Hostmonster Review

Hostmonster has been one of the first choice within quite a lot of webmasters before being acquired by EIG in 2011. It has been many years, is it still as good as before? Check out the secret in below Hostmonster review.




Hostmonster review in below will analyze the price value, reliability, ease-of-use, and customer support of Hostmonster.

As one of  the best web hosting industry, Hostmonster has been providing high quality web hosting solution at an affordable price since its foundation in 2005. At Hostmonster, customers can find the Linux-based shared hosting, VPS hosting, and dedicated server, each of which includes every imaginable features and functions people could expect forma web host.

Moreover, Hostmonster specializes in maximum guaranteed uptime, secure backups, highly functional tools and customer satisfaction. Its high quality redundant systems and hosting solutions are perfect for hosting personal blogs and small business websites. Until now, Hostmonster serves tens of thousands of domains as well as websites successfully all over the world.

Hostmonster Special Discount

Hostmonster hosting is considered as one of the cheapest hosting services in the market. There are 3 hosting packages available: Starter, Plus and Business Pro. Regularly, Hostmonster hosting price starts from $5.99/mo. Through this special discount link, all new customers can receive more than 34% off that makes Hostmonster web hosting price start at $3.95/mo.

Hostmonster Exclusive Deal
at $3.95/mo

In order to maintain customers high satisfaction, Hostmonster not only offers very cheap hosting prices, but also guarantees customers friendly Anytime Money Back. If customers try Hostmonster and decide their accounts do not sufficiently address their demands, they are allowed to cancel at any time, then get a full refund within 30 days and a prorated refund after 30 days for the remainder of their web hosting terms.

The promotional pricing is for the first service term only, and the regular rates apply upon renewal.

Hostmonster Review on Price Value

Apart from the cheap hosting prices, Hostmonster provides excellent price value hosting service to its customers. Let’s talk about its Linux shared hosting first. If customers choose Hostmonster shared web hosting service, they will get:

  • 1 free domain, 100 GB disk space, unlimited bandwidth/Month, unlimited MySQL database;
  • support all the popular script languages on Linux, such as PHP, Perl, Python, and Ruby on Rail;
  • at least 100 email box, 3 different webmail (web based email) solutions, POP3/IMAP email supports
  • cPanel and SimpleScripts software installer;
  • free integration with CDN service;
  • $50 Free Google Adword Credit;

If customers have more than one website to create, “Plus” solution is designed for them. With $2/mo more, they could host unlimited domains in one account, and also get benefit from Bluehost global CDN solution.


Hostmonster VPS Hosting

In addition to the high-quality and popular shared hosting, Hostmonster provides customers with advanced VPS hosting services to help them create more powerful websites. With multiple server package options, Hostmonster VPS hosting is based on CentOS 6.5, and it contains at least dual CPU cores, 1 free domain registration, 30GB storage, 2GB RAM, 1 IP address and 1TB bandwidth/mo.

At the same time, Hostmonster makes full use of cloud technology, and customers can also get full root access, instant provisioning, multi-account management, enhanced cPanel control panel and much more. With the plenty of guaranteed server resources and features, Hostmonster VPS hosting service is billed at only $14.99 first month now.

Hostmonster Dedicated Server Hosting

Designed with stable and leading cloud technology, Hostmonster managed dedicated server hosting comes with great rich features and affordable prices. Choosing the Linux dedicated server hosting, customers can use the dula core, 2.3GHz Intel Xeon processor, 3MB cache, 4GB RAM, 500GB space, 5TB data transfer, 3 IPs, root access, mirrored storage, optimized control panel and many others for powering their websites. Hostmonster engineers maintain and monitor the servers all the time to make sure the power customers require is always available. Now, the price of Hostmonster dedicated server hosting starts from $74.99 first month.

Hostmonster Review on Reliability

All Hostmonster hosting service are backed up with a 99.9% uptime guarantee.

Hostmonster state-of-art datacenters are located in Utah which come with UPS power, diesel generators, and multiple 10 gigabit fiber connections to locations all over the world. Hostmonster also build its own servers, have its nationwide fiber network, and build its own custom linux kernel to get better server speed and security.

And the datacenter where customers’ hardware is stored is monitored by a professional security staff 24/7. Working with Hostmonster would free customers out of server maintain effort, and customers could 100% focus on the business. Since all Hostmonster hosting solutions rely on Linux operating system, especially for customers who are looking web hosting for WordPress, Joomla, or Drupal, they can experience one of the fastest, more reliable and more secure running environment.

Hostmonster Review on Ease-of-use

Hostmonster Usability ReviewHostmonster provides its customers with advanced and popular cPanel control panel with ‘XP Revotion’ skin. This icon-based interface is so easy to use.

For both web beginners and professionals, they can use this control panel to make the very easy management. This enhanced cPanel comes with rich useful features, such as: Mail Management, Account & Domain Management, Site Menu functions, Scripts and Stats Management (like SimpleScripts, monitoring the web stats and etc.) and Advanced Menu functions (like Cron jobs, Backups, FrontPage, and SSL). Then there are the convenient cPanel assistants (like Search Engine Submit) and Wizards (like PageWizard and Shopping Cart Gurus). People could easily find what they need from the control panel.

SimpleScripts is the best script installer we have seen so far. People could use this tool to easily set up a site, such as WordPress or Joomla, with some simple clicks, even newbies could get it done in seconds.

Hostmonster Review on Customer Support

hostmonster_supportHostmonser has one of the most professional customer support teams in the industry. They provides the courteous and professional support to all customers, available anytime through a number of venues, such as toll free phone call, live chat support, a complete self-service help center with a comprehensive knowledgebase and an email query ticket system. All those will give its customers great convenience when they need help.

Hostmonster never outsources its services and supports. All Hostmonster engineers and support technicians are 100% in-house and US-based. Generally, they are good at web hosting. We tested its support, and also collected feedback from Hostmonster customers. Majority of them are satisfied with its backup support.

Hostmonster guarantees a less than 2 minutes waiting time when customers seek for help from it.

PHP Friendly Hostmonster Hosting Service

All Hostmonster hosting services come with rich features to support all kinds of PHP based websites, such as WordPress, Drupal, and etc. As their customers, you could find multiple versions of PHP in their service, such as PHP 5.3.x, 5.4.x and 5.5.x, which will free you worry of the compatible issue.

Besides, to make their solutions more friendly PHP developers, Hostmonster also offer:

  • suPHP is enabled to increase security of PHP-based websites;
  • Highly 64 PHP memory-limit provides large capacity to go with multiple web requests of a PHP websites.
  • Hostmonster has installed mod-rewrite module into its Apache server to make web url search engine friendly.


Hostmonster 100% Compatibility for WordPress, Hostmonster shared hosting contains all the needed features to address customers’ different demands. Especially for WordPress users, they can take all the benefits from the core features to get one of the best WordPress hosting experience.

1-Click WordPress Installation

Many personal customers worry about site creation and management, however, Hostmonster offers all of its customers cPanel control panel for free that integrated SimpleScripts 1-click script install for WordPress. By using it, customers cannot only install/upgrade a WordPress website with just few simple clicks when the new version becomes available, but also manage domains, database and the whole website conveniently.

Fast and Reliable WordPress Loading Speed

Hostmonster shares the top-notch datacenters and dual quad processor performance servers with its sister brand Bluehost, one of the most leading hosting companies in the industry. Since it builds and runs datacenters, servers, networks and other facilities itself, so Hostmonster can maximum ensure customers fast and reliable WordPress performance and loading speed. In order to prove it, we made an experiment on Hostmonster.

Here are the test results:

  • A simple WordPress website with 20 to 30 posts no image can be loaded within 0.4s to 0.6s
  • A more complex WordPress website with hundreds of posts and images can be loaded within 0.6s to 0.8s

Hostmonster WordPress-Friendly Supports

For the common issues about WordPress, Hostmonster provides customers with comprehensive online knowledgebase, a direct and convenient way for customers to find useful tutorials, articles and solutions for WordPress.

If customers still cannot solve the problems, Hostmonster professional support team is 24×7 available, and can be easily contacted through telephone, live chat and email.

Hostmonster is Recommended to WordPress

After reviewing, we find that Hostmonster can satisfy customers’ needs with WordPress-friendly features, performance and supports. More importantly, customers can get this great hosting solution at a really affordable price.

With our exclusive Hostmonster coupon, Hostmonster gives customers up to 44% off, making the hosting price at only $3.95/mo. Meanwhile, Hostmonster guarantees a full refund within the first 30 days, and a prorated refund at any time after the period.

Hostmonster offers many exclusive advantages and hosting upgrades, which both individuals and small businesses can take to create successful WordPress websites. To know more information, please visit:


Hostmonster is a good Drupal hosting choice, which tailors 100% compatibility with Drupal. Customers will choose to install any Drupal version from Drupal 6, Drupal 7 and the latest Drupal 8 in MySQL 5 web servers.

Hostmonster Drupal Page Loading Speed

Hostmonster supports Drupal websites through utilizing customized Apache web servers with Dual Quad processors placed in first-class datacenters. So customers will find it is fast to load a page when go to Hostmonster Drupal sites. We have a test to show how fast it is.

Before the test, we install Drupal 7 with cache and choose Drupal Bartik theme as the testing sample.

Two set of data are in below:

  • Case 1: 100 nodes and mainly text.
  • Case 2: 100 nodes and each one contains 3-5 images.

Here are final results:

Home Page Loading Speed Node Loading Speed
Case 1 1.3s~1.5s 1.1s~1.3s
Case 2 1.6s~1.8s 1.3s~1.5s

From the speed testing result, we find out that Hostmonster Drupal hosting is fast indeed.

Hostmonster Drupal One-click Installation

After payment, people will go to their Hostmonster cPanel accounts to use SimpleScripts installer. It is a 1-click Drupal installer, having helped thousands of Drupal users create powerful Drupal websites in an easy way. So with SimpleScripts, people will save much time and energy on respectively complex Drupal installation.

Hostmonster Drupal Support Service

Hostmonster offers people various Drupal support ways. For example, people will communicate with Hostmonster Drupal engineers via phone, live chat and email no matter what time it is. And these engineers are skillful, experienced and professional on Drupal issues.

On top of that, Hostmonster Drupal online help center has lots of Drupal tutorials based on articles, video and guidance. What’s more, user forum is also a good destination for people to discuss Hostmonster Drupal hosting and get useful solutions.

Do We Recommend Hostmonster Drupal Hosting

At the end of this review, we would like to recommend Hostmonster Drupal hosting to people who have desires to create Drupal websites, because Hostmonster is powerful on Drupal hosting with 100% compatibility, fast speed, 1-click installation and excellent support.

Please visit to learn more information about Hostmonster and its web services.


From both personals to the small business owners who expect feature-rich Joomla hosting, they will be satisfied with Hostmonster 100% Joomla compatibility hosting service.

Hostmonster Joomla Page Load Speed

Hostmonster utilizes customized Apache server, dual quad processor performance server, Diesel generator backup power, UPS power & Courtesy site backups as well as 24×7 network monitoring by professional engineers.

To find out how fast and stable Hostmonster can run for Joomla websites, we did experiments by setting a quite complex Joomla site having hundreds of posts with over 5 images per post. Testing result shows that the website will be loaded within just 1.0s to 1.4s.

Hostmonster One-click Installation for Joomla

For both newbies and professionals, Hostmonster offers them maximum convenience for creating Joomla websites. Its hosting solution includes SimpleScripts 1-Click Installs, and customers enable to get the sites up and run with just few simple clicks by using it. Moreover, with cPanel other features, it makes quite easy for Joomla setting up, configuration, updating and etc.

Hostmonster Joomla Support Service

In addition to quality hosting service, Hostmonster specializes in customer satisfaction, and this is also the reason why it provides with 24×7 support services. If customers have Joomla questions at any time, they are allowed to get through Hostmonster technical experts via phone call, live chat and email.

Its Help Center and User Forum have much popular and useful Joomla content and tutorials that can help solve customers’ common issues quickly.

Do We Recommend Hostmonster Joomla?

Hostmonster ensures customers rich and useful Joomla hosting features, fast performance and responsive supports. If customers’ need increase, it has direct, advanced and affordable VPS and dedicated server upgrade options. After reviewing dozens of Joomla hosting providers through the market, we still highly recommend Hostmonster to people.

Please visit: to know more information and checkout the service.

Do We Recommend Hostmonster?

Hostmonster is the Linux hosting expert, and the company offers high price value hosting service to its customers. Even better, its hosting solutions include great advantages such as rich features, 99.9% uptime, affordable prices and more. In general, it is perfect to host personal and small business sites which are built based on PHP & MySQL, such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and more.

If people are looking for the best cheap web hosting for their blogs or websites, then Hostmonster is the right and budget choice for them. To know more about it, please  Check out Hostmonster now, and don’t miss out its 34% off deal.


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