Hostwinds VPS Hosting Review

In the following Hostwinds VPS hosting review, we are glad to introduce the coupon Hostwinds offers for its VPS hosting plans and analyze the hosting solution from price value, customer service, and performance to figure out whether Hostwinds is the best VPS hosting provider or not.

Who is Hostwinds

hostwinds logoAs of the establishment in 2010, Hostwinds ( is dedicated to providing customers with a wide variety of price-valued hosting services along with the purpose of changing the overpriced hosting industry. Aside from quality hosting solutions, Hostwinds also strives to remain ahead of the competition by maintaining the highest standards of customer service and client support. Due to these, Hostwinds is praised as one of the best web hosting providers in the market by a growing number of users.

Hostwinds Special Coupon

Hostwinds VPS hosting solution comes with powerful and reliable hosting environment while remaining quite affordable to be hassle-free. The starter price of the hosting solution is $7.50/mo regularly. If customers sign up with a yearly contract, they can save 8% off, making the price low to $6.88/mo.

Hostwinds Promotion
8% OFF

In addition, all Hostwinds VPS hosting plans are covered by a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee. That is, if customers don’t like the service and plan to cancel it, they are entitled to request full refund as long as the cancellation happens within the first 60 days.

Hostwinds VPS Hosting Price Value Review

For meeting different needs, Hostwinds tailors its VPS hosting into five solutions, namely Budget VPS, Premium VPS, Windows VPS, SSD Linux VPS, and SSD Windows VPS. And all Hostwinds VPS hosting solutions are scalable and fully managed by its award-winning support team.

Hostwinds Budget VPS, as the name implies, is the most affordable solution among the five. Incorporating OpenVZ virtualization, Hostwinds Budget VPS is configured with at least 0.5 CPU core, 1GB guaranteed RAM, 1.25GB burstable RAM, 25GB disk space, unmetered transfer in 100Mbps speed, and nightly backups. After discounting, Hostwinds Budget VPS charges from $6.88/mo instead of $7.50/mo normally.

Hostwinds Premium VPS, based on Linux platform, features in greater stability and speed when compared to the budget VPS due to the utilization of KVM virtualization for guaranteed resource isolation. People with this hosting solution can benefit from choice of image, improved App security, and more server resources. Besides, the price is also reasonable that starts at $13.50/mo. For a yearly plan, customers just need to pay with $12.38/mo after discounting.

Hostwinds Windows VPS is designed with the same features and prices as Hostwinds Premium VPS except the operating system of Windows Server 2012 or Windows Server 2008.

Other more, no matter customers sign up with Hostwinds SSD Windows VPS or Hostwinds SSD Linux VPS, their plans can be ensured the latest enterprise grade SSD drives and superior hardware on all hosting nodes. Customers can outfit the configurable VPS servers with up to 8 CPU cores, 35GB RAM, 170GB SSD storage, and unlimited bandwidth with 1000Mbps transfer speed. Likewise, the discounted price of the hosting solution is $12.38/mo rather than $13.50/mo.

From the above, it’s easy to find that Hostwinds VPS hosting is offered abundant features allowing customers to build professional small to medium business websites as required. Importantly, the price is quite reasonable without increasing the financial burden on people. Even when compared with some best managed VPS hosting like InMotion Hosting or DreamHost, Hostwinds doesn’t lose price advantage.

Hostwinds VPS Hosting Performance Review

hostwinds uptimeHostwinds takes the performance of its VPS hosting seriously. The web host not only uses enterprise-grade hardware and infrastructure to optimize web page speeds, but also promises a 99.9% uptime guarantee for all VPS customers.

All Hostwinds VPS hosting server facilities are housed within two world-class data centers located respectively in Dallas and Seattle, which provides Hostwinds customer with disaster recovery options. The web host also enables its customers to keep the traffic being geographically loaded balance between the locations if they wish.

To have a solid foundation for the server hardware, Hostwinds makes sure the data centers are equipped with fully redundancy. Just in the case of its Seattle data center, it uses truly redundant A+B power to assure no single point of failure at the facility. The entire data center is cooled for free using the outside air and baked up by N+1 Chillers thus creating a complete regulated climate environment for all servers and network.

As well, Hostwinds is committed to quality on all levels-never sacrificing to cut corners. To do this, the web host carefully chooses the highest quality hardware available for its configurations, like Intel Xeon CPU’s along with ECC RAM, KVM virtualization, solid state drives and more. There is also a dedicated network that each individual server is connected to two fully redundant uplinks. Along with that is an automatic system to make sure no server could utilize over 75% of uplinks.

More than that, Hostwinds equips recorded video surveillance in every corner of the building, and secures all entrances with check in stations. The Hostwinds Tornato Tracker, an advanced monitoring system native to Hostwinds, makes it possible for the NOC staffs to see all issues affecting any part of the infrastructure from just one central location. And Hostwinds technicians take charge in all VPS server monitoring 24/7, 365 days a year.

Hostwinds Customer Support

hostwinds customerHostwinds goes the extra miles trying to offering the best possible customer service experience for each client. Hostwinds support team is responsible for all VPS server management, hosting account migration, and software updates, etc.

The support staffs are also available for helping customers solve any hosting problems around the clock via telephone, Live Chat, email or ticket. Meanwhile, the hosting company offers an extensive knowledgebase and FAQs for all VPS hosting customers to take advantage of.

Is Hostwinds VPS Hosting Recommended

Yes. Hostwinds VPS hosting does come in various plans in different sizes, based on both Windows and Linux OS to cater to different specification. The speed and uptime of Hostwinds VPS hosting are also reliable. Most importantly, Hostwinds offers very competitive pricing letting customers feel free to go with. Here we strongly recommend Hostwinds VPS hosting to individuals or small to medium-sized businesses to create professional websites with good performance.

If you are looking to know more details about this solution, please visit to find out.

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