Host4ASP.NET vs Winhost vs winhostHost4ASP.NET ( is an Internet solution company that devotes all its resources, like human and capital, into Windows hosting design. While similar to Host4ASP.NET, Winhost ( only focuses on Windows hosting solutions as well. And both companies can offer users reliable and affordable Windows web hosting.

In below, we will analyze the feature, price, performance and customer support of Host4ASP.NET and Winhost to distinguish them better for users.

Host4ASP.NET vs Winhost on Hosting Features

Host4ASP.NET has Basic, Advance and Business hosting plans for users, which can host up to unlimited websites. Moreover, users will gain up to unlimited disk space, bandwidth and database too. And Host4ASP.NET provides ASP.NET 1.1, 2, 3.5SP1 and 4.5, multiple ASP.NET MVC versions, IIS 8, Windows 2012, MS SQL 2012, Full Trust Level, enhanced WebSitePanel, etc.

3 Windows hosting plans of Winhost also deliver users with up to unlimited space, data transfer and email boxes. In addition, Winhost utilizes IIS 8 or 7, ASP.NET 2/3.5/4.0/4.5.1, Windows 2012 or 2008, ASP.NET MVC version 1 to 5, MS SQL 2008/2008R2/2012/2014, Full Trust and Medium Trust as well as web-based control panel.

Host4ASP.NET vs Winhost on Pricing

Host4ASP.NET fixes a low price for its Windows hosting, which is competitive in the industry. Users will just spend $2.95/mo at least to use Host4ASP.NET Basic Windows plan, which regularly goes at $6.95/mo. Thus, customers will save 58% off and receive 30-Day Money Back Guarantee to ask for a refund if they happen to unlike Host4ASP.NET Windows hosting solutions.

Host4ASP.NET Windows Hosting
58% Off

However, the starting price of Winhost hosting is a little higher than that of Host4ASP.NET. Winhost entry-level plan regularly charges customers at 4.95/mo and now $3.95/mo for 2-year plan after promotion. So customers can only benefit 20% off from Winhost. Furthermore, Winhost has 30-Day Money Back Guarantee as well.

Winhost Promotion
20% Off

Host4ASP.NET vs Winhost on Performance

Users will host their websites on Dell servers that are well-placed in US-based datacenters if they sign up with Host4ASP.NET. Professional engineers will monitor the datacenter every second and minute, which has dual routers with 300 Gbit/s connectively, room air conditioning systems and redundant power supply. So Host4ASP.NET can guarantee uptime at 99.9%.

While Winhost utilizes 64-bit Dell servers that are also featured with 32 GB RAM, dual quad core and RAID-10 disk arrays. More than that, Winhost selects the datacenter that is close to its office and is equipped with UPS system, firewall protection as well as 24/7 server monitoring. So once there is any problem, Winhost engineers can go to the datacenter immediately and fix it fast.

Host4ASP.NET vs Winhost on Customer Support

Host4ASP.NET technical support is awesome and award-winning, which is available to access for 24 hours a day including weekends and holidays. What’s more, if people have any question, they will be supported by Host4ASP.NET first-class supporting team via convenient live chat and ticket system. Knowledgebase and Blog are also for people to get answers and information.

Winhost just offers customers 24/7 Support Portal, through which they can communicate with Winhost Billing and Technical Support staffs. But Winhost control panel login credentials are required to log in the Support Portal. Additionally, Winhost has knowledgebase and forum for customers to search resources.


Through the comparison between Host4ASP.NET and Winhost, it is clear to see that both providers have similar Windows hosting solutions, of which features are without many differences. But Host4ASP.NET hosting has a lower price, more convenient customer support and better performance. So between the two, we prefer recommending Host4ASP.NET to users.

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