How Emails can Drive SEO result

seoSEO & Email are both opposite things. Obviously your email id is not being crawled by google and also did not rank by Google. However, if you have a large number of connections, it will help to get ranked in Google. Email id is a very beneficial tool because we can build any traffic orengage our users. If we use email as a tool for enhancing the search engine optimization will surely be more effective but id it is done properly. And to turn email marketing into SEO intuitive we will conclude here three best strategic about it:

How to engage the user via Email:

If you think that you will send 40-50 email to anyone and you think by doing this you will rank by google for any term, then it’s not worthy, because as Google will not keep track of your email sent and received. However, If you have done marketing properly by running campaign for any type of resources, then you cannot only easily attract your users through this campaign, but also build many traffic on your website and for your resource.

emailIf you think by sending email to various users will help you to rank in Google then it’s not beneficial for you but one thing that will surely help you is just sharing some good things and making comments on various other posts will surely help you. By doing this, Google will surely to boost users on your profile and also give rank to you.

Just take one example that if you post some blogs on your website and you share that URL in your Google account or on Facebook, then you might get much traffic on your website and your Google profile as well. This leads to the number of users will be attracted to your website, and you may get likes about the URL that you have been shared amongst your user at the same time.

There are other techniques as well to boost traffic and to be ranked in Google.

  • You can ask for users to give feedback to you or simply, leave a comment for you about the article that you have written.
  • Instead of writing always related to your topic, you can write about any other topic not related to your website so that you can engage your users to share that post and to like that as well.
  • You can share this post which you have shared on Google in various social networking websites so that you can get more likes and your users may share if they find this post is very attractive for them.

How to Drive RSS Feed and to consumption of content:

Rss-feedsEncouraging your users to comments would certainly be very beneficial for SEO effect point of view but if your post gives your subscribers on your content, then there might be great chances to increase more traffic on your website very easily. By doing this, you do not have to depend on your email list to get  hooked. Meanwhile, by getting subscriber you not only get sales, but also gets many subscribers to stay connected to you by your profile or by your post while they are online or whether they are offline, they will always get a notification about this.

There some points to get subscribed to your post:

  • By connecting your blog posts to your email would help you to get many users, but while linking to your email make sure one thing that your blog whoever like that should connect through RSS.
  • On your websites you should give users to subscribe to an email list in order to get weekly or daily updates from a particular section of your website and hence this will helps you to create traffic to your website.
  • You can encourage your users by writing below your post that you can like us on various other social networking websites or you can share our video on YouTube and many other places. This helps to get many users and also you can get much traffic on our website.

By doing these strategies you can boost many users on your websites more effectively.

How Newsletter content is beneficial:

If you think that you can write various useful newsletters and send email to various users then it would be very shameful for us that to do marketing we are sending mail to our users. If you are making good newsletter then that can be reused and can be used a great content for you. There are a number of ways:

  • If you have very long newsletter then you can use that as a blog post by inserting some useful links into it. Once you do that then you can share this on social media websites.
  • If your newsletter is short then you can send this newsletter with a blog so that it will cover both things in a single post.

These are the some basics thing that we have to keep in mind while dealing with our user and to generate great traffic on our website.

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