change the address but for this it will not work. Change of address tool does not work for those who are changing their url from http to https. It is not defined when one can use this tool, but yes, it has been stated that a 301 redirect is the best way to give signals about the change.

How google news publishers can switch to https?

httpGoogle news index differs from the normal google web index. How it differs this is the main concern. Google told that if you make changes from http to https in your website, which is included in the google news index, will have no effect. Just as you would have to migrate your website, google news will get your website pages.

Is this change is related to other algorithms Like Panda?

Earlier it was stated that this update was similar or related to panda algorithm, but Google announced afterwards that this update in not related to any algorithm, it is independent from other algorithms. If you are thinking that it will be same like panda, then forget that thing because it is totally different from any other algorithms.

Why there are SSL errors after this update?

People are saying that after this update they are getting some certificate error by their google webmasters. Google then announced that this is not because of this update and also included that they have sent this certificate error earlier to webmaster before 4 months ago, so this error is totally nor a problem with this update.

So if your launching new domain, then the best thing for you would be to launch it with https instead of http. It will give you fast result as well as better ranking on google. And if you have old website which is running on http, then try to make changes on your website address, migrate it from http to https to see the changes.


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