Green Hosting and Its Working Process

Green-Data-CentersTo maintain site operating and serve customers, a web server must run and work non-stop all the year. It would consume large amounts of energy during the whole running process, and this is just for a single server. Usually, a datacenter will house hundreds or even thousands of web servers, and it is very easy to picture the operation scale and energy consumption.

Based on the statistics of an investigation, the energy consumption of datacenters located in the United States is equivalent to the energy consumption of 5 million houses in total. Moreover, all of the energies are produced non-renewable and conventional sources. This is the reality of web hosting industry that cannot be neglected, however, it is often overlooked by people.

Rapid industrial development has led to many ecological disasters, and the impact of Global Warming becomes one of the main global problems, nowadays. A lot of industries have been asked to take effective measures to reduce the destruction. Web hosting industry is one of them. To cope with this issue, some web hosting companies provide a new type product, and now we call it green hosting.

What is Green Hosting?

With the increasing awareness of environmental protection, green web hosting becomes more and more popular, but there still are many people know nothing about green hosting. In the following, let’s find out.

First of all, the energy utilized by datacenters to maintain customers’ websites up and running is produced from carbon emitting generators, usually. While some hosting companies are called as green or eco-friendly hosting providers, because they can offer special plans and actions to reduce and save energy as much as possible, or use new type equipment and generate energy from renewable energy resources, such as solar and wind energy to power their web server.

And now, these new energy powers have been widely acclaimed in the web hosting industry, and they are also considered as the ideal energy resources of web hosting. Of course, this is one of the important measures, and there are some others.

Replacement of computer and other electronic products is quite fast, besides, they will produce a large number of toxic substances during the process of using. And green web hosting providers have a safe and comprehensive equipment disposal plan, and they work to ensure the disposal of their old equipment will not affect the environment. Among these, most of the electronic components can be recycled.

How Does Green Hosting Work?

recsLike we said that new energy resource usage is great way to help reduce energy consumption. But the truth is, it is almost impossible for a web hosting provider to build, buy wind mills or solar panels and then spends a large amount of extra money in technical maintenance to make the hosting service green.

As another highly feasible way, RECs plays very important role in green web hosting. Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) is also known as Renewable Energy Credits and Renewable Electricity Certificates. Hosting providers purchase RECs, and rely on it for eliminating carbon from the atmosphere.

Some of them buy into renewable energy generation plans, and some others are involved in planting more trees to minimize the harmful effects of pollution. For the same cause, there are some hosting providers available to plant trees around their datacenters or implement environmental programs in their offices.

Is the Hosting Provider Actually Green?

If people want to join in the project, the most direct way is to choose a green hosting service. However, companies claim that they provide green hosting services, but not all of their green services are reliable. Before going with a green hosting provider, people need to figure out that is the hosting service actually green.

In terms of generating or utilizing new energy resource, such hosting providers are very few in number. But it would be extremely excellent to choose one such provider if they are truly green. Here are three criteria that can help people determine whether a web hosting provider offers truly green web hosting.

  • Check the Hosting Provider’s Policy

Possibly, it could be a trick even if a hosting provider claims itself to be green. This time, people enable to go through the green related policy statements of the hosting provider carefully, and figure out the measures and steps it takes to be green.

  • Check Green Certificates

There is no absolute authoritative standard for a green certificate. Many different agencies provide certificates at different levels. If people have a hosting candidate, then one of the most important steps for them is to check out the authenticity of its green certificate, and to make sure it is credible.

  • Energy Star Server

A green hosting provider is highly reliable, if it can reduce energy consumption and pollution by utilizing energy star rated web servers

Go with the Best Green Web Hosting?

Most green hosting providers will offer their customers Green Badges that customers can display on their websites. Frankly speaking, green hosting will effectively help website owners build reputation and client loyalty. By choosing green hosting, people can show visitors/customers their responsibility.

Why we recommend GreenGeeks as the best green hosting? The reason is very simple. GreenGeeks is the biggest green hosting provider in North America, its hosting service offers 1 free domain name, unlimited storage, bandwidth, email addresses, domains hosted and other great features. Most importantly, GreenGeeks hosting is 300% wind-powered green.

How can it maintain 300% green? GreenGeeks not only replaces the power consumption, but also compensate for the power pull from the grid. For example, if GreenGeeks servers pull 2x of power from the grid, the company will purchase enough wind energy credits putting back into the grid 6x of power generated by wind power.

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