How CDN Impacts SEO?

CDN or Content delivery Network has a great role to play in the search engine ranking of a website and Google too has admitted this point. Faster page loading is really important as it is the main requirement of visitors who will definitely leave the page if it takes longer to load and will look for other sources to get their valuable information. That is you will lose both visitors and ranking in Google search. So, having CDN server is really needed if you are eager to grow your business like leaps and bounds. However, before discussing the impact of CDN on SEO, we will discuss what is a CDN, so that things become much easier to understand.

What is a CDN and how does it work?


A CDN is a system of server that is distributed throughout the world in order to deliver web pages and other content in no time. That is the main aim of CDN is to quickly deliver large and required contents to the end users without any kind of interruption.

The CDN actually consists of numbers of CDN nodes that are situated in multiple geographic locations over the multiple networks. These CDN nodes connect and work with each other to move the requested content by users transparently to optimize content delivery. The optimizations are content load time, reduce bandwidth, enhances the visibility of content internationally etc. When a request is made by any user, this is routed to the nearest CDN nodes that have a copy of the content. The background involves a mechanism which is used to synchronize the content between the CDN nodes and the source website. And this makes it easy for users to pull out the needed content from the closest CDN nodes thus content loading time is reduced a lot.

Benefits of CDN:

  • Faster loading time of content is especially helpful for the mobile sites.
  • The image compression feature reduces the size of the images to be sent to the users thus saves bandwidth and reduces load time.
  • Session optimization is another thing to be enjoyed in CDN that reduces the open connections in your web server.
  • Minimizes the risk of traffic spikes at origin thus enhances the stability of your website.
  • Helps to scale quickly to manage the heavy traffic in your website
  • Finally improved site performance and great end user experience.

Now after knowing what is a CDN, you need to know the process how CDN works which will make things even clearer to you. CDN has two kinds of implementations mainly, origin pull and POP pull.

Origin pull: In this implementation, the content is pulled from the origin server first and they are delivered to the visitors. You have the opportunity to set a time for how long the caching copy will be available in a CDN node. CDN can automatically tracks the caching copy and then ask you to update once the cache is expired. This kind of pull reduces bandwidth and also the overhead on the web server.

POP Pull: Pop pull also called as ‘Point of Presence’ store all the content persistently in all CDN nodes as a result the content remains available to the international users always. But you need to manually update the content, however, just manage the content at a single place and this will be automatically synchronized to all the CDN nodes.

The impact of CDN on SEO:


CDN is mainly used to enhance the page load time and for faster delivery content which is regarded as one of the main factors in search ranking. But this is not the only thing rather CDN has something more to do with SEO and this is explained here in details.

Along with boosting the rank in search engine CDN also boosts the technical ranking of your website by delivering quality content. CDN can impact the SEO in following ways:

  • CDN ensures that each and every version of your website at different places across globe is identical.
  • CDN makes uses of canonical headers and caching algorithm that actually enhance the ranking in search engine by combating duplicate content issues.
  • The most recent and relevant contents are delivered fast through CDN nodes.
  • The loading time is reduced to a great extent.

With all these, CDN works to reduce the risk of crashing and attack on your website as several servers are located in multiple locations for your website which divide the load time among various servers. That is the impact of CDN on SEO is not a thing to overlook.

So, CDN can perfectly enhance the search ranking of your website thus making sure your website becomes visible to as many as possible to allow you grow your business heavily. Without a good ranking in SEO, it becomes really hard to reach to thousands of customers in no time. Online presence is a must have criteria if you are quite determined to take your business to a different level but with these also keep in mind that unless your site ensures a good ranking in search engine, the dream to reach huge customer base might take bit longer. But with CDN, this can be done correctly in no time.

CDN benefits all kind of sites for web and mobile platform and this is especially recommended to those website owners who have a great number of content in the site and the website is bit complex with great user base from multiple geographic locations.

Now when you have known what is a CDN and its impact on SEO, the final suggestion is to consult a professional before implementing CDN as in case it is done incorrectly, it will have negative effect on the SEO and your site’s usability.


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