GoDaddy Review

Godaddy is well-known for its domain registration service. However about its hosting? Is it a good choice for your website, see below GoDaddy review to know the answer.




GoDaddy review in below will analyze the price value, reliability, ease-of-use, and customer support of GoDaddy.

GoDaddy is a company with a commitment to help people easily gain successful online presence. This goal is not changed since its inception in the Internet solution industry. And more than 13 million customers throughout the world trust it and are using its services.

Specifically,  GoDaddy is the largest domain registration company in the world, with management of 61 million domain names till now. In addition to domain name registration business, GoDaddy is also famous for its budget web hosting solutions from shared server to virtual private server and dedicated server. What’s more, GoDaddy offers other Internet services, such as web design, eCommerce design, investor tools and much more.

GoDaddy Review on Price Value

GoDaddy provides a wide range of domain options: .com, .net, .biz, .co, .org, .us, .me, .info, .website, .business, .company, .club, .shop, .global, .online, etc. And it is easy at GoDaddy to get your domain name setup. Most importantly, GoDaddy gives super big discounts on its domain name registration. For example, .com only charges people at $2.99 for the first year and $14.99 for the rest years if people sign up for 2-year term or even longer.

Additionally, GoDaddy shared web hosting solutions start from $3.99/mo after discounted 42% off, including 1 website, 100 GB disk space, unlimited bandwidth, 100 email accounts and one-click to install over 200 applications without any charge. Furthermore, people will choose Linux or Windows platforms in terms of their preferences. Accordingly, GoDaddy offers 1 GB MySQL for Linux or 200 MB Windows SQL databases. If people choose 12-month, 24-month or 36-month billing cycle, they will receive one free domain name.

GoDaddy VPS is also based on Linux: CentOS 6 & 7, Ubuntu, Fedora 20 & 22 and Windows systems, and the price starts from $24.99 per month. The entry level Linux VPS hosting package provides users with 40 GB storage, 1GB RAM, unlimited monthly bandwidth, root access, cPanel/Plesk control panel available and at least 1 dedicated IP address. Moreover, if people want Linux or Windows dedicated servers, GoDaddy charges them from $79.99/mo coming with 2 GB RAM, 512 GB storage, unlimited bandwidth for each month, and support type: self-managed, managed and fully managed.

As for the money back policy, GoDaddy guarantees a 100% refund to customers within the first 45 days, who purchase its services for more than 1 year including 1 year. Beyond that, these customers will still get a prorated refund after 45 days.

And now, every Godaddy customers could receive additional 30% off the whole transaction by following this Godaddy promotion link, which could make its hosting price even low to $2.79/mo.

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GoDaddy Review on Reliability

GoDaddy web hosting has 99.9% uptime guarantee, backed with world-class datacenters and high-end hardware. Power, backup generators, network capacity as well as air controllers are redundant in the datacenters, making sure reliable websites.

As GoDaddy hosting customers, people will be offered security related features, such as fraud, virus & spam protection, sender ID, email privacy & protection with 256-bit encryption and others. GoDaddy guards people’s websites for 24 hour a day via monitoring datacenters, networking and servers. And it will effectively prevent DDoS attacks and suspicious activities.

Although GoDaddy claims to make full use of 5 datacenter locations, we cannot any information or detail of its datacenter facilities. In addition, some customers review that their websites hosted at GoDaddy are slow to load web pages. And sometimes their websites even get down. GoDaddy puts more its efforts on domain service and its facilities and technologies are not updated and improved are considered as possible reasons.

GoDaddy Review on Ease-of-use

Due to the Linux and Windows platforms offered by GoDaddy, customers will also receive cPanel for Linux hosting while Parallels Plesk control panel for Windows hosting. Both of them are easy to use among various sorts of control panels in the industry. With them, users can easily administrate accounts, servers, websites, emails and so on. By the way, cPanel and Parallels Plesk control panel allow users to change panel settings as well.

Besides, GoDaddy ensures customers easy and convenient application installation. It provides customers with 1 click installation of more than 125 free applications inlcuding WordPress, Drupal, Joomla and etc., 1 click setup for GoDaddy registered domain names as well as 1 click purchase of additional hosting resources.

GoDaddy Review on Customer Support

If people finally choose GoDaddy services and meet questions, then GoDaddy still offers dedicated technical support services for them. People are able to get touch with GoDaddy supporting technicians via phone and email whenever it is. GoDaddy customer support is available free of charge, and the connection charges van vary when calling from outside the area, abroad or from a mobile phone, depending on customers’ specific phone plan. As a matter of fact, GoDaddy does offer live chat support that many people do not know. However, GoDaddy live chat support is only available during 5 a.m. to midnight MST.

In addition to that, GoDaddy prepares a series of popular help topics online for people with questions, ranging from Domains, Linux Hosting (cPanel), Windows Hosting (Plesk), SSL certificates, Workspace Email, Website Builder to Account Management. And GoDaddy blog is also a helpful to learn the latest web hosting or domain news and tutorials as well.


To sum up, GoDaddy is strong on domain name registration. 61 million domains registered at GoDaddy is powerful proof. Let alone low pricing and big discounts it offers now. If people want to register domain names or transfer existed domain names, GoDaddy is a pretty good recommendation.

In the case of its web hosting, we have to say it is just OK. Pricing is not very high but not low. Feature abundance is in the middle too. Compared to other web hosts, GoDaddy performance and technical support is just so-so as well. Therefore, we do not recommend GoDaddy web hosting to people. Instead, there are other better web hosting providers in the industry for people to choose, like InmotionHosting. And our website listed a Top 10 Web Hosting for people, please click here to know who they are and select the best web hosting for your website.

To know more information about Godaddy, please visit GoDaddy now.

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