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Has quality of Hostgator service become lower after besing sold to EIG? Check out below Hostgator review, you will whether you still can rely on their hosting service.




HostGator review in the following will check out the price value, hosting performance, ease-of-use, and support service of HostGator.

Since its establishment in 2002, HostGator is one of the fastest growing and remarkable web hosting companies in the United States, and it is also known for offering full range of domain registration, shared hosting, reseller, VPS hosting and dedicated server services. One of its unique advantages is that HostGator gives access to the leading SiteStudio website designer, and this program helps even the web beginners develop their websites in an easy way. Hostgator is one of the top 10 web hosting in the year.

Among its various hosting products, the quality reseller hosting has earned good reputation and vast customer-base for HostGator. The complete solution whereby resellers enable to create their own hosting packages, brands, pricing, and many other has shown that reseller support is outstanding. So far, there are more than 10 thousand reseller available to corporate with HostGator.

HostGator Special Discounts

The hosting price from Hostgator is relatively high when comparing with some other webhosts, However, with using our Hostgator coupon code “Clue25PercentOff“, you can receive up to 25% off, and make the final price to be $5.21/mo. This promotion applies to all of the web hosting solutions, no matter which one customers choose, they will get the special discount.

HostGator Promotion
25% Off

If you want to get VPS hosting or dedicated server, Hostgator is offering 40% off on the first month of your service and make its price to be $11.97/mo and $105/mo respectively.

HostGator is confident customers will be happy and satisfied, and even provides them with a full 45-day money back guarantee to try it out. Once customers cancel the service and their accounts within the first 45 days, HostGator gives them a refund, no question asked. Note that HostGator 45-Day Money Back Guarantee applies to its shared hosting and VPS hosting, the dedicated server hosting is not covered.


HostGator Review on Price Value

As we mentioned above that HostGator offers a wide range of hosting types and services, and the web hosting is available on both Linux and Windows operating systems. In below, we take HostGator Linux shared hosting features as an example to help people figure out its price value. In order to meet customers’ different and growing demands, HostGator provides its shared hosting as three plans: Hatchling Plan, Baby Plan and Business Plan.

HostGator Shared Hosting - Hatchling Plan

The basic plan includes single domain, unlimited space & bandwidth, shared SSL certificate, unlimited sub domains, unlimited FTP accounts, MySQL databases, PHP 5, Perl, Python, Ruby on Rails, SSH, Curl, CPAN, GD Library these programming modules, unlimited POP3 accounts, mail forwarding, auto responders, IMAP & SMTP support and free weebly site builder, website building tools, more than 4,500 templates.

Moreover, there are many optional but valuable features and add-ons that customers can make full use of to make their website more powerful. Such as dedicated IP address, private SSL, up to unlimited parked domains, anonymous FTP and others.


HostGator VPS Hosting

In addition to very cheap prices, HostGator VPS hosting also comes with very rich features. All of the server plans are fully upgradable and customizable. Basically, it contains 0.5 CPU core, 25GB disk space, 500GB bandwdith, 512MB RAM and 2 free IP addresses. Meanwhile, customers can receive unlimited domains, sub domains, email accounts, databases, FTP accounts, full root access, optional cPanel with WHM, unmanaged/managed level options and etc. to make their servers and websites more powerful.

HostGator Dedicated Server Hosting

HostGator provides customers one of the best dedicated server hosting. Apart from the Linux/Windows OS options and plenty of guaranteed server resources, its dedicated server hosting service ensures customers cPanel/Plesk control panel, complete programming & databases, email features and much more.

HostGator Review on Reliability

Customers will get 99.9% uptime from HostGator.

HostGator datacenters located in Dallas, Texas. The Planet is famous for more than 35,000 square feet of raised floor space, and equipped with industry-leading security and cooling systems. This infrastructure comes with DataTrax monitoring software, various TXU electrical grids, and 4800 volts of input power for the whole data center facility.

In addition, powerful servers, a redundant Certified and a completely meshed Cisco Network features with 10 backbone providers, multiple bandwidth providers including ATT, Level (3), NTT, AboveNet as well as various layers of network security measures to ensure full uptime and maximum reliability.

HostGator hosting is wind-powered, climate friendly and green since it invests in Wind Energy to help offset server emission and certified REC’s, also known as Renewable Energy Credits.

HostGator Review on Ease-of-use

HostGator provides with the industry standard, easy-to-use and icon-based control panel: cPanel, which also comes with tons of useful features and tools, including AWStats, Raw Log Manager, Error Logs, instant shopping carts, forums, formmail, password protected directories, custom error pages, and many others used to manage and monitor their websites.

Another features of cPanel is quite great for web newbies who has few knowledge of web hosting. Whether for WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Magento sites, Wiki or other 70+ open-source scripts, the cPanel ensures instantly installation with just a clicks. Hostgator is named as Best Drupal Hosting,  Best WordPress hosting by many open source communities.

Things will go much easier as well, if customers choose HostGator Windows hosting services. HostGator Windows-based hosting plans come with feature-rich and easy to use Plesk control panel and many powerful admin tools that help them manage their hosting accounts, domains, email addresses, install & deploy applications and control the whole websites simply.

HostGator Review on Customer Support

HostGator support service is very comprehensive and friendly. Its support technicians not only offer multiple helpful contact methods, but also ensure very fast response. If customers require instant assistance from the real people, they enable to contact the support technicians through 24/7 toll-free telephone, online chat as well as ticket system.

Moreover, HostGator online knowledge-base and Community Forum contains more than 500 video tutorials and articles. The knowledgebase is not only an indication of the company, but also helps to find solutions to many typical issues. HostGator also have special tutorials category where customers can read the tutorial about the hosting, control panel and etc. If customers confront with common hosting questions, the knowledgebase and community forum are good places to find answers. Its promoted and friendly customer support makes its one of the best small business hosting in the industry.

Hostgator Offers High Quality PHP Hosting

Hostgator is one of the largest web host in the industry for its high quality PHP hosting solutions. Their solutions include very rich features to support PHP & MySQL application well, including WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and etc.

Hostgator install the latest version of php 5.3.x, php 5.4.x, PHP 5.5.x and MySQl 5.1.x in their web servers, with which website could leverage the new enhancement from php and MySQL communities. This multi-version php installation will bring their customers a lot of convenience to avoid all the possible compatibility issue.

The web servers of HostGator are also well-optimized for PHP, for examples:

  • mod_rewrite Apache module is installed to support seo friendly url.
  • PHP memory_limit is set at 64MB, which is good enough to support a complex PHP site with large image processing.
  • PHP run as suPHP for increased security.


The web servers of HostGator are also well-optimized for WordPress.

Fast WordPress Loading Speed

Hostgator offer one of the industry most reliable and fast WordPress Hosting services, but how well they could support a WordPress site? We have setup 2 WordPress sites in Hostgator shared server, one is simple WordPress site with 20 posts no image and the other is complex WordPress site having over 100 posts with rich images (6-7 images per post).

Here is our testing result.

  • For simple WordPress site, WordPress site could be loaded within 1.2s to 1.45s.
  • And for complex site with rich images, it’s around 1.4s~1.65s.

Both of them look perfect.

WordPress Friendly Customer Support

Hostgator engineers are experienced in WordPress, to whom their customers could consult for all kinds of WordPress hosting issues. Besides this, Hostgator have developed a series of video tutorials to guide their customers on how to setup WordPress sites and maintain them in their web servers.

Complete Web Hosting Service

Hostgator offer very complete web hosting services from Shared hosting, VPS hosting, to dedicated servers, with which their customers could upgrade the web server according to the growth of their business.

1-Click WordPress Installation

Hostgator integrate Fantastic into their cPanel, with which their customers could setup a WordPress site by some simple clicks. Setting up a WordPress site is an easy task even for a WordPress newbies.

Is Hostgator Recommended for WordPress

Yes, Hostgator is highly recommended by our editors. As one of the best web hosting in the world, Hostgator provide Shared Hosting, VPS hosting, and dedicated server hosting to meet various WordPress Hosting needs from their customers.


HostGator Drupal hosting far exceeds the minimum requirements for Drupal websites. It is completely compatible with Drupal.

HostGator Drupal Page Loading Speed

HostGator builds secure and reliable hosting environment that will support Drupal websites to run smoothly. We install Drupal 7 with cache to test how fast HostGator Drupal websites could run. Additionally, we select Drupal theme Bartik as our test Drupal theme.

Two sets of data are in below:

  • Case 1: 100 nodes and mainly text.
  • Case 2: 100 nodes and each node consists of 3-5 images.

Here are testing results:

Home Page Loading Speed Node Loading Speed
Case 1 1.5s~1.8s 1.2s~1.5s
Case 2 2.0s~2.2s 1.7s~1.9s

Although HostGator page loading speed is not the fastest, it is fast enough for individual Drupal websites running. Beyond that, 99.9% uptime ensures reliable Drupal websites as well.

1-click Drupal Installation

Drupal Installation is an easy and simple task at HostGator for customers, because HostGator provides them with its own one-click Drupal installer named QuickInstall in cPanel. With it, people will quickly get their Drupal websites installed and actively. On top of that, HostGator will transfer existing Drupal sites of customers with no more charge as well.

HostGator Drupal Customer Support

24/7/365 Drupal tech support is available for people to ask for help at HostGator. Furthermore, HostGator hires and trains a group of first-class Drupal technicians to solve people’s Drupal problems at a short time with friendly and patient attitude.

On top of that, HostGator sets up Help and Support part in its website to help people too, which has a variety of Drupal video tutorials, forums and articles.

Do We Recommend HostGator Drupal Hosting?

HostGator offers customers compatible Drupal hosting with respectively fast speed, one-click installation and effectively support service. So we strongly recommend it to individuals and small-businesses to create feature-rich and well-performed Drupal websites.


HostGator Joomla Page Loading Speed

Apart from 100% Joomla compatibility, a majority of Joomla website builders come to HostGator also because of fast web page loading speed from HostGator Joomla hosting. Generally, HostGator page loading can reach around 1.2s to 1.5s, which is higher than the most of Joomla hosting speeds.

On top of that, HostGator Joomla websites are reliable as well, boosting uptime to highly 99.9%. And fast speed and reliable performance both depend on US-based datacenters with redundant power, multiple network connections and advanced equipments. Moreover, engineers monitor datacenters and servers all the time to ensure that Joomla websites are accessible quickly.

HostGator Joomla One-click Installation

HostGator has its unique one-click installer for Joomla websites called QuickInstall in cPanel control panel. Using this helpful installing tool, no matter whether people are Joomla website veterans or just newbie, they will easily install Joomla into their websites.

So what they need is to go into their cPanels, find QuickInstall and then fulfill a form. After that, Their Joomla websites will be installed automated in a short time. If people are still confused, there are step-by-step tutorials in support center to help them install Joomla.

HostGator Joomla Support Service

24/7 Joomla technical support is available to customers at HostGator, which hires experienced and professional Joomla engineers to answer questions from people friendly and effectively.

Beyond that, there are many Joomla resources in HostGator online help and support center, consisting of video, forums, articles and guidance to make customers know more about Jooomla, Joomla hosting and how to solve Joomla problems when they run their Joomla websites.

Do We Recommend HostGator Joomla Hosting?

After reviewing various aspects of HostGator Joomla hosting, we decide to recommend it to bloggers, individual website owners and small-businesses, since HostGator Joomla hosting is 100% compatible with Joomla and delivers respectively fast web page loading speed. So it is powerful enough to support a common Joomla website.


Known as one of the most leading hosting providers in the industry, HostGator delivers customers a vast array of hosting solutions and tools to take their ideas and business online. From basic shared hosting, building design and tools to advanced VPS and dedicated server hosting, everything customers require is available in HostGator.

In addition to hosting solutions, HostGator does great job on other aspects, like great rich hosting features & resources, 99.9% uptime guarantee, reliable performance and security, 24/7 award-winning support service, as well as its affordable hosting prices. All of these make HostGator one of the best options for people to choose for their websites, HostGator also allows easily transfer and upgrade.

Please visit HostGator to know more details.


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