Host4ASP.NET vs DiscountASP.NET

HOST4ASPNET-VS-DISCOUNTASPNETHost4ASP.NET ( is considered as one of the most fastest-growing ASP.NET hosting providers in the industry; DiscountASP.NET ( is known as Microsoft Certificated Gold Partner. Both of them specialize in and deliver customers reliable ASP.NET hosting services. Which one has higher price value, and is better for people to choose to build ASP.NET websites?

In the following Host4ASP.NET vs DiscountASP.NET, we will compare them from ASP.NET feature, price, reliability as well as support aspects to figure out.

Host4ASP.NET vs DiscountASP.NET on Features

Compared to DiscountASP.NET service comes with just one single solution, Host4ASP.NET hosting service is divided into three solutions that include different guaranteed resources and features to meet customers’ different demands. Generally, both of them ensure feature-rich ASP.NET hosting solutions.

Host4ASP.NET offers up to unlimited websites, disk space, bandwidth, MSSQL 2012 & MySQL 5, ASP.NET 2, 3.5SP1, 4.5, ASP.NET MVC 3,4,5, multiple PHP versions, Zend Optimizer, remote access to MSSQL databases, optional SSD features and more. Host4ASP.NET solution integrated friendly WebSitePanel control panel, along with various 1-click installations to help customers setup and make management easily.

If people choose DiscountASP.NET service, they can get Windows 2012 or 2008 options, 1000MB disk space and 80GB bandwidth per month resources, FTP access, classic ASP, full trust allowed, ASP.NET MVC 5, isolated application pool, self-developed control panel with dozens of useful and valuable features.

Host4ASP.NET vs DiscountASP.NET on Prices

Host4ASP.NET can be considered as the cheapest ASP.NET hosting services. It applies to yearly, 2-year and 3 year billing cycles, and its price starts at $6.95/mo regularly. Through this promotion link, all new customers can receive up to 58% off, making this feature-rich ASP.NET hosting price from only $2.95/mo.

Host4ASP.NET ASP.NET Hosting
58% Off

The regular price of DiscountASP.NET charges at $10/mo, and customers enable to choose from yearly and quarterly plans. If they sign up with yearly plan, DiscountASP.NET gives them 3 months free, and that makes the service price at $7.5/mo.

DiscountASP.NET Exclusive Deal
3 Months Free

Once customers are not satisfied with their ASP.NET hosting services, both Host4ASP.NET and DiscountASP.NET guarantee money back within the first 30 days.

Host4ASP.NET vs DiscountASP.NET on Reliability

By making full use of multiple industry-leading SAS 70 Type II certified datacenter facilities, which feature with completely redundant power supply, backup generators, UPS, and stable network environment, Host4ASP.NET can ensure 99.9% uptime. Besides, with the backups of some other cutting-edge technologies and components, customers can also get fast ASP.NET hosting speed.

DiscountASP.NET hosts its webservers in two advanced Tier 1 datacenters located in California, US and UK, Europe, so customers can have option from the two datacenter locations. Moreover, DiscountASP.NET uses Dell Poweredge servers and some other powerful hardware to deliver one of the most reliable and smooth ASP.NET hosting experience.

Host4ASP.NET vs DiscountASP.NET on Support

In terms of customer support factor, Host4ASP.NET is friendlier than DiscountASP.NET. If customer have trouble with its service, DiscountASP.NET only provides them with 24/7 email and Support Portal supports.

As for Host4ASP.NET, all of its support employees know the knowledge of ASP.NET hosting very well. In addition to standard email method, Host4ASP.NET offers the most effective live chat way to help customers solve issues.


In fact, two of the companies are good choices for ASP.NET hosting. However, Host4ASP.NET has higher price value and more reliable customer support. At only $2.95/mo, people can get one of the most quality ASP.NET hosting solutions to create websites easily and conveniently. To find out more information, please visit: or check out Host4ASP.NET Review. 1

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