Hostmonster VPS Review

hostmonster-vpsEstablished in 1996, Hostmonster ( is one of the best web hosting companies that a large number of businesses and individuals choose to depend on. And it is professional in offering customers quality shared hosting, VPS hosting and dedicated servers to host powerful websites in pretty low prices as well.

Among its a variety of products, we just review its VPS hosting package in this article from price value, reliability, speed and customer support aspects in below to see whether it is worth trusting or not.

High Price Value of Hostmonster VPS

Hostmonster combines rich features and affordable prices together into its VPS hosting package, making it has high price value for all businesses with four VPS plans to select. On top of that, customers will get 1 free domain name, up to quad core, up to 8GB RAM, up to 240 GB disk space, up to 4 TB transfer per month and up to 2 IPs if they host websites at Hostmonster.

Furthermore, Hostmonster VPS hosting provides customers with more ease-of-use cPanel, allowing them to fully administrate their servers, data, websites, emails and more services with the succinct interface. Besides, customers will get root access to Centos to control more. In addition, Hostmonster managed VPS hosting offers immediate provision to customers too.

Apart from above rich features, Hostmonster VPS hosting has price advantages as well that the starting price is only $14.99/mo after discount while it normally need $29.99/mo. More than that, customers will get 50% discount on the first month on its all four VPS plans , saving $15, $30, $45 and $60 respectively, no matter what contract period they choose: 1, 3, 6 or 12 month.

Hostmonster VPS Deal
50% Off

Beyond that, Hostmonster VPS hosting admits Anytime Money-back that customers are allowed to ask their money back in full within the first 30 days and a prorated refund after that time once they are not happy with Hostmonster VPS and cancel their accounts.

Performance Review on Hostmonster VPS

Since the most of customers utilize VPS to host their business websites, so reliability and speed are so important. If their websites meet downtime frequently, they maybe miss deals or even have direct economic loss. With Hostmonster VPS, customers need not to worry that, since Hostmonster uses the first-class datacenters full of power, network and secure measures.

What’s more, Hostmonster has advanced servers as well as cloud technology to deliver the fastest speed to customers. Besides, with KVM and OpenStack techniques, customers will completely utilize resources that they buy and upgrade to higher plans easily if they have such needs.

Support Service of Hostmonster

Hostmonster opens live chat, phone and email support services to customers, via which they will directly contact with Hostmonster world-class supporting technicians about their problems. More than that, these services are for customers in 24 hour a day and 7 day a week based in US.

Additionally, customers will submit a ticket to look for support at Hostmonster online help center, which have knowledgebase, customer forums, tutorials as well as support history, making problems solved easily.

Do we recommend Hostmonster VPS Hosting?

At the end of this review, we strongly recommend Hostmonster VPS hosting to businesses of every size to host websites and develop their careers smoothly because there is no doubt that Hostmonster VPS has such power to help customers build unmatchable websites and win more sells. So try Hostmonster VPS hosting now and get its 50% discount!

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