GreenGeeks Offer Free CloudFlare Service Now

GreenGeeks thrilled to declare their collaboration with CloudFlare, a web performance and protection company.

Cloudflare is a content delivery network and distributed domain name server service and their mission is simple: they’ll make any website twice as quick and protected from broad ranges of web threats. CloudFlare enables you for any website to be as quick and protected as the Internet goliaths. To suit completely in line with what we’re always attempting to provide to our clients.

Today, numerous websites—ranging from personal blogs to business sites and from the sites of Fortune 500 companies to national government sites—make use of CloudFlare to speed up their sites and make them more secure. CloudFlare powers more than 65 billion monthly page views—more than Amazon, Twitter, Wikipedia,  Apple, PayPal, Zynga, AOL, eBay, Bing and Instagram combined—and over 25% of the Internet’s consistently goes through our network.

Experience Faster Performance

CloudFlare is developed to take excellent web hosting by GreenGeeks and makes it even better. They run 23 data centers facilities situated near commercial establishments all over the globe. When you stimulate CloudFlare, GreenGeeks will instantly start redirecting traffic to one of the closest data centers.

When your traffic gets past the data centers, CloudFlare wisely determine what areas of your website are static vs dynamic. And the static sections are cached on our servers for a few months, generally less than 2 hours before we check to see if they’ve been modified. By automatically moving the static areas of your website nearer to your guests, the general performance of your website increases significantly.

CloudFlare’s brilliant caching system also indicates you save bandwidth, which indicates saving cash, and reduces the amount of computing resources your site requires, which indicates your web application will run quicker and more effectively than ever. Normally, CloudFlare customers see a 60% loss of bandwidth usage and a 65% in total needs to their hosting account. The overall effect is that CloudFlare will generally cut the load time for your webpages by 50% which indicates higher engagement and more happy guests.

Better Web Security

Over the course of 2011, CloudFlare determined an improvement of 700% in the distributed denial of service attacks (DDoS); tracked online (see the data below). As attacks like this increase, CloudFlare is getting up to secure websites.

CloudFlare’s protection rights offer a wide range of rights against strikes such as DDoS, hacking or junk posted to a blog or forums. What is powerful about their approach is that the system gets wiser as more sites are part of the CloudFlare community. They evaluate the traffic patterns from visitors in real time and adapt the security systems to ensure good traffic gets through and bad traffic is stopped.

Activating CloudFlare

The ideal partnership with CloudFlare has permitted them to present a simple method of initiating CloudFlare on your shared and reseller hosting packages. Simply follow these instructions:

  • Click on the Cloudflare Icon in cPanel under the Advanced Tools section.
  • Enter your email address and accept the EULA.
  • Select the domain you want to enable cloudflare for on the box on the left.
  • The interface will pull up a list of sub-domains you can enable cloudflare protection on, click on the grey clouds for the sub-domains you want to enable and wait for them to turn orange.

For GreenGeeks VPS and Devoted clients, you can contact support by opening a support ticket inside of your account administrator to have the plug-in permitted on your web host server. To know more detail about it, please visit

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