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Host28 and GoDaddy are two leading and famous hosting companies available in the industry. If people have idea about how to make the right decision between Host28 and GoDaddy, the following Host28 vs GoDaddy will help them out. In this article, we would review the hosting features, prices, reliabilities, speed performances and customer support services of Host28 and GoDaddy respectively.

Since its foundation in 2001, Host28 ( has been offering reliable, fast and cheap shared hosting service. Based on Linux operating system only, Host28 high quality hosting service now powers thousands of personal and business websites successfully.

GoDaddy ( is known as the biggest domain name registrar around the world. Additionally, it provides full range of hosting products and online services as well. GoDaddy has 14 facilities and serves over 13 million customers worldwide.

Host28 vs GoDaddy on Hosting Features

Host28 focuses on Linux-based shared hosting, while GoDaddy offers shared hosting, VPS hosting and dedicated server hosting. And all GoDaddy hosting services are available on both Linux as well as Windows platform. Both of their hosting services come with multiple plans that offer customers different amounts of guaranteed features and resources.

For this part, we compare Host28 and GoDaddy Linux shared hosting features to find out which one is more feature-rich. Meanwhile, customers can take both their hosting features and prices into consideration, and choose the one with higher price value.

Host28 has Basic, Advance and Business 3 hosting plans, and all of them are featured with free SSD to ensure 20x faster speed. Basically, Host28 provides customers with 100GB disk space, unlimited bandwidth per month, 1 domain allowed, 1 MySQL database, 50 email addresses, 500MB email storage per account, shared SSL, 30 sub domains and 10 parked domains. Host28 allows customers to upgrade all of these resources to unlimited if their needs and websites grow.


No matter which hosting plan they choose, customers will also be offered complete and useful email, development and maintains features, such as SMTP/POP3/IMAP, auto responder, webmail, PHP 5.2/5.3/5.4/5.5, Perl, Ruby, Python, MySQL 5 & PostgreSQL 9.1, phpMyAdmin, SSH/SFTP, cron job, FTP and much more.

Host28 hosting is easy to use. Both web beginners and professionals can take advantages of its enhanced cPanel and Softaculous 1-click installer. With these tools, customers cannot only install, upgrade and configure their applications, but also make easy and secure management of the whole websites.

As for GoDaddy entry-level Economy Plan, it contains 100GB storage, unlimited data transfer, 1 website hosted, 100 email accounts, 100MB total email storage, free domain name with yearly package, 10 MySQL databases, 50 FTP logins, 25 sub domains, CloudLinux, POP3/IMAP/SMTP, multiple PHP versions, Perl, Python and etc.

Greatly, GoDaddy web hosting has cPanel and 1-click install of over 125 free applications integration. It will help customers build and manage their applications and websites easily and conveniently.

In terms of hosting feature aspect, it is quite easy to see that Host28 offers richer and more valuable hosting features than GoDaddy Linux web hosting service.

Host28 vs GoDaddy on Hosting Prices

Host28 offers customers one of the cheapest web hosting services to help them save a lot. Regularly, Host28 hosting price is billed at $5.99/mo, and the web host allows very flexible and customer-friendly billing cycle options: 1 month, 6 months, 1 year, 2 years and 3 years. By clicking this Host28 Promotion link, customers will receive up to 58% off and get its feature-rich hosting plan at only $2.49/mo.

Host28 Exclusive Promotion
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GoDaddy web hosting price starts from $6.99/mo, and customers can choose to pay monthly or yearly. If they sign up with long-term service, GoDaddy will offer them up to 42% off to make its hosting price from $3.99/mo. Likewise, GoDaddy hosting service is also affordable.

GoDaddy Promotion
42% Off

If customers are not happy with their hosting service, Host28 and GoDaddy guarantee their customers 30 days money back and 45 days money back respectively. Generally, both of their money back policies are friendly and reliable.

Host28 vs GoDaddy on Hosting Reliabilities

Host28 specializes in Linux shared hosting service, and it makes great efforts on delivering customers fast and secure hosting performance. To maintain at least 99.9% uptime guarantee, Host28 utilizes top-leading US based datacenter which features with UPS, N+1 generator, complete power supply system, redundant infrastructures, certified engineers and more.

All of its servers are 100% Dell servers coming with 32GB+ RAM, RAID 5 with SSD, BGP connection and other powerful components. Moreover, Host28 hosting integrates CloudFlare CDN feature. All these features, facilities and technologies work to ensure customers blazing fast hosting speed.

GoDaddy has plenty of server resources including memory, CPU, I/O and entry processes at ready for when customers require them. Along with its 24/7 security monitoring and DDoS protection, GoDaddy offers customers 99.9% uptime guarantee. However, we cannot find any information about its datacenter location or server configuration. Based on some customers’ feedback and comments, GoDaddy hosting speed can be slow sometimes.

Host28 vs GoDaddy on Customer Supports

Customer satisfaction is always the first consideration of Host28. Its online knowledgebase includes tons of articles and tutorials about web hosting, domain name, FTP, email and control panel. Customers can find the right answers here, or they can contact Host28 skillful technicians directly. Through 24/7 live chat and email support, their problems would be resolved quickly.

GoDaddy support service is available through 24/7 telephone and email methods. Similarly, its Help Center contains rich resources of web hosting.

Host28 offers live chat way, and its support technicians are more professional and patient. If customers require high quality support service, Host28 support is more helpful and effective than GoDaddy.

Which One is Better?

In terms of Linux shared hosting service, Host28 is definitely the better one that we high recommend. Compared to GoDaddy Linux hosting, Host28 provides customers with free SSD, CDN integration, richer hosting features, faster speed performance and more reliable support service.

With its latest promotion, Host28 hosting service charges at cheaper prices than GoDaddy. It is quite good for creating personal blogs and small business websites. Please visit: to know more, and take advantages of its 58% off.


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