GoDaddy VPS vs Bluehost VPS

GoDaddy ( and Bluehost ( are two famous web companies throughout the industry. They provide customers worldwide with a wide range of online products and services, from domain registration to dedicated server solutions.

In the following GoDaddy VPS vs Bluehost VPS, we will compare and check out GoDaddy and Bluehost VPS hosting features, prices, performances as well as supports, and help people choose the better VPS hosting service between the two providers.

GoDaddy VPS vs Bluehost VPS on Features

Compared to Bluehost specializes in Linux-based VPS hosting, GoDaddy offers customers VPS hosting available on both Linux and Windows operating system. Bluehost VPS has multiple plans, and all of them are fully managed. While for GoDaddy, it provides customers with self-managed, managed and fully managed, and OS distribution options including CentOS, Ubuntu, Fedora and Windows.

The basic package of GoDaddy VPS contains 1GB RAM, 40GB storage, 1TB bandwidth per month, 1 IP address, root access to install PHP, server level proxy, modules and etc., DDoS security protection, basic monitoring, and provision-free upgrade. However, the control panel, 1-click installation, SiteLock and other features are not included in the self-managed packages.

Bluehost managed VPS hosting is quite simple, and it has 4 plans. The Standard one offers 2 CPU cores, 30GB SAN storage, 1TB monthly transfer, 2GB RAM, 1 free domain registration and 1 dedicated IP address. In addition to these guaranteed resources, Bluehost VPS ensures customers improved cPanel, root access, access control and many other optional add-ons.

In general, Bluehost VPS hosting solutions have much richer features than GoDaddy VPS.

GoDaddy VPS vs Bluehost VPS on Prices

Regularly, GoDaddy VPS hosting price charges at $19.99/mo. If customers choose to go with yearly term, GoDaddy will offer them 25% off. After discounting, its VPS hosting price starts from $14.99/mo. Or customers could pay extra $10/mo, and upgrade to managed service. GoDaddy guarantees money back within the first 45 days.

Bluehost now promotes its VPS hosting to make it more affordable. Through this special promotional link, all new subscribers will get the VPS hosting at $14.99 for the first month, nearly 50% off the regular price at $29.99/mo. Bluehost is one of the few companies who guarantees Anytime Money Back. According to the policy, customers are allowed to ask for a full refund within the first 30 days and a prorated refund at any time after the period, once its VPS hosting cannot satisfy customers’ needs.

Bluehost VPS Promotion
50% Off

Since Bluehost is fully managed VPS, and its money back policy is reliable and customer-friendlier, Bluehost VPS is definitely has higher price value than GoDaddy VPS.

GoDaddy VPS vs Bluehost VPS on Performances

Although GoDaddy claims that it uses leading technologies to backup its VPS hosting solution, we still haven’t seen remarkable improvements in its server performance. According to its customers’ feedback, GoDaddy VPS hosting is slow. However, Bluehost VPS is totally different.

To ensure customers the best server experience, Bluehost utilizes many cutting-edge facilities and technologies, such as first-class cloud technology, well-equipped datacenters, powerful servers, OpenStack, KVM hypervisor and comprehensive monitoring. Bluehost VPS is reliable, fast and secure.

GoDaddy VPS vs Bluehost VPS on Supports

If customers have questions about GoDaddy VPS hosting, it has a team of friendly and smart technicians 24/7 waiting by the telephone and email to help. GoDaddy also offers Live Chat method. Since it is not available all the time, it is inconvenient to take advantages of GoDaddy chat support.

Bluehost award-winning support team consists of hosting experts, and they is committed to making hosting easier and get customers the most out of their accounts right away. Through 24/7 Online Chat, Telephone and Email, customers can get their issues be solved effectively and rapidly. Meanwhile, Bluehost develops Knowledge Base for customers to check out FAQs and tutorials.

Which One is Better

After the deep comparison of GoDaddy VPS and Bluehost VPS, we find that Bluehost cloud-based and managed VPS hosting has rich resources and features. It not only ensures high and secure performance, but also charges at very affordable prices. To maintain the maximum customer satisfaction, Bluehost guarantees 24/7 US supports and leading Anytime Money Back as well. No matter for personal or business use, Bluehost VPS is always a better choice.

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