Host4ASP.NET vs 1and1

Host4ASP.NET and 1and1 are two Windows hosting providers while 1and1 has Linux hosting solutions for customers as well. Besides products, 1and1 was established earlier in Germany and Host4ASP.NET has grown fast into a reliable web host within a shorter time.

In this post Host4ASP.NET vs 1and1, our editor will compare features, prices, performance, and customer support based on Windows hosting that Host4ASP.NET and 1and1 both offer.

Host4ASP.NET vs 1and1 on Windows Hosting Features

Host4ASP.NET and 1and1 design Windows hosting based on shared servers and virtual private servers. Also, 1and1 provides dedicated server solutions on Windows platform.

From their shared hosting packages, we check more features in Host4ASP.NET Windows shared hosting and Host4ASP.NET deploys the latest Windows features like ASP.NET 5 and MVC 6.

In total, Host4ASP.NET tailors 3 shared hosting packages based on Windows server 2012 R2. Moreover, it gives 256 MB minimum site memory, full trust and isolated application pools with integrated and classic pool modes. Besides, Host4ASP.NET supports the latest SQL 2014, MVC 6, ASP.NET 5 and Silverlight 5 as well as their older versions. Classic ASP, Node,js, CGI, PHP, Perl, URLRewrite, etc. are included too.

1and1 also offers 3 shared Windows hosting packages, in which MS SQL 2012 databases and .NET framework are the foundation. Besides, 1and1 support MVC 3/4, AJAX, LINQ, Perl, PHP, SSI and dedicated pools. Furthermore, the company offers many unlimited resources like webspace, data transfer and websites.

In terms of the control panel, 1and1 engineers have designed 1and1 control panel while Host4ASP.NET gives its customers WebSitePanel, which is one of easiest to use control panels for Windows hosting in the world.

Host4ASP.NET vs 1and1 on Windows Hosting Prices

Aimed at different hosting packages, Host4ASP.NET offers different discounts that are up to 43% off. The Basic package is at $4.95/mo regularly and after discounted, this package charges at $2.95/mo. The other 2 packages are promotional respectively at $3.95/mo and $9.95/mo.

Host4ASP.NET Exclusive Deal
43% Off

1and1 Windows hosting packages are so cheap that set at $0.99/mo, $4.99/mo and $9.99/mo respectively. However, the original price starts at $6.99/mo. So, people will save more than 70% off on 1and1 Windows hosting.

1and1 Windows Hosting
70% Off

Host4ASP.NET and 1and1 are 2 web hosts with 30 days money back guarantee. If people are not satisfied after purchased, they can ask for a refund.

Host4ASP.NET vs 1and1 on Reliability

Websites hosted at Host4ASP.NET will have the more stable performance than websites hosted at 1and1. From the following review on their datacenters, network, hardware, etc, readers will know the reasons.

1and1 has more than 70 thousand servers in 7 datacenters based in America and Europe. So far, 1and1 has hosted over 19 million domains on these servers, only some of which are configured for Windows hosting solutions. There are multiple network connections to servers, however, the connectivity is slow at 65 Gbit/s.

Host4ASP.NET utilizes SAS 70 Type II certified datacenters in the United States and Hong Kong. Furthermore, the company also utilizes top level servers 100% from Dell. As for network, multiple-level network architecture serves with 300 Gbit/s network connectivity. A team with Cisco certificated members is responsible for monitoring. So, Host4ASP.NET guarantees 99.9% uptime.

Host4ASP.NET vs 1and1 on Customer Support

Host4ASP.NET provides customers with technical support via email and live chat. Its support team that responds chats and emails works for 24 hours a day. If people want to self-help resources, they can go to its knowledgebase or blog.

1and1 chooses phone and email as its support ways. Likewise, people will use these 2 ways and get contact with 1and1 anytime. Its self-help information is at its help center that contains resources on domains, websites, servers, email, security, ecommerce, etc.


Host4ASP.NET fully uses the latest MS technology, Dell servers, top datacenters, convenient support and much more. However, 1and1 is not as good as Host4ASP.NET on these aspects but 1and1 Windows hosting is much cheaper. One cheap hosting with low performance will bring many problems after website created. So, in terms of Windows hosting, we recommend people to work with Host4ASP.NET that are also affordable from $2.95/mo.

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