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Industry only 300% Green Hosting solution. With GreenGeeks, you will see leveraging Green technology won't lower the performance of a website, and the price is also quite affordable.




GreenGeeks review in the following would analyze their price value, uptime & performance, usability as well as customer support.

Founded in 2008, GreenGeeks is one of the most well-known web hosts who claims to offer “300% green hosting”. With years’ development, the company has grown into the largest green hosting provider in North America, and are proudly serving more than 200,000 websites around the world.

What differentiates GreenGeeks the other web hosts is their focusing on open source CMS hosting, including WordPress, Drupal, Joomla and etc, and build the best PHP hosting for their customers. As the result, GreenGeeks is considered and chosen as the official web hosting company for the “Drupal for Dummies” book.

The management and operation team of GreenGeeks consists of hosting professionals who have over 10+ years working experience in the hosting market. So, it understands the customers’ requirements for excellent service and 100% commit to its customer service standards.

GreenGeeks Special Discount

Normally, green hosting is more expensive than traditional hosting as it needs to compensate for CO2 itssystem has omitted. But from GreenGeeks, people will find Green hosting could be affordable. The list price of GreenGeeks hosting is $9.95/mo, and it is further cutting 60% off the bill, which makes the price low to $3.96/mo. With this affordable discount price, customers could build a site with no negative impact on the environment, actually they reverse it.

GreenGeeks Promotion
60% Off

Greengeeks guarantees 30 days money back that customers enable to request a full refund within the first 30 days if they are not satisfied with GreenGeeks 300% green hosting service . And this is definitely one of the highest price-value hosting solutions customers can find in the industry. Check out GreenGeeks coupon to know all their deals.

GreenGeeks Review on Price Value

GreenGeeks has Linux-based shared hosting, VPS hosting, reseller hosting and dedicated server hosting services. For people who need a completely loaded hosting solution on a budget, it provides with everything people require for building their websites.

Unlimited Shared Web Hosting

For example, the basic resource of GreenGeeks shared hosting solution includes unlimited RAID-10 & SSD-powered web space, unlimited bandwidth, free domain registration for life, free site migration, drag-and-drop website builder, secure IMAP email support, forwarding email account, autoresponder, SSH access and etc. Meanwhile, GreenGeeks hosting also supports the Scripts like PHP, Python, and Perl.


VPS Hosting with SSD and cPanel/WHM

Also powered by 300% renewable energy, GreenGeeks VPS hosting comes with multiple server packages containing different amounts of guaranteed resources, features and tools. Its basic server package provides customers with 4 CPU cores, 1GB RAM, 25GB SSD RAID-10 storage and 1000GB premium bandwidth. Besides, GreenGeeks ensures free domain reseller account, free migration service, free nightly backup and free but quick provision. Usually, customers’ VPS will be ready to use within 60 seconds. Since GreenGeeks allows monthly billing cycle, it is quite safe to try the VPS hosting. GreenGeeks VPS hosting price starts from $39.95/mo.

GreenGeeks Dedicated Server Hosting

All GreenGeeks dedicated servers utilize Server-grade Intel precessors, hard drives, memory and equipment. Its Entry Server offers Intel Atom 330 Dual Core, 2GB DDR 3 memory, 1x500GB SATA drive, 5 IP addresses as well as 10,000GB transfer. Its dedicated servers are offset 300% by wind energy making them green. GreenGeeks dedicated server hosting service charge at $169/mo, if businesses or enterprises are interested in, they can call or chat with GreenGeeks sales team at any time.

GreenGeeks Review on Uptime & Performance

Hosting uptime and performance is one of the most important considerations for customers, and GreenGeeks keeps this in mind. In order to deliver customers high performance hosting service, Greengeeks makes full use of multiple state-of-the-art SAS 70 Type 1 certified datacenter facilities, located in Chicago, US, Phoenix, US, Toronto, CA and Amsterdam, NL. All of these facilities feature with complete climate control system, UPS, generators and other components.

All Greengeeks servers are based on Supermicro rackmountable servers, and these dual-quad core frontend servers are equipped with at least 16 cores Intel Xeon processors, Minimum 24 GB DDR3 Memory and RAID-10 fast storage. All of them are well designed and optimized for those popular php applications, including WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and etc. GreenGeeks servers have SSD integrated. It’s fast and reliable.

Besides, GreenGeeks has access to many major and leading bandwidth providers. Its network is routed by the top-of-the-line Juniper edge routers and aggregated through Juniper & Cisco switches, ensuring redundant all the way.

Along with other highlights like multi-gigabit connection, 24/7 monitoring, CloudFlare CDN integration, account isolation, built-in PHP caching/hot data storage caching and courtesy nightly backups free service for all the data, GreenGeeks guarantees 99.9% uptime.

GreenGeeks Review on Ease-of-use

GreenGeeks provides its customer with cPanel, the world’s most popular icon-based control panel which will helps managing the files, FTP account, email account, database, and Domain easily with almost no learning curve. No matter for beginners or web professionals, they can take advantages of the 1-click installation tool, and gain access to more than 150 ready to install applications & software. Generally, customers are able to make a WordPress, Joomla or Drupal site up, run or update with few simple clicks.

For skilled webmasters, shell access is also available if they need more control on your server. Besides, GreenGeeks allow its customers to change the value of php memory_limit to any number, which could bring a lot of convenience to the webmaster whose sites need a large memory.

GreenGeeks Review on Customer Support

order-sidenav-profileGreengeeks provides world-class support for its customers with multiple methods. Firstly, the support team can be easily contacted through phone call: 1-877-326-7483 (Mon-Fri: 9 am to 12 am EST and Sat-Sun: 9 am to 8 pm EST), 24/7 live chat and email, when customers need hosting assistance.

Secondly, GreenGeeks support technicians will respond as quickly as they could, within 2-10 minutes averagely. Noted that the customer service is provided by skilled US employees - GreenGeeks never ever outsources its customer support!

If people confront with some common issues, GreenGeeks develops very comprehensive Online Knowledgebase for them that could answer most of questions. Customers can search for FAQs, tutorials, articles as well as solutions conveniently. Meanwhile, GreenGeeks Video Tutorials allows customers to watch step-by-step video tutorials on more than 100 topics.

Optimized Hosting Solutions for WordPress, Drupal and Joomla

GreenGeeks is a leader in Opensource CMS hosting, which includes WordPress, Drupal  and Joomla, especially for Drupal, GreenGeeks have a very good reputation in Drupal webmasters community. In below, we will review how well your PHP&MySQL based CMS could run in their web servers.

First, in GreenGeeks server, all below features are included so that almost all PHP & MySQL application could run smoothly.

  • The latest and secure versions of Apache, MySQL 5 Database, and dual version of PHP (both 5.2.x and 5.3.x)
  • suPHP for increased security of website
  • Better SEO support – GreenGeeks hosting come with mod_rewrite by default and .htaccess is enabled in customers’ hosting account.
  • GreenGeeks hosting account is tenant isolation, which can prevent others from affecting customers’ site.


GreenGeeks WordPress hosting exceeds the minimum requirements for WordPress, and it is always adding new features, improving what it already has to offer outstanding WordPress deals to customers. Hosting WordPress website with GreenGeeks would be trouble-less.

GreenGeeks WordPress Review on Speed

At GreenGeeks, customers can get the best WordPress performance anywhere.

GreenGeeks robust energy efficient servers are all equipped with 24GB DDR3 RAM, Intel Dual Quad Core processors, large RAID-10 storage arrays for maximum redundancy & performance along with Gigabit connectivity to its switches.

These infrastructures are fast and well capable of providing high speed WordPress hosting. Below is the speed testing we have done on GreenGeeks Shared hosting against WordPress, from which you could find its page loading time is lower than 1.5 second in US, and lower than 2 second outside the continent.

Easy to Manage WordPress on GreenGeeks

It’s really easy to manage WordPress with GreenGeeks. The company offers cPanel, the industry standard control panel, from which customers can easily upload/download file, maintain MySQL database and use 1-click WordPress installer to create a WordPress with some simple clicks.

Besides, GreenGeeks cPanel come with free website WordPress traffic statistics tool to help its customers know the traffic status clearly.

GreenGeeks WordPress Friendly Customer Service

Compared to many other hosting companies, the support staffs of GreenGeeks are all good at WordPress. They can be connected by 24/7 phone call, live chat, and email, and could help customers solve WordPress-related hosting?problems quickly and efficiently.

In addition, GreenGeeks also provides free WordPress website transfer for its customers: free database move, free file transfer, no hassles and downtime. ?And if customers feel uncomfortable with GreenGeeks WordPress hosting, they can request full money back within 30 days.

Whether GreenGeeks recommended for WordPress?

As one of the top 10 web hosting in the industry, GreenGeeks is highly recommended for WordPress due to its rich WordPress features, fast running speed, WordPress friendly support staff, and affordable price. No matter customers are about to start a new WordPress site for a personal blog or WordPress-based business, or want to transfer their WordPress site from other hosts, they would never regret choosing GreenGeeks.


In here, we will analyze how well GreenGeeks could support Drupal, and why it’s the best web hosting for Drupal in this year.

GreenGreek offers hosting solutions which is 100% compatible with both Drupal 6, Drupal 7 and Drupal 8. It’s also included Drush if you want to run Drupal scripts in command line.

Active Participant of Drupal Community

drupal-associatedGreenGeeks is an active participant in Drupal community.

It has been the proud sponsor of DrupalCon events since 2009. Its servers was chosen as the official hosting for the “Drupal for Dummies” book. You could also see its CEO or chief engineer show up in Drupal forum to answers there.

With this level of involvement in Drupal community, GreenGeeks is definitely in a better position to know what are happening about Drupal, and what improvement should be made on its servers to accommodate new Drupal hosting requirement.

1-click Drupal Installation

GreenGeeks integrate Fantastico into their cPanel so that its customers could setup a Drupal site with some simple clicks, this might not be necessary for experienced Drupaler, but will be very help for a Drupal beginner.

Drupal-Friendly Customer Support

GreenGeeks engineers have a lot of passion on Drupal, they know almost all Drupal related hosting issues and provide professional answer. Besides this, they have developed a series of guides on how to maintain a Drupal site in their web servers.

Eco-friendly Hosting

eco-friendlyGreenGeeks is the only web host in the industry who claims for 300% green. It does all the best to reduce energy consumption in business operation, it also purchases wind energy credit to compensate for 3 times the amount of energy used by its servers.

You might be able to find a better web hosting than GreenGeeks, but it’s would be hard to find a web host who takes Drupal so serious in their business, and what’s more, it’s eco-friendly.

If you need a Drupal hosting from GreenGeeks now, don’t forget to claim for its 50% off deal.


GreenGeeks is one of the top web hosting the industry for offering 100% Joomla compatibility hosting, especially perfectly utilization of Joomla 2.x and Joomla 3.x.

Fast Page Loading Speed

GreenGeeks utilizes US-based datacenters, in which RAID-10 MySQL servers, UPS system, Juniper and Cisco switches, 24/7 monitoring and more high-end facilities serves for GreenGeeks Joomla websites.

So from lots customer reviews and our testing on GreenGeeks Joomla hosting, we find out that GreenGeeks Joomla websites runs really fast. It only costs around 1.0s to 1.3s to load a web page if people host their Joomla websites at GreenGeeks. Besides fast speed, GreenGeeks also ensures much high uptime to maintain reliable Joomla websites.

GreenGeeks Joomla One-click Installation

Customers will get auto one-click Joomla installation for free. And GreenGeeks provides them with one-click installer tools like Fantastico and Softaculous in cPanel to install Joomla easily. If people are veteran in Joomla websites and want to install customizable Joomla websites by themselves, they can also choose to manually install Joomla.

GreenGeeks Joomla Support

As an experienced Joomla hosting provider, GreenGeeks offers quality Joomla hosting as well as award-winning Joomla support for customers. Its Joomla engineers are skilled to deal with Joomla problems within a short time for 24 hours a day via phone call, live chat and email ways.

Beyond that, GreenGeeks opens a Joomla support center at GreenGeeks site for every person, which consists of helpful Joomla using guidance and video tutorials.

Do We Recommend GreenGeeks Joomla Hosting?

With 100% Joomla compatibility, fast page loading speed, one-click installation and award-winning support, GreenGeeks Joomla hosting is surely a great option to purchase and be fully used for customers to run Joomla websites.

On top of that, GreenGeeks Joomla hosting price only starts at $3.96/mo with GreenGeeks coupon if customers pay for 3-year billing term. In addition, customers will also get 30-Day Money-back Guarantee to decrease the risk. Once they are unhappy with GreenGeeks Joomla hosting, they will ask full money back within the guaranteed period 30 days.

Please visit to know more.


There are some web hosting companies available in the industry that offer customers green hosting services, but GreenGeeks is the best one. Its 300% green hosting solution contains great rich features to help people create powerful websites, such as free domain, solid state drives, enhanced cPanel, one-click install tool, secure email accounts and etc. All of them are useful and valuable.

By taking advantages of world-class infrastructures and technologies, GreenGeeks can make sure 99.9% uptime and fast speed performance, and deliver them one of the best hosting experiences.

Apart from feature-rich hosting solutions and reliable performance, GreenGeeks hosting price has been always considered as one of the cheapest throughout the market, at only $3.96/mo and with 30-Day Full Money Back Guarantee included. For any question about the company or its hosting service, GreenGeeks support technicians are 24/7 available to offer assistance. In general, all of these benefits make GreenGeeks green hosting an excellent option for people to create personal as well as business websites.

To know more information about GreenGeeks and its hosting services, please visit GreenGeeks.

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  1. I’ve used 5 different hosting companies for shared hosting service of Drupal 7 websites. I’ve started to move all of my drupal sites to Green Geeks because they have the BEST Tech Support. They never tell me that I need to contact my application admin (which the others all say when you have a tough issue) they work with me until the issue is resolved. I put them to the test a couple of weeks ago when I was receiving an AJAX HTTP error when I would try to update nodes, modules and releases - everything was giving me this error. I tried everything (and other support sites) recommended - nothing worked. They found the issue and fixed it. I’ve been moving all of my sites to GG!

    • It’s no surprised that you are happy with GreenGeeks when hosting Drupal them. They have a team know Drupal well, that’s why they could help solving Drupal-related issue, which you cannot get from the other web hosts. Check out our review of Best Drupal Hosting, it’s on the list.

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